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Jul 11 2013, 7:58am Anchor

Here is my finished glock 17 that I made on sketchup:

Here is my refrence image:

Tell me what you think. If you want to watch vid of it that shows more views of it look up on youtube :"Glock 17 showcase made on sketchup." It is the one made by superfirestorm333. And if your going to suggest I use blender you better leave a tutorial on how to use blender cause I'm clueless on how to use blender, I have looked at other tutorials and I'm still clueless.

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Jul 11 2013, 10:53am Anchor

Love It definitely better than your last gun you designed this one is much more defined :)


Jul 11 2013, 12:41pm Anchor
Shadolon wrote:Love It definitely better than your last gun you designed this one is much more defined :)

Thanks I used some of the advice in the last thread and looked at more photos of the glock, which made me realize my biggest error which was the barrel length. If you liked the pics take a look at the vid it includes more angles. Sorry about the fact that I painted mid video I didn't notice that I missed that.

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Jul 12 2013, 11:13am Anchor

lol its still great work especially since you made it with sketchup impressive :)


TKAzA Community Manager
Jul 12 2013, 2:56pm Anchor

The handle is to blocky but im guessing thats a sketchup limitation.
If you modeled with blender or another app you would really be able to pull the details out, otherwise you will need a decent texture.

Jul 12 2013, 3:03pm Anchor

Yea I like blender too it would help alot


Jul 13 2013, 9:02am Anchor

Well I installed blender, but I just can figure out how to do anything on it. Also check out my Mac-10

Jul 13 2013, 6:29pm Anchor

Itll help just watch every blender video you can


Jul 15 2013, 7:00am Anchor

1) You can do curves in Sketchup
2) Use straight projection images and CAD drawings / blueprints as reference
3) Place reference images in the back of the working area and model on top of that (what it's called / how it's done depends on the program)
4) Learn Blender
5) No use modeling something that has been done a million times

Jul 15 2013, 3:00pm Anchor
shadowflar3 wrote:5) No use modeling something that has been done a million times

Wrong. Practice is practice. In fact, modeling something like a Glock is excellent beginner practice because of the sheer amount of reference images and previous examples.


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Niteshade 3D Artist and aspiring Technical Artist
Feb 14 2014, 8:15am Anchor

The proportions are way off - that's the biggest downside.

Feb 25 2014, 2:33pm Anchor

Looks pretty good, i cant even use sketchup. So youll get from myself a thumb up man.

Mar 11 2014, 5:09am Anchor

That's a good start but you need to work really hard.It should look realistic add some curves to the edges.

Aug 28 2014, 2:18am Anchor

The first problem is that you used Sketchup.

Another major problem is that the barrel and slide need to be longer to match the correct proportions better. The handle is lacking the 3rd dimension considerably, it appears to be merely have been outlined and then extruded and left like that. There should be some curve going around the handle in addition the curves you already have there. There appears to be a lack of uniformity with the extrusions on the far back of the slide. Also I think they need to be much slimmer.

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