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Anywhere Portal 2 Co-op Mod- Concept Artists at Red Breaker Studios

portal 2 co-op mod- concept artists red breaker studios anywhere artists hello! i am designing a currently untitled cooperative portal 2 mod, to be the first of its kind. it will be focused on the story of atlas and p-body as they are awoken by wheatley to replace chell. here's the url to the page. please read the summary before submitting an application: currently i am at the dawn of development, the story and many if not most of the literary ideas are all planned out, so right now i'm looking for concept artists as well as other people to lay the ground work for a solid foundation, as well as generate useful ideas. i myself am a level designer, and i place a lot of emphasis on design elements, and interesting flowing ideas, things that influence the overall picture as a whole to make compelling scenes. so that is where you may come in. if you are an aspiring professional concept artist and care deeply for the scientific art of visual storytelling, i need you! preferably i would like someone who has played portal 2 well enough to be acquainted with the look and feel so they can generate scenes that match aperture science, but if not i'd be happy to acquaint you with it all. also, keep in mind, that while your work may be beautiful and awesome, it may not match the particular type of art i need at the moment.

Anywhere (Remote) 3DS Max Animator for WWII Online: Battleground Europe at Playnet, Inc. - Cornered Rat Software

3ds max animator for wwii online: battleground europe playnet, inc. - cornered rat software anywhere (remote) artists we're looking for an experienced 3ds max animator to help us improve some of our existing animations. you will need to be capable of rigging, skinning and animating in 3ds max (not maya). this is a 100% volunteer position. you will be working with a great team and get your foot in the door of the gaming industry. if you're up for a good challenge and would like to have your work be viewed by thousands of online gamers, this is your calling. please submit a resume, portfolio and a written description of your animator experience / skill set. this is a remote (not on-site) position. ====================================================== about the game wwii online: battleground europe is the first mmo-fps ever created, with a 300,000 sq km map (all interconnected) and with a persistent, player driven campaign. it is a combined arms wwii simulation game and all vehicles and characters are manned by real players in real time. we were steam greenlit some time ago and are aggressively pursuing a release. in the interim we are beefing up our content generation department to introduce new game content and re-work existing content to improve appearance and feel of the game. if you are an avid fan of mmo's and fps's and have a desire for history / simulations, this is a fantastic opportunity to be apart of one of the longest running mmo's in gaming history. submit your resume below for consideration, thanks for your interest. sincerely, matt callahan executive producer playnet, inc.

Anywhere Night Wolf Studio - Looking for more talent (UNPAID) at Night Wolf Studio

night wolf studio - looking for more talent (unpaid) night wolf studio anywhere artists unreal engine 4 unreal engine 4, the game engine technology developed by epic games. night wolf studio night wolf studio is an independent game design studio with around 6 people on the staff, this includes graphic designers, web designers, writers, cinematic director, 3d modelers, and composers. everyone involved are 100% dedicated to making this game happen. what are we looking for? night wolf studio is looking for more people to fill crucial positions within the company, for our 2.5d sidescrolling platformer johnny reboot. what can night wolf studio offer you? night wolf studio are looking for people who are professional and dedicated to there craft, we would like someone who is social and will be active within the company, skype is a must have for anyone joining the team, and anyone joining must sign an nda (non-disclosure agreement) there will be no exceptions about this if you cannot sign then you will not be able to join us, this is to protect everyone working on the game as well as yourself. here are a few things we would like to see. stay dedicated and passionate to development. always push yourself to be the best that you can. always act in a professional manner. and as always have fun, this is a gaming environment and the team is made up of gamers. 3d modeler requirements create high and low poly models based off the concept art to be put into promotional videos and games. create high and low poly models. work closely with game designer / concept artists. use industry standard software unpaid position with the possibility of payment from kickstarter. it is a plus if you are able to rig and animate and are familer with the unreal engine. c++ programmer program anything from game behavior, basic ai, in-house tools to create game play. prototype out both tech and game solutions. use industry standard software. game programming knowledge and design patterns preferred. unreal engine 4 knowledge is a plus. unpaid position with the possibility of payment from kickstarter. world/level concept artist requirements as a concept artist you'll create concept art to be created into 3d models. create level and world concept art work closely with 3d modelers/concept artists. use industry standard software. unpaid position with the possibility of payment from kickstarter.

Anywhere Recruiting Concept Artist for Mobile game at Anywhere

recruiting concept artist for mobile game anywhere anywhere artists hello, my name is sandy, and i am a game designer. working with few people on a mobile game. this game will be similar to an existing game on the market, which is "fashion story". right now, we are just a small team trying to pull this of massively. we have programmers, 3d modelers, writers. but what we don't have is a good concept artist. the game - this game is all about running a boutique store, starting from a small scale to move towards a larger store. game will have both single player mode and multiplayer mode. it is a 2d game,will use pre-rendered 3d models like clash of clans. target platform- android, blackberry,facebook, ios, windows phone os. target audience - female - 8-40 funding- as of now, this is a non-funded project. we need volunteers who can help us with concept art and isometric drawings, so our 3d modelers can model based on the drawing. our requirement for artist - currently we have everyone except a concept artist. we are looking for a talented artist who can help us visualize the whole concept. the work will be to draw small objects which will be seen in the game. interested artist can contact me at - thank you

Anywhere Recruiting for Stargate Unity (Stargate Fan Project) at Mars Industries

recruiting for stargate unity (stargate fan project) mars industries anywhere artists im currently searching people for a stargate fan project called stargate unity. it is based on the unity game engine and i am currently the only one working on it. development started a few weeks ago and i am searching for modelling / texturing artists and for animators. you can find more about the game here and even try it yourself. there is no payment but of course your name will be listed in the creator section. searching modellers for props and weapons, but also those focussed on map props. texturing artists should be able to create proper pbr textures with either a specular or metalness workflow. animators should use 3ds max but can also be any other program but then you would have to rig the arms yourself. of course the project itself is also non commercial since we don't have a license to sell stargate games. we are also searching sound artists and composers who can produce / remix proper stargate sounds and / or stargate sounding music. each planet should get its own exploring / fighting track. voice actors for npcs are also welcome. actually, everyone talented is welcome to join us.

Anywhere [Royalties] Looking for Talented 3D Artists at BattleTech Fan Game Developers

[royalties] looking for talented 3d artists battletech fan game developers anywhere artists hello, firebit studios is an new indie game company composed of me, andrew (programmer, level designer, and level creator), mic (music/sound artist), and clara (concept artist). we all amateur developers, gaining more and more experience as we go. right now, we are ambitiously working on a game project that will be disclosed and explained if you get accepted. and now onto the job description. we are looking for a talented 3d artist who specializes in high quality 3d modeling. eventually, farther down the road, if we release the game on the planned platforms we are sharing the revenue from each copy sold. if you are considering applying, please keep in mind the the skills required are: - the ability to model highly detailed 3d models(within blender, 3ds max, maya, etc) - the ability to create high quality textures for the models you create the team uses text chat in skype for communication, and we use trello for organization on the projects we work on. cheers! - andrew, head of firebit studios.

