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Where to post your job adverts! - READ ME FIRST! TKAzA TKAzA - read

Jan 26 2014

3D Modeler needed for 3D game musa96 BrianRhineheart - read

21mins 24secs ago

Looking for modelers. Horror game. Free Sokil BrianRhineheart - read

49mins 46secs ago

Unity or UDK? naokit126 BrianRhineheart - read

55mins 58secs ago

All command and Conquer models fantinidavide9 BrianRhineheart - read

57mins 25secs ago

[Looking For All] Show Production (Unpaid) Dibbie BrianRhineheart - read

1hour 28mins ago

Have one request (sorry, can't pay at this point) TheWalshinator BrianRhineheart - read

2hours 40mins ago

Blender and GoldSrc .mdl Raid2500 BrianRhineheart - read

Oct 6 2015

I need a modeler GazTian BrianRhineheart - read

Oct 5 2015

Thoughts on assets for final year project Sazura BrianRhineheart - read

Oct 5 2015

Can I Learn 3d CGI Modeling Without Going to a Gaming School? Jesse69 BrianRhineheart - read

Oct 5 2015

Tequilabyte Studio 3D Tequilabyte BrianRhineheart - read

Oct 5 2015

3D Frigates for Game Design Angryfly BrianRhineheart - read

Oct 5 2015

First Real Blender Model : Frag Launcher Critique hugo1005 BrianRhineheart - read

Oct 5 2015

[REV SHARING] Looking for Spaceship/Station Modelers for Indie Space Trader Game DigiLusionist DigiLusionist - read

Oct 3 2015

3d models requiring review iliy PlanMan - read

Oct 3 2015

AVP PC and NPC Meshes Stu08 Stu08 - read

Oct 1 2015

Mechwarrior Living legends under new management DooMGuy141 DooMGuy141 - read

Sep 30 2015

3D Character Artist Moffafa jackal13 - read

Sep 19 2015

3D Models I've done 4lyx9 10  4lyx9 - read

Sep 18 2015

Help needed with Blender 3d! (Baking issues) thekolokolone thekolokolone - read

Sep 10 2015

Toxic Sins of an Empire Looking For More Help ToxicBlood ToxicBlood - read

Sep 6 2015

3D Modeler for a Source Engine going on Steam. Richyro0 Richyro0 - read

Aug 30 2015

Official Gajatix Asset Store Now Open! HQ Models Cysis145 Cysis145 - read

Aug 28 2015

3d low poly island assets free download WhiteBirdStudio WhiteBirdStudio - read

Aug 24 2015


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