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Sep 5 2013 Anchor

So I have looked around and can not find out why this is happening but when I parent arms to my first person controller/main camera in unity it doesnt stick properly.
here are pictures one looking up one looking down and one where it (approximately) should be.

Sep 6 2013 Anchor

What makes you post here instead of Unity forums? You might have better luck there.

TKAzA Community Manager
Sep 6 2013 Anchor

well to start, your arms shouldnt really be parented like that and not to the camera, best bet i can think of is use the solider prefab from the demo and reverse engineer that to work for you.

SinKing bumps me thread
Sep 6 2013 Anchor

Looks like nothing is parented to anything, to be honest. Yet that is hard to tell from those images alone. Tkaza said it. It's always great to look at example and figure out how they did it.


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Sep 6 2013 Anchor

well it is parented when i look side to side and when i move i had it work before though

i have never heard of the soldier prefab i will look that up. i have tried parenting it to everywhere so i don't think thats the problem

also i just put gun in the scene thats why there isnt any but i guess you probably figured that out

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