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Sep 18 2013 Anchor

we're making a large-scale Medieval Fantasy RTS game and we need more members. For more information PM our boss "DisturbedDemon" ( )

"Metal Titan Studios is in need of anyone who would be specialized within these issues.


- Guest manager.
- Ortography manager.
- Spam manager


- Article writter
- Publicist

Below this point will be the most needed!


- anyone with basic knowledge are welcome




Any help will be deeply appreciated.

If you want to join PM "DisturbedDemon" ( ) or me "Drogoth" ( )

Sep 18 2013 Anchor

Drogoth wrote:
- Ortography manager.



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Sep 18 2013 Anchor

How many times do threads like these have to be shot down?

Not to piss on your enthusiasm but you have not even showed a design document or told any one what the game actually is. You are asking for people to join a project where they literally have no idea what it is. What is a "modder"? What are you modding? What are the animators animating?


Someone wrote: Her?

Sep 18 2013 Anchor

Like I said, "For more information of the game, PM our boss DisturbedDemon ( )" he's the game's designer.
This project is still at it's very early stages where we still need more staff.

by modder: coders, programmers, that kind of stuff

by animator: well yes animations

From what I know that there'll be about 16 different races, from ground to naval and air battles, hero characters, castles, giant monsters and more.
DisturbedDemon can tell you about these in better detail.

Sep 18 2013 Anchor

Lol still not very good or worthy from what i see this is a load of bullshit.


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Sep 18 2013 Anchor

Hello! Im new here! Im Flavio Oliveira. I was looking for forums to help people and I found this interesting one! I Signed Up today but maybe I could help.

Nov 5 2013 Anchor

cybertorn wrote: Lol still not very good or worthy from what i see this is a load of bullshit.

Translation: I fuck cattle.


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Nov 5 2013 Anchor

That was uncalled for,Nuke!Makes you look bad. :sick:


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