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Sep 7 2011 Anchor


I think most of you already know what humble bundle is, but if you missed it or can't buy a key well take one! Updated now with some new keys. Bought Indie Royale Bundle and got some more Desura keys!


Lume | 4F36495EDDB13
Soulcaster |4F36495EDDB13
Soulcaster 2| 4F36495EDDB13

Bought the Indie Royale bundle and got 3 desura games, so this is all i got atm!

Please do leave a post saying thanks or something, it will make me feel good about myself. (L)

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Sep 7 2011 Anchor

I've gotten all of them already. I only need the first one (The first Humble Bundle) though, I'd cry forever in awe because the games in it are amazing.

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Sep 9 2011 Anchor

Thank , Got Frozenbyte Bundle

Sep 10 2011 Anchor

Got the 3rd one.
Thank you very much ^_^

Sep 10 2011 Anchor

Got the HIBs! Thank you so so so much! :-D

Sep 10 2011 Anchor

Cool thanx! Too bad all the frozenbytes were taken... (Got myself the second one) i got the third one in similar way, in another thread quite some time back, but then it was a competition lol... :D

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Sep 10 2011 Anchor

Awesome, thanks got myself the second one as well. :D

Sep 10 2011 Anchor

Thank you very much! I got the second one :D

Sep 10 2011 Anchor

It's very kind of you to offer free keys! :D
Yesterday I wanted to get the frozenbyte bundle, but the keys have already been activated by other users. However, thank you so much!

Sep 11 2011 Anchor

Thx for sharing!

All keys have been taken.

Figured i'd let people know so they wouldn't have to go trough all of them to find out for themselves like i did ;)

Sep 21 2011 Anchor

meh all taken >_< I just wanted the Frozenbyte Bundle though. How are those games?

Sep 22 2011 Anchor

I want activate my keys in Web interface. Is anybody know an address of page?

Sep 22 2011 Anchor

Zenitur wrote: I want activate my keys in Web interface. Is anybody know an address of page?

WikedX wrote: meh all taken >_< I just wanted the Frozenbyte Bundle though. How are those games?

I've only played Trine out of the Frozenbyte Bundle, but I really enjoyed that :D


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Oct 6 2011 Anchor

aww... :(

Dec 2 2011 Anchor


Dec 2 2011 Anchor

Well, I got one for free a while back, so I'll let someone else this time ;)

I'll probably buy this one, so I can get that city tech demo and the bonus games you get if you pay more than average.

Dec 2 2011 Anchor

Updated once more, just bought indie royale and got some desura keys for the games!

Dec 2 2011 Anchor

Thanks! how kind of you!


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Dec 2 2011 Anchor

does this keys work in steam?

Dec 2 2011 Anchor


Dec 4 2011 Anchor

Thanks :D

Dec 4 2011 Anchor

Aww, they're all taken :/
BTW, it's pretty cool you're doing this, thanks :)

Dec 4 2011 Anchor

could we please get desura keys though...

Dec 6 2011 Anchor

What are you talking about? All of theese are Desura keys? Apperently all is taken, but all of them are Desura keys?

Dec 13 2011 Anchor

oh, desura just didnt recognize them. sorry.

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