Anywhere Artist needed! at 2ndCommando

artist needed! 2ndcommando anywhere artists hello i am the lead game designer for a game my team and i are creating. it is an ascii based rpg game, but we need an artist who can make line art and then our other artist will turn it into ascii. requirements- you need to be able to draw line art that looks really amazing, and can be transformed into ascii easily. payment- we are working with a publisher right now tat will get us really out there so we can sell thousands of copies. everyone on the team (except for a few who don't want any) gets an equal share after the publisher takes their measly 30%. so, if we sell 1,000 copies at 7.99 each it will be a large revenue share to everyone as we are very small. we have about 9 total people right now and i think 3-4 are not receiving money because they don't want to. age- no age requirement, just make sure i can understand you and you can do the work. if so, everything will be fine. thanks. apply- apply here: (currently we are looking for a new company name) please attack any work you have, particularly swords and such.

Anywhere Digital Artist • Drawing Artworks (2D) at TITEUF-85 Prøductions

digital artist • drawing artworks (2d) titeuf-85 prøductions anywhere artists this is an unpaid position for art drawing for the dark army: uprising mod. • skills / experience required meeting the following requirements — the voice actor will need to: 1. have a good talent for drawing video-game arts in 2d. 2. know it's an unpaid work — any claim will be ignored. • details about the project / role this project is a totally free upcoming standalone modification of return to castle wolfenstein, landing at the end of this year on mod db, for windows, mac and linux. it has been in the works for almost two years and it's finally reaching the final stages of the development. your role will be important; you'll draw wallpaper(s), header(s) and/or cover(s) (box art) of the modification — drawing the characters is the deal. • work ethic and environment this project is currently being entirely developed by titeuf-85 and is going to reach to be released soon. you'll have to draw one wallpaper, one header and/or one cover (possibly box art). • respectful work you'll be mentioned multiple times in the mod (in the game menus, in the start and in the ending credits) under your real name or under a pseudonym if you prefer. even if it's not paid, you'll have the respect of the mod's developer and the community. • how it works right after sending a resume, you'll get an answer and you'll be invited to send one of your art works. following the checking, you'll be accepted or not. once accepted, you'll be invited to join the french developer & publisher company/group called titeuf-85 prøductions on mod db. you'll be stated as a member working on the project, as a digital artist.

Anywhere [Horror][Free] Looking for Animator at Indie Game

[horror][free] looking for animator indie game anywhere artists hello fellow game developers, currently we are developing a psychological horror game and looking for passionate animators. our goal is making a game that horror genre lacks right now - we want to make real horror. not shooters or smashers with hoards of zombies or monsters that mostly pretty much look the same, but something new. we focus on scaring the player, not with common jump scares, but though everything - enivonment, music, sounds, even lighting. even then, we don't want to throw everything just for "the feel", but make it interesting. while playing player will go through interesting and unpredictable storyline. in short our main goals: make the player scared, bring horror that will linger for some time after beating the game, non-traditional scares and feeling of mystery, basically a lot of curves in plot. and i mean a lot. useful information: the game is already in early stages of development. we have almost whole team. if you want to join us or know somebody who would love to - feel free to contact us. thank you for your time.

Anywhere Talent required for a horror game. [Artists, 3D Modeler, Animator, Programmer] at Team Immortal Games

talent required for a horror game. [artists, 3d modeler, animator, programmer] team immortal games anywhere artists we are a new team that has big plans in mind. right now, we are looking for people with motivation and skills mad enough to use them on cool projects that will shine in the entire video game history. we dont mind if you have no experience, we will accept any skill level. if you are a person who is loyal & interested in our project, dont hesitate and give it a shot. "caged" is a suvival horror, puzzle game that tells us a story about a girl which suffers the case of lethargy. each level is a day of the girl's life, when she wakes up and encounters human-like monsters. the girl cannot stand up from her bed, hence the player controls are limited. your task is to fall asleep, avoiding monsters by using various features. when you finally manage to get some sleep, you see a dream which is a fairly simple puzzle level. we are planning to apply for unreal grant to fund this project, meaning that most likely after prototype stage, you will be paid for your work on a monthly basis. here's the positions we're looking for. 3d character artist - ability to work with a 3d modelling software (maya, blender, 3dsmax) - ability to rig the character, prepare for animation - create uv layouts for characters - ability to texture the charecter is not required, but is welcomed. - knowledge of unreal engine 4.8 is a plus 3d props modeler - ability to work with a 3d modelling software (maya, blender, 3dsmax) - create static meshes & various props for levels - ability to create uv layouts for props & meshes - knowledge of unreal engine 4.8 is a plus 3d animator - ability to create animations for characters (and props if needed) - export animations in a neccessary format - knowledge of unreal engine 4.8 is a plus artist - create concept designs of characters and levels - prepare character image planes for 3d character modeler(s) - create textures for 3d models if necessary - knowledge of unreal engine 4.8 is a plus, but not required programmer - create ai behaviour using c#, c++ or blueprint scripts - may be asked to programm other small stuff - knowledge of unreal engine 4.8 is required

Anywhere 2D Concept Artist at Augment Studios

2d concept artist augment studios anywhere artists we require a 2d artist for our project. our project is an on-going game, which has been pretty advanced in the programming sector. unfortunately, most of its features cannot be revealed to you until a non-disclosure agreement has been signed. however, i can tell you that its a futuristic-themed rpg game, that involves both 2d and 3d gaming. note that the position were offering is on profit-sharing basis, and we have a few conditions. the first, is that we require you to be dedicated to the project. be enthusiastic and do what's best for the project. the second, is that we require you to work for 3-4 hours per week, which in our eyes isn't much compared to what others ask. and the third condition, is that we need you to carry on with the project till it's done. if you choose to take this position, you cannot back out when half of the project is done. the task that the 2d artist will have, is this ; create concepts of several things including characters, environment, etc. he will also have to create 2d sprites for the small part that the 2d section plays, in the whole game. note, that this position can be filled with more than a single person.

