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[Paid] Looking for modelers and sound engineer for Adventure/Platformer game (Forums : Recruiting & Resumes : [Paid] Looking for modelers and sound engineer for Adventure/Platformer game) Locked
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May 2 2013, 12:10am Anchor

Ignore me.

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May 2 2013, 12:25am Anchor

What kind of experience do you have ?

May 2 2013, 12:30am Anchor

Ignore me.

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May 2 2013, 11:02am Anchor

Do you have a game design document ? Something to show ?

May 2 2013, 11:12am Anchor

Ignore me.

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May 2 2013, 11:40am Anchor

I'd like to see your portfolio ;)
because right now it's just promises

May 2 2013, 11:48am Anchor

Ignore me.

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TKAzA Community Manager
May 2 2013, 4:56pm Anchor
TrueChaoS wrote:Me: Project lead, level designer/builder, tester

Show some levels, somthing, at the moment this reads as... im hiring a team i may pay if i make money.

Your comments on audio is also wrong, foly work can start right away, theres never a game with a couple of sounds and if you want to release on time you dont want to be waiting on a sound engineer.

As a modeler, looking for paid work, id offer my services for free to a game that shows work, rather than expecting to get paid from a game that has none.
You don't see games on kickstarter without anything to show, if you're offering money, give people confidence they will get paid.

Good luck and hope you take peoples advice onboard.

May 2 2013, 11:52pm Anchor

Ignore me.

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Cryrid 3D Artist
May 3 2013, 10:14pm Anchor

Quote:If you want something to see, and so far words don't cut it, I'd be surprised if a GDD would do much better to sway your opinion....It's like expecting a guy to go fishing without giving him either a harpoon, net or rod to do it with.

Some additional effort can sway opinions around here. Artists do understand that there may not be much to show visually when there's no other artist yet, but we still like to see something tangible to show that effort is still being made on other fronts regardless. Words alone don't often cut it because everyone has them on this recruiting sub-forum, with or without the skills required to back them up (and its frequently the latter). Actions always speak more loudly.  You want to see their portfolios so you can judge if they're suitable for you, so its fair to assume that most people who value their time would expect to see yours in return so they can judge if you're project will be worth their time (since payment is based entirely around a promise which depends on more than just the artwork succeeding). Essentially, you're the one asking people to invest their time and bring their gear to go fishing for you, so show them you at least have a boat to contribute or fishing experience of your own. Otherwise they're going to fish for their own, or for someone they think is more apt to haul in some fish. 

May 3 2013, 11:52pm Anchor

TrueChaos, trust me, at this moment you NOT NEED a composer/sound designer. For indie projects KEY to SURVIVE - normal working, good-looking tech demo. I worked with many many indie projects - most of them (90%) do not live out this stage. Once you have complete the demo (some gameplay and part of final graphics are understanded) - this is a point, where you may start to recruiting other team members. Now you need only a game designer, graphics artist and programmer. Dot. Focus on tech demo quality. No sounds and music.

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May 4 2013, 6:11am Anchor

Ignore me.

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May 4 2013, 9:36am Anchor

The planning stage is the easiest of all, 99% of game projects do it. What Airblank meant is that 90% of projects don't live long enough to get to the point where audio is needed, and it's true. Audio is the latest thing you want on a project since it's based around final graphics, gameplay and animations.

Also, there's no point in keeping your game design document secret, no point. If you don't show it, people will think this is just another "help me get a team to create a game. btw I am a games designer and I will be leader". If you are afraid people will steal your idea, don't be afraid. it won't happen. The indie community already has a million projects in their head they want to create so they don't have time to go around and steal other people's ideas.

The less you show for recruiting, the less talented and experienced people will be interested. If you have nothing to show, learn how to show. Learn to code, learn to draw/model/texture. I believe these are much needed skills when you are aspiring to be a game designer for the simple fact that everyone can have ideas, you have to stand out

May 7 2013, 6:33am Anchor
Guiboune wrote:
The less you show for recruiting, the less talented and experienced people will be interested.


I do not agree with the "less talented and experienced people will join" thing. I joined the project. I consider myself a quite talented and experienced programmer.

You should have re-phrased it as
" the less likely talented and experienced people will join"

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Cryrid 3D Artist
May 7 2013, 11:55am Anchor

(He's not saying that "less talented people will join", he's saying "the less"they will be interested. And it's true).

May 7 2013, 5:08pm Anchor

It's true, he passed it badly though.

However it is also true that he needs to start somewhere when getting people to join, it is very hard top pull stuff out of thin air.

Cryrid 3D Artist
May 7 2013, 5:29pm Anchor

TKAzA covered possible options.

May 9 2013, 7:16am Anchor

Ignore me.

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May 9 2013, 2:28pm Anchor


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