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Oct 31 2013 Anchor

We are working on a project rpg game that revolves around the Doctor Who universe, i have spent many months and hours modeling, scripting, creating concept stories, game manual and such. Now we want to use the Doctor Who characters, places, and such. We know we would need to acquire some licensing from BBC and did expect probably to be rejected. The email they sent was probably auto generated as well.

" Hi ________, We currently have role playing games for Doctor Who and you may find them in stores, so we would not look to source another manufacturer. In addition, we have gaming licenses for Doctor Who and we are not looking to add another partner. We would need to pass on your company for these two opportunities. Are there any other areas that you would like to review? "

This was a response after 2 minutes of sending a return email to this

" Thank you for your interest in BBC Worldwide and the Doctor Who property. Your email was sent to our attention, because we're the Licensor's for Doctor Who in U.S. and Canada. Would you please send a link to your website and some information on your company's products? Thanks for your attention and interests "

I have many questions and perhaps a few may have some answers

1. Is this typical and should we keep trying?
2. We did plan for this and could make the game using different characters and names, but similar ideas (Time Lords, Time travel, similar plots as doctor who but new story ideas) basically the player is sent to a Time Lords race planet as a cadet to fight a time war, stop the badies, and close time rifts).
Would this step on any BBC toes?

Those are the 2 main concerns, any suggestions or rant appreciated.

Here is a few pages from the game manual and a lInk to our website.

"TIme lords, a very old and ancient race brought to life in a RPG game. You play as a freshly recruited Time Lord Cadet and whether you were sent to Gallifrey(or whatever) or currently reside as a native Gallifrey(or whatever), you've path is chosen."

" The player (you) chooses a race, and class which
will be steered by a specific story line of events (quests). Main goals are to
help with the war effort, follow your sponsor's orders, find the cause of
and put a stop to the time breaches. Travel time and space and prevent or stop time meddlers."

"Gameplay will comprise of an action RPG style combat with
a skill-tree based leveling system. Enemies can be destroyed, but also
teleported to Gallifrey(or whatever) for trial and some may be required to stand trial for
their crimes against the Universe. Crafting, gathering resources is a vital
part of the game. Players will find certain resources hard to acquire at times
and vital for enhancing skills, game play and bonuses."

Races and Classes

Femerals-Humans ---Gotta have the good faithful human kind.The most versatile of the bunch.

Gallifreyans --- Wouldn't be called Time Lords if we didn't have Gallifreyans.

OOD --- Once a peaceful isolated race before they were made into a slave race and then freed by a certain time lord . They were awaken and found they could fight.

Silurians --- The Silurians, also known as Earth Reptiles, Eocene's, Homo reptilia and Psionosauropodomorpha, were a species of Earth reptile The Silurians were generally a peaceful race. Their highest laws forbade outright warfare except for defense

-The cream of the Time Lords fighting force and a symbol of hope in this dark time.

The Tech class uses their knowledge of bioelectronics and electrical theories, using tech devices is there forte, such as explosives, and other electronic engaging devices.PSI The Ancient secret art from Gallifrey.

are trained in non- contact combat, they use their minds to trick enemies, control them, and hypnotize their foe. They also sport a staff and orb in combat

AGENT(CIA)Celestial Intervention Agent.
They are somewhat of a secret weapon for the time lords.

Here is the Site Link

Cryrid 3D Artist
Oct 31 2013 Anchor

1. Is this typical and should we keep trying?

It's typical. You can keep trying, but nothing will come out of it. Another company already has the rights to make money off of that particular IP; they are highly unlikely to let you do anything with it (even if you don't plan on selling it, a free licensed product might be seen as competition that could hurt their sales).

You can make your own game about time travel, as that is a more widespread concept. You should probably avoid having a TARDIS or anything that could closely relate to the show.

Nov 1 2013 Anchor

serendipitygames wrote:
1. Is this typical and should we keep trying?
2. We did plan for this and could make the game using different characters and names, but similar ideas (Time Lords, Time travel, similar plots as doctor who but new story ideas) basically the player is sent to a Time Lords race planet as a cadet to fight a time war, stop the badies, and close time rifts).
Would this step on any BBC toes?

I have no idea whether this is typical or not but they could be holding onto it for a several reasons: maybe they don't want someone else making money out of it without getting a cut or maybe they just don't want anyone to represent their IP in fear of having someone making a bad name of it.

If you are going to keep going with the whole concept like you mention in your second question - heads up! You can and up in a real horror story as you can imagine and there really is no telling how much they could try to file a case against you when there's money involved.

I feel like a bit Cpt. Obvious saying this but why didn't you look this up before? This is a pretty big IP that made some serious money, it's not a small thing to just burrow their world.

If I were you I would take the concept of the Doctor Who universe and not just change their names but make big changes and create something of your own and not just an alternate Doctor Who.

Hope this ends up well!


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Nov 1 2013 Anchor

I don't understand how anyone in this time and age starts working on license game without finding out about it first. The licenses are valuable and they are sold. Once you sell a licence you are likely agreeing that you won't sell it to anyone else for x amount of years. The situation you are in is just impossible and there's no getting around it.

I think the brand is not really worth buying. Not because it's poor but because building the same kind mood (a certain blend of goofy, cool and witty) Doctor Who has is a challenge you shouldn't welcome. Getting good enough product for the masses let alone the demanding and keen eyed fans is very hard. Succeeding with your original design is far more likely, as popular as the scifi genre may be.

Doctor Who wasn't designed to be a game, it was designed to be a TV-show. When you let go of the merchandise you're also giving yourselves good opportunities to justify elements that actually bring better gameplay rather than copy what the series had. This is where most license games fail and why they in lack of a better term "just suck".

But I hope you aren't just novice with a silly dream because projects like these often tend to be totally unfeasible. "I want to make a game" "No, I want to make a whole playable Earth" "No, I want to make a whole playable UNIVERSE" "No, I want to make a whole playable universe WITH PAST AND HISTORY". Where are you going to find content for all those 4 dimensions of space?

BTW, didn't I also shoot down this project earlier? At least I remember discussing some impossible Doctor Who game.

Nov 1 2013 Anchor

Thats what i needed to hear, A confirmation. I had originally planned the project design in 2 versions, i hadn't placed much confidence in the BBC thing happening. But i had to try anyway. Some of the project is still in the design phases, and was kinda hindered by this, I am very pleased now that we can move forward with our other story lines and characters. We never wanted to recreate the Doctor Who series as a game, just the some of the mechanics and play a time lord. Thankfully we have another story plot, similar but only to the aspects of time travel, and a great time war.
My passion for the Dr Who series has inspired me over the years, but in a sense may have hindered me from moving forward in the project.

Thanks for the Input guys.

BTW.. This is the first time Ive every discussed this on any forum

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