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How can you change the resolution of texture maps that you see in the viewport in 3ds max (Forums : 3D Modeling & Animating : How can you change the resolution of texture maps that you see in the viewport in 3ds max) Locked
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mikejkelley Dream Caster
Oct 12 2012 Anchor

Nm how I've gone this many yrs. not knowing how to accomplish this lol *bashful*.

When I model I like to use background pictures for reference, But when I apply texture maps/images to a plane in my scene I end up with a very low resolution image, which makes it hard for me to work accurate and add detail.

An answer I saw elsewhere said "Go to material editor, select material which has texture on it, hold normal button, click far right option," but I can't find the "normal button," is that like the "any key?"

I'm using max 2008. What's an upgrade?

Cryrid 3D Artist
Oct 12 2012 Anchor

  1. Go to "Configure->Preferences->Viewports->Configure Driver"
  2. set the "Download Texture Size" to a higher value (or choose "match bitmap as close as possible").
  3. If your textures have already been loaded, you will need to either:
    • go to each texture in the material editor and click on "reload"
    • or restart Max.

mikejkelley Dream Caster
Oct 13 2012 Anchor

Cool, thnx it worked!


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How many people have read the TOS?

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SinKing bumps me thread
Oct 13 2012 Anchor

Damn Cryrid also knows Max? Knowledge is power, innit?+

(Game of Thrones: "Power is Power". ?! That is quite obvious!)


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