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Lоner Public Relations
May 1 2014 Anchor

Hello forum,

I've only once posted in here, but I think this is the time to post once again.

I think Moddb is losing it charm. The site in a whole should travel with time. It's 2014, but it looks like a site from 2010. Having the option to 'change your theme' is (for me) too less of a change. Just a simple color change doesn't cut it anymore. For a site such as moddb, hosting over 20.000 mods and still ever growing, I'd think we at least need features such as;

  • Steam login through Moddb,
  • Instant PM service (chat),
  • Tag system / tag cloud for games,
  • Different layout options / more versatility in profiles,
  • The option to edit one user / mods page to one's preference,
  • More elements on the page, showing proper info (Serparate rating / review element)
  • WORKING COMMENT SYSTEM (the current one is dated and bugged)

And a few more things I can't think off. With a lot of effort, Erayser and I managed to completely throw away ModDB's css and create something way more unique.

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SinKing bumps me thread
May 1 2014 Anchor

I've been wondering what kind of future Linden Lab has in mind for Moddb and Indiedb. I sent a suggestion to Scott Reismanis and Linden Labs, about turning either of the sites into a development Hub for indie games, prior to the games receiving funding or Kickstarter. That would mean, Moddb supplies the structure and a few hired game designers to help promising developments get on the right way. Basically, developers would sign a two way contract, which allows them to develop and produce with the aid of the "Development Design Hub", while Desura gets a chance to sell their games first and takes a small fee off the sales.

I was always looking for a structure that comes before Kickstarting and the likes. It would allow promising projects to be developed faster and with more support and public awareness than now. The only paid people would be the designers working for the Development Hub. Everybody else working on the game would get paid after their Kickstarter or after they sold the game, Alpha or Gold. I feel there are a lot of developers who would work for free, as long as they see a chance to distribute and sell their projects later. The idea for the Development Hub was to structure research and development by using (and expanding) Moddb/Indiedb's tools for matchmaking during the project.

I feel like Mod+IndieDB is like a dog with a crippled leg. It doesn't do anything else but document - which was the originally the intended purpose of Moddb. However, it could kickstart projects below Kickstarter and create a whole new level of development optrions. It could even work like a monthly program with free basic and paid premium membership. Premium members would probably be the ones to pick from the pool of artists on free accounts, while being invisible for evereyone else. If that would give me a way to network, cooperate and speed up my game development, I would gladly pay a few bucks.

So far, there is no working network for game creation, every team creates its own. Every team loses members, has to teach new ones and look for motivation. In my past experience these were the main factors to drag a project down. And many didn't deserve it, in fact some mods just became famous by coincidence (like Killing Floor). There could be more focused development by giving the promising projects a chance and a perspective from the start. It would take so little to set up the structure for the Hub and everyone would profit from it. We'd see more unique games, if all goes to plan.

However, I got no reply from either of them, EVEN THOUGH I PAINTED A PICTURE TOO! ;) I just hope this site can become more practical in the future. I want a real exchange and real interaction between users. I wanna know who is who. And I want someone to help me with my project, prior to going on Kickstarter. That alone takes a huge effort and isn't for everyone. The Development Design Hub is.


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TKAzA Community Manager
May 1 2014 Anchor

Yep, Agreed the sites needs a facelift.

As a note Sinking, Linden lab doesnt run modDB / indieDB - DBolical runs them.
Sorry you never got a response from Scott, hes very busy with Desura these days, your welcome to direct your feedback to so i can review it and add it to our secret plans for world domination.

We are a developer hub, we empower developers to promote their games and grow communities, this is unique, as they get their news infront of hundreds of thousands of eyes a month, whilst the gaming press do the same they only select games they feel deserve attention or they like, we have no bias as the developers are our editors, so i feel we have a far wider audience in comparison.

We are sitting on just under 3 million members (2,931,693), a far few more than when i joined back in 2005 (62,000), or when v4 was launched in 2008 (300,000) , we need a face lift and have been discussing ideas, we welcome feedback but whether its implemented will depend on if it fits our scope and how well it can be implemented.

We have always filled a unique space and rather than copying other sites ideas, we need to tweak what we are good at - showcasing new and innovative games and mods.

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INtense! End Boss
May 1 2014 Anchor

Happy to curate all feature suggestions and make something workable. Also you can login via Steam. the remaninder of your suggestions are valid and things we would like to introduce

Keep them coming!


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

SinKing bumps me thread
May 1 2014 Anchor

Hey guys, good replies and thanks for clearing that up about Linden Labs! You are in the - sometimes - unpleasant situation where everybody knows best what to do with Moddb and what's wrong with it. Especially me, of course ^^ And we're probably all wrong and right at the same time. Something needs to be done and you are doing it. Not just talking about it. I believe in Moddb, I like the site and think it attracts interesting people. Problem is, a lot of them don't stay and don't use Moddb for much else than information.

I found that PDF I sent you, and I think it could still be useful. Maybe someone develops it some more, but it's a starting point. And it allows Moddb/IndieDb to become a commercial development platform as well as push these beautiful little games we'll consider art in a couple of years.

Link Development Design Exchange:

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User Posted Image

May 10 2014 Anchor

I would like to say that this person is kind of right.
If it is all bugged and outdated it won't have the same attraction to people it would normally have.
The inside is what is important but looks can matter too.

May 28 2014 Anchor

I would like to see the removal of down-vote system.
I'm getting tired of down-votes (and I'm sure EITY10 too) because my opinion and the stupidity of the guests.
But moddb also needs changes like you said, for example: [background picture, background music -> I know we already have both of those, but I meant these for the beginners], steam login trough moddb, the chat, etc.

Jul 1 2014 Anchor

1+ on the comment system thread being re-worked. The current one is indeed dated and bugged.

INtense! End Boss
Jul 24 2014 Anchor

Hey guys i'm continuing this thread over here:

getting serious about improvement


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

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