Anywhere 3D Artists , and Investor(PAID POSITION) at Surface Entertainment LLC

3d artists , and investor(paid position) surface entertainment llc anywhere artists hello, we are looking for a 3d character artist, and a 3d architecture artist requirements: 1. uses 3ds max, blender, or maya 2. able to export models to .cga or .cdf for characters (we use cryengine 3) 3. a solid portfolio/resume project info: story in late 2001, strelinkov forms a revolution to bring back the soviet union. after conferences with the russian government, russian executives decide to join the soviet revolution alongside ukraine and siberia. although, air forces of the german army are sent to assault the siberian capitol building as an attempt to kill strelinkov and chinese militants are sent to try and stop the revolution. in early 2002, war is declared between the soviet revolution and germany and china. characters durasov, lukin, vahkitov and pelov fight alongside one another as they will have to stand behind 2.5 million soviet revolutionary soldiers as they fight to defend their country and fight for what they believe in. concept our goal from red valor is to appeal to gamers who enjoy classic games such as call of duty : world at war which it is inspired by and to show how classic games will not be forgotten forever and must be honored and remembered in gaming. gameplay multiplayer gameplay is set to be completely different from most modern shooters... players will have the option of different soldier classes including tank crewman, fighter pilot, normal infantry, and recon/ or general for online wars. as a tank crewman, players can unlock more tanks depending on their set faction which may be the soviet revolution, germany, or china. fighter pilots, may start off with a light helicopter and move forward onto fighter jets. generals are the leader of armies, they determine where the next fight for players were the online wars are and may spectate battles and reach out to their team mates in their assault team.

Anywhere, Skype, Mumble 2D Animator Pixel Art at Caldera Games

2d animator pixel art caldera games anywhere, skype, mumble artists hi! we are looking for a 2d animator (experienced or not, but talented) to join the team of caldera games ( we are currently three members, a 2d artist, a programmer and a musician. we are working on a game called pantless hero (, the development is going well but unfortunately our 2d artist is not good enough in animation (neither enjoy doing animation). so we are searching for someone to fill up this function, you would have to follow the lead of our 2d artist yukishi (he does the concept arts, the tile sets...etc) and animate all the sprites he produces (and improve the current animated sprites). we develop the game without any kind of funding so there will be no income until the game starts selling. we'd rather like someone interested to join us for a long term as a member of the team, if you are interested you can contact us through email and we will set up a meeting, all the information are here: if you have any questions don't hesitate!

Anywhere Graphics Artist at Perisno

graphics artist perisno anywhere artists the development team behind perisno, a total-conversion fantasy mod for the action role-playing game mount & blade: warband. we're currently working on overhauling our moddb page, and i have personally been working on customizing the css of the page with some assistance of another team member. in order to go through with an all new fresh-looking moddb page, we're currently in need of the following things: - two preview images (1024x768) one for the preview images of downloads, and another for the mod itself. - a profile header image (950x150) the profile header at the top of the page. - an icon (64x64 or so) if anyone is capable of assisting us with the above graphics, that'd be very much appreciated. further information and details will be given once a suitable applicant has been found. it'd be preferred if the artist would agree on working for free, as we are all voluntarily working on the mod in our freetime, and are working without a budget. if we are satisfied with your work, we do have a second request, which may or may not be a bit bigger than what i've requested so far. if you agree on assisting us with that, we will discuss a donation for the work. link to mod page: - reus, perisno pr & web editor

Anywhere 3D artist, Graphical Artist at Inferatu

3d artist, graphical artist inferatu anywhere artists hey everyone! welcome to my post, in here i'll explain every bit of what we're looking for, who we are and what game we're making. game description: full description at: inferatu is set in the futuristic time where there's an outbreak of a infection, an infection which turn humans into inferatu's. this disease became as bad as it could get that the population decided to quarantine on a large scale, as these infections started to occur all over the world at the same time they were only able to set-up some cities. the cities rapidly built walls around their regions to stop the inferatu's from getting in. all this was done in a matter of months, walls were guarded, patrols were given around the walls and humans examined to detect infections, and if infected, executed. the main situation got under control, but there's a big reason why the infection got spread globally at the same time, and that is to be told during the game. besides that we're also working on a modern arcade twin stick shooter. read about it here -> link current team structure: celeste- me: modelling programming level design zoe: manager assistant johan: composer sound fx this is not much but we need to start somewhere! previous works: unreal engine game jam talent required: graphical artist(1): royalty able to make graphics for in-game hud's able to make logo's able to make graphics that need to be used in game to attach to objects(texturer's job) able to make some sort of graphical display of the game proof of experience 3d artist(1-2): royalty able to make post-apocalyptic meshes(very important) able to make normal meshes(non-apocalyptic) + point to be able to make stones, trees, bushes, debris and natureobjectsedge knowledge of blender, maya, 3ds max or other 3d modelling software. overall: at least 18 years old(confirm) official experience not needed, however freelance or portfolio is needed trustworthy if you're in, don't go around and leave. basic unreal engine 4 knowledge info: in about 2 months time we will be releasing first playable pre-alpha. with 100 sign-up's and counting we are looking for a person that is capable of making a nice, easy to work with game client that is capable of doing above things. there's 2 options to choose from. either fixed payed amount when it's delivered. or you go with the royalty option and you'll be payed when we succeed, which possibly will give you a higher payday. so if we succeed with the client, you succeed. we are currently not hiring, however we are looking for people who are available in the future and are looking for a price quote. process of acceptance: if you find this interesting send me a mail with your explanation as to why you would like to work with us + post on thread you mailed(optional but we'd like that). after a conversation over mail we will add you to skype or another platform that we use so we can talk on. after that i will have a conversation about your experience, personality and get to know you. if we feel like we can trust you, we will decide weather to hire or not. questions? if you have more questions for me you can mail me at or reply to the thread. regarding payment, that will be discussed in private and varies on how much work you deliver. kind regards, celeste!

Anywhere Artists at SPINACH

artists spinach anywhere artists hi there, i am a programmer that have study computer science for 7 years and using unity since 4 years ago. recently, i decided to start my own startup which is making a game with unity, and that game called "ball crashes". the game has many nice ideas that combined ball and battle game together, and will release on mobile platforms(please contact me for more detail informations). currently, i have the full blueprint of my game in my brain and the basic scripting framework has been built. i can do programming for unity very well due to my 4 years experiences, and able to write shader for some fxs purpose. i am looking for the following ones: 1. able to talk ,outgoing and friendly one who can get along well with each other. 2. have conditions for spending time to build a game. 3. have a passion of designing games. 4. able to works across the internet (different time zone, regions). if you think you can conform to those simple requirements above, then you are welcome to join us. there is no any other limitation such as age and sexual distinction. here is some jobs what you can do: 1. art designer: 3d modeling, texturing, effect and scene designing. 2. audio designer: sfx and background musics composing. 3. other job: if you can do well in other field about a game, you are also welcome to join us. i live in china, we can work in a same room if you are living next to me or we can work across the internet. we shouldn't worry about internet cooperation because there are enough successful stories that indicating that. finally, thanks you very much for your time, if you want to know more detail, please e-mail me at : or reply here. a gdd, or game design document has been added, please read the document to know more detail about ball crashes. thanks. i am looking forward to work with you.

