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GamingEVOlut1on I'm a HL1/2 modder.
Jan 8 2013 Anchor

I was on the The Whole Half-Life website so i could post tutorials for hl1, But then i wwas looking at the chat and someone said "A guy leaked half-life alpha!"
then Posted "link and link" leading to videos of it. Then i got so excited i looked up "half-life alpha" And came across a post on the steam user's fourms named
"Old 1997 Half-Life Alpha" I clicked on it, it read "(Originally posted on ...Jackaljayzer has put the contents of the disc up on the web and is
auctioning the disc on eBay. You can download the alpha right now from
this link.
To play the alpha delete or renamed the "...\Half-Life
0.52\Half-Life\Opengl32.dll" file and then run "...\Half-Life
0.52\Half-Life\enginegl.exe". I looked through the comments, seeing if anyone said "VIRUSES!!!" Or "It's fake, its just a fake mod" Suprisingly, There was no negative comments. I clicked on the link, and it took me to a downed dropbox link, There was a mediafire mirror too, though. But this time i thought "Wait, i could have just broke the law." So, heres the link ""

But now, i wonder if this is against the law, please reply the answer. I do not want to get arrested over an alpha version of half-life.




Jan 8 2013 Anchor

Not really against the law, unless Valve take decide to take action and use it. No action would be taken against anyone who downloads it anyway. Don't developers really care much when it comes to alphas or beta's if its long after the actual games release.

Its pretty genuine, and amazing how far it came. The headcrabs have huge asses too.

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Jan 8 2013 Anchor

Unless Valve/Sierra released it then it's illegal, just like the D3 alpha. Only matters if they care though.


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Psykljudet Kilbride Studios
Jan 9 2013 Anchor

let me know when the black ford crown victorias and the military BlackHawks with men aiming XM-15 Rifles show up


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grouchbag I art grouchier than thou.
Jan 20 2013 Anchor

I just downloaded it.Hope it's playable.Thanks for the link!


"sweet"  little old lady

Feb 4 2013 Anchor

Waited 10 years to see it surface!

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