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Ronnie42 God Of Destruction
Apr 6 2017 Anchor

Basically I'm trying to work out how to make a 3d character model swap materials when a key is pressed. So far not having much luck since it seems to ignore the material, turn off the default material that I had selected. (The model has 2 materials for the 1 mesh - 1 for eyes as a pair, the other is the main mesh)

Also 1 more thing ..does anyone know how to make a blink animation for eyes for a 2nd material? all I ever seem to find is blink tutorials for some random torch.

Below is what I tried for the material swaps but it didn't seem to do anything to my mesh except turn them off.

Solution was to go back into the 'Super' materials, go to 'usage' and turn on the first option that gives use to skeleton meshes. Still haven't figured out how to do blinking for 2nd textures yet.

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