Anywhere Doom 3 Texture/Skinning Artist at Perfected Doom 3 version 7

doom 3 texture/skinning artist perfected doom 3 version 7 anywhere artists i'm currently working on the 7th version of my perfected doom 3 mod and was looking for someone to help me reskin the arms and hands on the player model. i wanted to cover his arms and hands in armor similar in design to what he wears on his body. this would include reskinning the player arms and hands of the character model and the weapon view models aswell. i'm also considering reskinning his thighs to be covered in armor and to remove the fatigues that he currently has on. i want the player to look like a true doom soldier ready for the worst. if the work looks good i may have some more skins in mind if you are interested in coming on board for a little longer. i wanted to give all of the monsters that appear in any of the hell maps their own hell skin similar to what the imps and the hellknights have. i think it would really add to the game. i can see that there was intention on doing this but it never got done. i only need a diffuse texture for these things. i can make the specular and the bump maps so no need to worry about those. i don't want u to have to do all the tedious work. you'll be helping me enough with the actual art that the player will see. please help if you are interested.

Anywhere Lead Artist at Patchwork Game Studios

lead artist patchwork game studios anywhere artists patchwork game studios is a startup consisting of five students from linköping university, sweden. we are looking for a motivated and self-sufficient 2d-graphics designer for our current project fabric. fabric is a story driven puzzle game with strong philosophical undertones in which the player explores a world where the laws of physics can be manipulated. fabric has been in development for approximately eight months. as our graphics designer you will have a large influence over how the game looks, therefore it is important that you are prepared to coordinate with our writer and designer to make sure that the graphical style amplifies the tone fabric is trying to capture. work hours are very flexible and you will be able to decide for yourself how much time you put into the project. we have a weekly meeting over skype where we track the teams progress and decide how tasks should be distributed until the next meeting. since we’re a startup, we cannot provide any salary during the project. all work is currently done on a voluntary basis, but we are planning to monetize the game when it is ready. if you are interested and decide to contact us there will be an interview where we will get to know you, distribution of any future income will also be discussed at this interview. tasks: create a graphic style for the game together with the group game designer. produce the game's graphics. other requirements: fluent in english or swedish an early trailer of the game:

Anywhere 3d animator for weapon animations at Heroes of the West Team

3d animator for weapon animations heroes of the west team anywhere artists hello, i am part of the mod team behind the mod heroes of the west for red orchestra 2/rising storm. a tactical realism first person shooter set in ww2 on the unreal 3 engine. we need 3d animators who can either do first person weapon animations or 3rd person animations which involves the 3rd person player model using the weapon. the ability to modify existing animations would help a lot as most of the animations, especially the 3rd person animations would only involve a slight alteration. animations would include running, reloading, firing and ammo checks. our team has basic animators with good knowledge of the ue3 engine and how the game works however we don't have the animating skills for good weapon animations. no knowledge of the ue3 engine is required and you don't even need to own the vanilla game. though obviously a plus. you just have to be able to export your animations as an .fbx file, most software can do this. i know blender, 3ds max and maya can. priority would be first person animations of our british bren gun and sten gun. other guns we have ready for animation are the browning hi power pistol, stg44 and g43. as well as a couple of secret stuff we don't want to announce just yet. there are also guns being made but aren't ready for animations such as the m3 grease gun, browning and bazooka. along with even more weapons we haven't even started making. you can do one gun or keep animating everything we throw at you. you choose what you want to do. we think our mod is very promising and have full backing from the developers of the original game. this mod will be getting off the workshop and going official on steam very soon and i mean "very" soon. the reason we want to get the bren and sten done as fast as possible is as soon as those 2 weapons are done we can push out the british faction as they are the only things holding it back. we got maps, uniforms and even voices sorted for them along with a couple of weapons. once part of the team you will be referred to the head of the project and given everything from the game you need to get animating. i will remain your point of contact if you need anything else as that's what i do. mod:

Anywhere (US Time zones preferred) [3D Animators] Wanted for SciFi RTS at Secret Reality

[3d animators] wanted for scifi rts secret reality anywhere (us time zones preferred) artists hello, 3ds max is required for animating for this project, (no need for weight painting.) if you use maya, we'll teach you max. we're particularly looking for those who can do build up, idle, and destruction animations for structures. (if your dedicated to your craft, but inexperienced with structure animations, we have an industry experienced technical animator that can get you up to speed. (within reason) "project overview tiberium secrets seeks to introduce three new factions that can stand in conjunction and potentially independent from the command and conquer tiberium universe, complete with diverse units, structures, mechanics, and lore. players will take command of a mysterious human faction intent on ensuring the survival of its species without concern for red tape or ideologies, a biological experiment turned hunter of their creator, and an artificial intelligence believing itself to be the next evolution of humanity." the standard ad: (for more details) thanks for your time and consideration, -jist

Anywhere 3D Artists (Modeler and Riggers) Required Fast at Augment Studios

3d artists (modeler and riggers) required fast augment studios anywhere artists here's a little about our game. it's a half 3d , half 2d rpg. it involves a lot of 3d aspects, as well as 2d aspects. it's more of a story-based game. it's features will be further discussed once a non-disclosure agreement has been signed. the programming has gone ahead quite well. some models have been made, but what we really require at the moment is character artists. we're looking for 3d artists for character modeling and rigging at the moment. we require them fast , for the project to continue any further. here are some of our terms : - the person who takes up this post shall spend enough time to finish rigging, modelling, and texturing (texturing is only if you know how) at least one character per week, that is to say , spend 3-4 hours on the project per week, but again it depends on the game's needs at that time. - the person who takes up this post is sure to carry on till the end of the project. and so, please note that this post will be taken on a profit-sharing basis. anyone who's interested, should contact us.

Anywhere ASCII Artist Needed!! at 2ndCommando

ascii artist needed!! 2ndcommando anywhere artists i am currently looking for an ascii artist! so far i have a team of me and one programmer. the last piece to this tiny puzzle is an ascii artist. requirements you need to know how to make characters, weapons, items, gear etc. the game we are creating will have multiple npc's and a lot of different weapons. for every weapon you make there will be a different version of it (good, rare, ultra rare, bad, common, has a special ability etc.) these will probably only take a slight color adjustment and nothing more. pay you will be payed 1/3 of the income we make off of the game. you will get 1/3 because you share between me, the programmer, and yourself. i hope to put this game first on desura and make some money then try and go to steam, as steam costs $100 just to put it on greenlight. contact we will be talking mainly through email unless you prefer skype. when you come on board i will give you the email of the programmer and your email to the programmer. we can either all group email or skype. age i do not require you to be over a certain age, as long as i can understand you and you can do the job, we will have no problem.

