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Sep 20 2013 Anchor

My newest work as of September 2013. Went for a very tall city buildings as a background models with mobile shooting game in mind.
I gave them tons of very small lights as a windows to give illusion of taller building.
As always feedback would be appreciated, and maybe more ideas on how to make them even more taller like a skyscraper.

View in 360 degree:

Sep 29 2013 Anchor

I like the building, it reminds me of the combine fortress from Half Life 2, I think you should make more buildings of similar style as well.

SinKing bumps me thread
Sep 30 2013 Anchor

Hi Angryfly. Why don't you post in the WIP thread?

I was gonna ask: are you gonna finish texturing them? When I realized they already are. The texture and the edge smoothing made me think of weapons or metal crates rather than architecture. Maybe you could try different materials (concrete/glas/steel structures), instead of the solid gunmetal surface. Or if you use metal everywhere make it look more like patches/plates next to each other. Think about building these structures in real life and what it would take. Surely they wouldn't be one massive metal piece.

The antennas seem too big/wide in diameter in most places to me. More variation and other structures (radar dish, dome, air conditioning, ventilation, cables, etc) would help. The windows aren't the only thing that help creating a size reference, but they are a good start.

Overal, the buildings are nice, but could use some color variation. Just a few orange or blue lines and signs to make things more interesting. It would also be nice if we could see the functionality. I guess all of them are for housing? How do people enter and leave. Are there hangar decks, is there a garden or a shopping area?

Since these houses look so similar, have you thought about true modularity and re-using textures for them? That would make it interesting for developers, because it reduces the number of draw calls. Might be interesting for you, too:

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Oct 1 2013 Anchor

Im having to aggree with sinking on most of what he has said , though I feel the most noticeable lacking feature is of connections
examples :
cables and wires running from your antenna's to the buildings.
No fire escapes ? (okay these are probably internal)
Connecting walkways to another building ,these are all the rage in most mordern structures I see around the world.
No external elevators ,stairways .. these can certainly convey a great sense of scale alone.
Transport Connections : Helipad (or advanced aircraft landing space) , travellator , monorail .

Final thought .. if you could be allowed it would be nice to see some gas escape from various places in a variety of hues depending on what its simulating
Toxic green fumes for say industrial waste
classic white fumes for steam or gas releases to add a touch of variety

Now in your space stations collection : there is a good example at frame 32 seconds in where it links many items and if you print that out next to any of your buildings you can definately feel the presence of that station more than any of your buildings displayed at the start.


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Oct 6 2013 Anchor

angry would you like to model for

Oct 17 2013 Anchor

Very good points made, I appreciate for honest feedback.
I tried to keep it low on polygons, for a possibility of lots of objects on screen with descent fps.

SinKing you have a very impressive portfolio. You work is perfected in proper lightning and texturing, which I can't do either anymore.
I have studied it in school years ago, but kind of lost it because of simplicity and low poly of my work flow.

I will defenetly use the given advice, and I'll try to make new tall buildings for closeups and not just background.

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