Anywhere 2d Artist (unpaid) at Anywhere

2d artist (unpaid) anywhere anywhere artists hello community forums, i am no stranger here, but today i want to tell you a little about a game i am creating right now, and what positions are needed. first off i'll tell you about it. i was hired by willingshade studios to create them a prequel to their game, grimore vengeance.this game will be called grimore: awakening. we already have started the small developments of the game such as sound, concept mockup art, logo, storyline, and dialogue. we have a team of highly experienced game developers. our team right now is: game developers: eli ward (semi-expert programmer) ethproductions (expert programmer) theeseavershow (semi-expert programmer) artists: jesse knight concept artist: jesse knight dialogue writer: sk3letor bob bob voice actors: logan byers musicians: logan byers marc chait as you may see we are very low on artists; if you can help with that part, please drop me an email or pm on the forums or comment. my email is however we also need another programmer, if you would like to join on that part, please do the same as the instructions above. what are we looking for? as you may see we are very low on artists. we need artists as soon as possible so if you can help us with this part of the game, that would be a huge blessing, and you will be able to get portfolio rights and be put in the credits of the game. if you can help with that part, please drop me an email or pm on the forums or comment. my email is what's the game going to be like? our game is going to be a 2d story-based game, featuring platforming and combat elements. when finished, it will take an hour to an hour and a half to beat. due to the violence involved, it will be rated t for teen. what's the game about? you are the leader of the templars, and you are following a decree that forces the magical animals of the forests (demons, skeletons, undead, dragons) to be killed. you have to go through nine terrains killing the animals, and finish the project under a time limit. every time you die, you will spawn back with a goblin beside you saying a dialogue such as, "you're back already? i thought it would be longer than that." there will be an xp system, therefore every time you kill a vicious magical enemy you will be rewarded a certain amount of xp to become a higher rank, but watch out for your hunger and water bar, if it falls to low, you will start to lose health rapidly and after some time you will die. are you going to make this game very unique and special? yes! we have a sound artist that has made over 120+ sounds for the game, and we got so detailed that we even did sounds like torch lit, and water dropping. we made sounds for when you slash you sword, to make you feel like you are actually in the game and put you on the battlefield yourself. what is finished on the game so far? prototype- awakening 0_0_7.swf?raw=1 i have attached a few of the sfx sounds, voice dialogue, footsteps, and ambiences. also attached is the first prototype for the game, as you can see it is very low in development, but has some nice effects to it such as running-hold x, walking- hold or press the left or right keys, and jumping- press z. art- concept.png?raw=1 concept.png?raw=1 music- light-cut version.mp3?raw=1 (this song is a cut version of the full song. it’s just a little taste of what it will sound like) dialogue- place : unknown object : finding village player: mmh hmm?.. * waking up noises * whata heck happened? stands up * where are my troops? hello? anyone here? * quick rasp * above we have included a small section of the dialogue to show you a quick glance of what it is like. sfx- voice dialogue- footsteps- ambiences- will there be boss fights? correct, we will have a few boss fights, where you will need to use your resources to kill and defeat the magical beast. many bosses will laugh at you during the fight, and will think you are nothing more than trash, whereas if you are good enough, you will prove him wrong and kill him indiegogo project- here i have attached the indiegogo project for the full game grimore: vengeance ( ), as you can see it’s only been up for a few days and has earned a good little amount of money. when is the game's deadline? the game's deadline is eight months from now, due to very large game with spectacular gameplay. we need more artists to help out with the project. we would love to see you help on this project. are you being sponsored? we are sponsored by a group called blackshell media. their team has promoted many popular tv shows and steam games, including overture and sanctuary rpg black edition, on sites such as abc news, yahoo news, and pc gamer. \ how can you join this project? without our fans and continuous viewers of the game this would not be possible, but for this game to actually take place we need a team of well-trained game designers, programmers, artists, storyline writers, dialogue writer, etc. at this time in the project we have a good sized team of around ten people, but we cannot stop there. we are continuously striving to get move artists. we are set in almost every other part of the team except the following jobs, artists and musicians. without art the game is nothing, that’s why we need good vector artists or non-pixel artists to join and help out with their part. if you can help with this, then please read the support section of this document below! would you like to know more about the game or help support? if this is true, you can add me on skype: elitegamesindustries, send me an email:, comment on this post, send me a pm on the forums if you are interested in helping with the named jobs available above then follow the following way to contact us above. i look forward to hearing from you! thanks in advance for reading this and i am excited about this project, and hope you are also. captain - eli ward co-captain - ethproductions

Anywhere [Free] [Horror] Looking for concept artist at Indie Game

[free] [horror] looking for concept artist indie game anywhere artists hello fellow game developers, currently we are developing a psychological horror game and looking for concept artist that wants to make real horror. not shooters or smashers with hoards of zombies or monsters that mostly pretty much look the same, but something new. we focus on scaring the player, not with common jump scares, but though everything - enivonment, music, sounds, even lighting. even then, we don't want to throw everything just for "the feel", but make it interesting. while playing player will go through interesting and unpredictable storyline. in short our main goals: make the player scared, bring horror that will linger for some time after beating the game, non-traditional scares and feeling of mystery, basically a lot of curves in plot. and i mean a lot. in your resume please include images of your work or link to portfolio useful information: the game is already in early stages of development. we have almost whole team. if you want to join us or know somebody who would love to - feel free to contact us. thank you for your time.

Anywhere [Royalties]2D Pixel Artist at Wicked

[royalties]2d pixel artist wicked anywhere artists hello everyone, this is a 2d artist position to work on a 2d-rouguelike here is a quick rundown of the project before i go onto what will be required of you as an artist. the scope of the game is quite large if i would have to describe the game in comparison to others i would compare it to that of binding of isaac mixed with a diablo iii style loot and progression,the idea is that dungeons are created based on your character / class (there will be 4 in total archer,warrior,wizard,necromancer) these classes can then be leveled up individually by completing dungeons with them , dungeons are created at run-time and procedural generated they will also be different dependent on your progression so if your character is a higher level the dungeon will be bigger and the mobs inside will be significantly harder and stronger to kill. you collect loot off of the mobs in the game they would drop weapons as well as gold (this is all based on a rng model so some mobs may drop nothing or only 1 item / piece of gold where as another can drop 2-3 pieces of gold or loot , of course the random chance would increase based on the difficulty of the mob) the weapons you then collect you can apply to your character to make stronger however when you complete the dungeon the weapons you have collected all get salvaged and turned to gold only the weapons you have equipped are the ones you get to keep for the next dungeon however based on the quality of the weapon the longer you keep that specific weapon the quicker it degrades. then the player could use the gold and etc in the hub (this is where you start the dungeons from , upgrade gear , repair gear , craft etc) and they can then do more dungeons. that's the overall base concept of the game , its only in the rough stages at this point so a lot of things could change. that's the rough outline of the game as it stands as i said a lot of things could change.this is not a paid position and is more for experience than anything else if the game does reach it to market then we can discuss profit sharing but while working on the game there will be no pay. what would be required of you: 2d sprite sheets for characters (including animations) - different characters with up , down , left and right animations weapons and armor sheets - create a multitude of different pieces of armor and gear that fit up with the sprite sheets to equip onto the character backgrounds for the rooms - these would be square textures that would be scaled and adjusted to created different dungeons of different sizes there would be quite a few of these (around 10-15) gui sprites - buttons,actionbars,menu buttons sliders etc as well as designing things like the wording for the main logo all of this would also be required also if you can only do sprites but can't do animation or visa-versa let me know as i could still probably use you on the team like i have said before this is not paid so that means i don't expect you to any extent to dedicate all of your time to the project but just to do things when you can and within a reasonable amount of time (around 2-3 weeks). the royalties will be given post-launch where i will discuss profit sharing with you and the rest of the members if you have any questions make sure to send them along with your application / example of your work

Anywhere [Unity] [Free] Looking for Modeler at Indie Game

[unity] [free] looking for modeler indie game anywhere artists hello fellow game developers, currently we are developing a psychological horror game and looking for modelers, especially environmental. our goal is making a game that horror genre lacks right now - we want to make real horror. not shooters or smashers with hoards of zombies or monsters that mostly pretty much look the same, but something new. we focus on scaring the player, not with common jump scares, but though everything - enivonment, music, sounds, even lighting. even then, we don't want to throw everything just for "the feel", but make it interesting. while playing player will go through interesting and unpredictable storyline. in short our main goals: make the player scared, bring horror that will linger for some time after beating the game, non-traditional scares and feeling of mystery, basically a lot of curves in plot. and i mean a lot. useful information: the game is already in early stages of development. we have almost whole team. if you want to join us or know somebody who would love to - feel free to contact us. thank you for your time.

Anywhere [Royalties] Indie Game Project seeks Texture Artist at Anywhere

[royalties] indie game project seeks texture artist anywhere anywhere artists what we are looking for: searching for artist/textures/graphic designer who would be willing help work on our indie video game built with unity engine 5. currently we have an idea of what we would like to see in terms of art direction for our game but we would like to work with you to create the world of prush. for a brief example we would like to follow in the footsteps of the braid art style. the game: prush is a 2d side scroller set within a dreamscape our hero hanz searches for a way out of his dream. aided by a magic paintbrush they will have an adventure of a lifetime seeking the source of corruption within the dream. more details can be shared via interview. what we offer: • royalties (% from future revenues) • milestone-payment (kickstarter set to launch july 31st) • work from home! • you get to decide when to work/not work • you'll have intrinsic design input, and creative say in the development of the game. job requirements: •portfolio of art work or examples of art you can create •7+ hours per week to work on animations/textures •talk via skype every couple days on progress •long term interest (10 months) if you do no meet all the requirements and are still interested, please do not hesitate to apply! contact email:

Anywhere [2D Artist] 2D Artist Wanted for Small Indie Game at Thirsty Avocado Games

[2d artist] 2d artist wanted for small indie game thirsty avocado games anywhere artists i am looking for a 2d artist to help me with a few things on a game that i am making. the game is going to be a small, level based online game that may be put on mobile devices in the future. i will leave the art in the game pretty much completely up the 2d artist. basically, this is how our "team" looks right now caleb killian (me) - programmer, audio designer, level designer [empty] - artist the game engine that i am using is called construct 2 and i need help designing/creating the level select screen, which was the main reason that i decided to post an ad here. this doesn't mean that you can't help with other parts of the game. after i make this game, i will more than likely start a more complicated project, so it'd be great if you wanted to stick around. requirements -some sort of skill in 2d -preferred age is somewhere between 14-20 (i am 17) -must be creative this is not a paid position at the moment, but it may be for future games that are made. i also might look for an audio designer in the future.

North America or Europe Only Tales from Felmonia Project Looking for Artist at Sunwell Studios

tales from felmonia project looking for artist sunwell studios north america or europe only artists team name: sunwell studios project name: tales from felmonia video game engine: unreal engine 4 c++ genre: rpg adventure action dungeon crawling open world theme/setting: the theme of this video game is to explore the world of steampunk and the early 1900. this type of game is going to be little further into the stamping world. there will also be a fantasy setting within this video game, but not the main focus of the game. the main focus will be a weapon type of guns. there will also be armored suits within the game, the reason why it's further into the future of the steampunk. vehicles: airships planes basic motorcycle 19th/20th century cars steam trains with couches floating city about the game: tales from felmonia is an open world, steampunk rpg, with dungeon crawling added to it. this game is meant to show what a true steampunk game is really about. the style of this game is meant to be realistic and say about a nation and how it’s using these greater powers to power their inventions. you follow the character named alec ozymandias on his adventure to become a military personal of felmonia. once you traveled to the capital of felmonia you find yourself, overhearing the general talking about a dangerous creature that hold up in an old mine. after hearing that you're going into the room and tell the generals that you will take this job. you travel to this old mine, which is actually a first dungeon. after doing the dungeon you go to the final boss and find out that they been harvesting them for power, since these creatures are very powerful. this is just a little bit of the story cut short. music: the music direction will be an orchestra based music. since this is a steampunk game we will be adding a little bit of other types of music depending on the location. art direction of the video game: with tales from felmonia we are going with the real world. we are going to try to make the video game look very beautiful and stunning. we want to create a world that people would want to explore. we are changing this game around while we are trying to work on it. first it was going to be a zelda like a video game, but i decided that it won't fit in the way that i would like the game to be and wouldn't be as enjoyable as a completely open world game would be. gdd/script: we currently have gdd, and the script for the game is still being worked on. the script is on page 86 last time i check in with him. target market direction: we are aiming for more of the mature people with this video game. we mostly aim for people that enjoy stamping and most steampunk fans are adults. which will hopefully increase the sells for tales of felmonia and be able to fund our next game, without relying on other people. pc platforms: windows mac linux selling platforms: steam gog others maybe money/budget/payment: our budget will be based on how much epic game grant and kickstarter will get us. most of the money will be going into the development of the video game and other will be saved for the next video game. we are looking for people that enjoy steampunk and that are willing to work for free until the epic game grant. after we get the grant from them, we will pay everyone for their work and rest will be for software/saved. the next goal will be getting our game onto kickstarter to further the development funds of our game. how will we get the grant: the way that we are going to get the grant from epic games creates a dungeon. the first dungeon will be an abandon mine that will have structures in it. this is the dungeon of the electricity. it's the first time you'll meet the watcher that you suppose to kill. concept artist will be huge here. we will need the concept artist to show us 3d artist what we should be trying to create. talent that we looking for: most important as of right now: concept artist 3d artist modular architecture/organic/soft-body is huge plus. main needed: texture artist level designer world designer environment artist character artist vfx artist blueprint is a plus animation non art: c++ programmers extras: organic 3d artist vehicle artist writer my role: my role in this game development is mostly creative director, but i also do 3d art. i work on the props for our video game. what talent do we have? creative director/3d artist (prop) sfx composer art director/writer engine programmer (c++) (secondary project) engine programmer (c++) website: there is nothing on the website, i've tried to program the website, but i couldn't do a lot that i wanted, so i gave up and waiting on a website programmer/designer. risk and challenge: the main risk of this game is the scale of this game. this game is very ambitious for us indie game developers. we are creating a video game with a lot of detail within the game. the game that we want create is very advance in the gaming industry. while we are going for a graphical stunning game we are also going for a technically stunning too. we are going to have physic behind a lot of our games. we are going to try to have dynamic wind, dynamic weather, of course day/night, open world, decent particle collision effects, destructible environment, and others. unreal engine 4 is a very powerful game engine that can do tons of amazing stuff and only real limitation is your skills and most importantly your imagination. we are trying to achieve a game that will set our own standards for our soon to become a company. we need to show people what we can do and what we can't do. most obvious risk is creating this group that will work together to create this hopefully masterpiece of a game. most people aren't willing to work for free for the first month or so to build this video game. we just have to create this dungeon which is also huge and show it to epic games. we are making a playable prototype for them. the main challenge that haves been occurring is find people to help us with the first section of our game so we can get decently funded by epic games. we have to create a stunning game so we can hopefully get the full funding. we are looking for talent people that are willing to work for free for a little bit and then start getting paid. we are heavily relying on you to bring us success, and to show what we can achieve. another challenge will be getting a successful kickstarter. this part is very important for us. we have to be able to impress thousand of people and show that we are a reliable and trustful company. this is all up to us to create very impressive demonstration for those thousand of people. we have to have a great trailer for the kickstarter. the risk is that this is sunwell studios first ever game that will go completely commercial. this game is will take a while to finish. we are new to this game development stuff. so this is going to be very hard to use in creating this video game, but we will finish the game no matter what. we have to show that we can be trusted. with the graphics cards become more powerful and the intel becomes more powerful we will be able to do some much more in the game that most games will not do. we can do destructible environment, more stuff that is dynamic, particle collision, and so much more. other stuff: we want to create an immersive world for that player to escape from reality. we are creating the shell of what the player can do. we will be telling our own story and the player can create his own story within our game. if they don't like our stuff, they are more than willing to mod our video game. we will support it and if they don't like our story that can create their own story. we have given them the world to use. this world will be more than large enough for them to create their own story. we are hoping to create a system that the npc will know this place and help them with their own story. it's our job to create this world for them, a visual stunning world. the game will also offer free dlc, but sadly, it's kind of like pre-order, but our next game will most like be not crowded-founded.

Anywhere Collaborators at Renasqum

collaborators renasqum anywhere artists i'm seeking collaborators to work on this current project the game is in development for over 3 months, you must have basic knowledge in unreal engine 4, especially in blueprint, and must make a commitment to be dedicated and trustworthy. summary in 1839, crimes occur in london such has not seen before; riddles, strange symbols and spheres are present at every crime scene. inspector jonathan connor was assigned the difficult task to resolve the case surrounded by mystery. trying to decipher the clues, he team-up with several philosophers, magicians and oracles. during the investigation, discovers a sinister plan that could bring the end of the world. features - engaging third-person perspective - challenging puzzles and riddles - cinematic cutscenes - atmospheric gameplay everyone who will be part of this project to the end will receive a percentage from revenue, not to mention credits for their hard work. if you're passionate, confident and have the skills and talent to be part of the team, send a resume with the position you wish to apply: - 3d artist - environment artist - concept artist - 3d animator - game designer - writer - programmer - composer - sound designer

Anywhere Environment Artist at Pixel Issue

environment artist pixel issue anywhere artists the pixel issue are looking for an environment artist, for our spy vs spy game, hide and shriek mansion. immediate start - please email or pm us your portfolio and rates. this will be a part-time position, with potential full time work in the future. while we have a lot of assets already created, some still require additional modeling and texturing, and we'd like to create some new rooms and scenes for our official game. we are looking for an artist to create low poly assets and environments with hand painted textures in unity 5. we're aiming for a low poly, cartoon style, such as in: day of the tentacle: disney’s guilty party: luigi’s mansion: zack & wiki: a good example of the type of artist we'd be looking for is someone that produces content like this: more details on the game at hide & shriek mansion is a work in progress multiplayer game in unity 3d, which will combine spy vs spy and hide n' seek. spies and thieves vs guards and janitors, trap setting gameplay, fully navigable environments including climbing drainpipes, through windows, airvents and chimneys! we're aiming for a low poly 2.5d style of graphics, 1 squirt squid ink, a pinch of stealth gameplay and lots of cartoon violence!

Anywhere 3D Artist at Carnaval Game

3d artist carnaval game anywhere artists contact with job's skill requirements : steam greenlight page : 1 concept art : we are indie group include : 1 level designer 3 environmental modeller 1 junior environmental modeller 2 character artist 1 modeller 1 animator 3 programmer 5 concept artist 1 gui designer 1 junior community manager 2 music composer 2 quest writer we are searching concept artist gui designer web developer 3d artist (character and environmental) level designer map-terrain editor ai programmer particle efect designer texture artist community manager 3d character artists -character artists will create 3d character and armor meshes. they may be required to create normal maps for higher detail presentation due to the reduced mesh detail level for this type of game. (reasonable knowledge of sculpting, normal baking, specular map creation, and retopology are required.) 3d environment artists -environment artists will create 3d world, structure, and objects meshes. they may be required to create normal maps for higher detail presentation due to the reduced mesh detail level for this type of game. (reasonable knowledge of sculpting, normal baking, specular map creation, and retopology are required.)

Anywhere [Profit Share] 3D Artists and more needed at The OKIE Group

[profit share] 3d artists and more needed the okie group anywhere artists the okie group is a tulsa, ok based entertainment business. we are looking for partners in creating a new fps game. this will be unpaid at first, but we will profit share as we start making money. project earth synopsis project earth is a single and multiplayer game. it will detail the story of the human races struggle to survive an attempt at genocide by a lethal alien foe. following these events the player will be thrust into the battlefield of earth viewed through the eyes of it's many survivors. platforms project earth will be released on pc, mac, ps4, and xbox one. the okie group is a registered developer of these platforms. engine project earth will be developed on unreal engine 4. please be professional in nature and ready to work hard to bring this game to life. all positions will be profit share. we do hope to attract investors after creating a tech demo, so hard work will pay off. please be professional in nature and ready to work hard to bring this game to life. all positions will be profit share. we do hope to attract investors after creating a tech demo, so hard work will pay off. we are also looking for programmers, level designers, and writers. we hope to have a tech demo to show within a few months.

Anywhere Ascii Artist Needed at 2ndCommando

ascii artist needed 2ndcommando anywhere artists i am currently looking for a skilled ascii artist that can make monsters, weapons, armour, items such as potion bottles, hats, and so on, treasure chests and coins, characters both human and non-human etc. if you apply i would like to see an example of what you can do or what you have done before. you don't need any past experience but you must be able to show me what you can do in under a days time. currently the game being worked on is an adventure-rpg that is text based and heavily inspired by sanctuaryrpg. the ascii art you provide will be a huge part of the game. currently i am the only one working on it and i am the programmer, though if you can program too that would be appreciated. i don't have any plans to sell this game as it is simple. publishing will be on desura, steam, and gamejolt. this game will be worked on for as long as it takes and i hope you are willing to continue working on it even if it starts to get hard in the long run. if i wind up selling the game i will give you 50 percent of the profits because you do 50 percent of the work. if you can program too i will give you 60 percent of the profits. email:

Anywhere [Royalty] Seeking Artists for Story-Driven Atlantis RPG, Four Man Team at Concept Artists and 3d Modelers

[royalty] seeking artists for story-driven atlantis rpg, four man team concept artists and 3d modelers anywhere artists [royalty] concept and 3d artists needed for story-driven atlantis rpg project title: atlantis: glory and tragedy description: story-driven rpg thematically based on how civilizations rise and fall. the setting of the game takes place in a fully-immersive world that spans the whole continent of atlantis. each environment is hand-crafted, and even the smallest object tells a story. instead of merely giving every object in the game advanced collision scripts, they can be interacted with in meaningful ways that draw characters’ ire, unveil lore to the interested player, or reveal secrets. every expression of a player’s creative curiosity is richly rewarded. non-playable characters (npc’s) are colorful, humorous, and may even help piece together story-elements for the player. as a centuries-old civilization full of history and culture, atlantis holds many secrets that may yield great treasure. includes: • fully-immersive world of mystery that meaningfully reacts to the player to the smallest detail • ancient secrets that reward exploration with great treasure while expanding the story. • unique skill customization system related to story lore • clever puzzles involving witty riddles, clever use of objects, and observant maneuvering of the environment. team structure: project manager and writer: dane trumbore programmer: joshua kao composers: bobby rose, philippe greban about us: please allow me to introduce the team. my name is dane, and i am a chinese foreign language teacher and writing hobbyist. i have been playing computer games since my teens and have become enthralled with narrative, game mechanics, and how different game elements fit together to make a cohesive whole. my friend and collaborator, josh, is a science teacher and programmer hobbyist. a true engineer at heart (or genius in the making), he also is infatuated with how things work, particularly in respect to games. we also just picked up two experienced composers for the project, one of whom has worked for hollywood. why should you care? because we are teachers and musicians with real lives and proven records of accomplishment, reliability, consistency, and vision. we are also willing to work around your schedule. we have set high and achievable standards, and we have a winning vision to produce meaningful and substantive games that influence people to make them think, while also rewarding player cleverness and respecting the intelligence of our audience. talent required: concept artist 3d modeler our most immediate need is for a concept artist and a 3d modeler. the potential candidates must be reliable, consistent, team players, and able to commit to vision. compensation would involve post-production payment should the project succeed. if our vision resonates with you, please send inquiries to either of the contacts below. contact: e-mail: skype: maleldilreigns

Anywhere Illustrator & Concept Artists at Crony Games

illustrator & concept artists crony games anywhere artists looking for great talent for our in progress monster game. this is a full scale 3d monster arena fighter. have you ever wished to be able to creature beautiful monsters and see them come to life. well come on our way! it will be awesome to get your creations 3d modeled and animated. this world needs more awesome creatures and who else better to introduce the world to them than all you great talented artist out there. this game came out of passion for creatures and the love of indie development. we are here to bring another beautiful game to the world and at the same time make new connections and great friends. we currently run with a rev share pay format. mainly because game small or large always takes time and especially in indie groups, we're not giant companies paying tons of people. we're a group of people who came out of passion to create something awesome and go from there. if you love games and want to make something out of passion, this is our flow. everyone treats this project seriously but also as something to do on the side. this isn't a full time job to consume your day to day life. we believe that keeping things at ease and just contributing when possible has worked out the best so people are not stressing. this position will basically be creating thumbnail drawings of different creatures off the top of your head. this drawing phase is just totally open to people free form drawing all the stuff they would find cool as creatures. if you have a website or portfolio page any way we can see some art examples. that will be greatly appreciated.

Anywhere 3D Artist, Programmers, Animators, and Texture Artist needed at War Studio

3d artist, programmers, animators, and texture artist needed war studio anywhere artists we are developing projects called command and conquer renegade ii, a mod called bwtfgw and a mod called tiberian dawn for command and conquer 3 tiberium wars. you can see them here: we are looking for: 3d arist 3d character artist texture artist animators programmers to apply to join the studio read the following: you must have previous work shown in order to be accepted. you must have quick communication via steam, skype, teamspeak 3. explain why you want to join the studio. you must have also already have played the original command & conquer games and understand the story line of command & conquer. you must have knowledge of autodesk 3ds max and or blender. for coders: you must have knowledge of unreal development kit to apply. we are currently not accepting freelance applications this is a voluntary position only. if your application is accepted you will be given a list of projects that you can choose from to do your work. thank you.

Anywhere Concept Artist at Carnaval Game

concept artist carnaval game anywhere artists contact with job's skill requirements : steam greenlight page : 1 concept art : we are indie group include : 1 level designer 3 environmental modeller 1 junior environmental modeller 2 character artist 1 modeller 1 animator 3 programmer 5 concept artist 1 gui designer 1 junior community manager 2 music composer 2 quest writer we are searching concept artist gui designer web developer 3d artist (character and environmental) level designer map-terrain editor ai programmer particle efect designer texture artist community manager concept artist - concept artists will create 2d digital art renditions of various items to be recreated as 3d models for use in the game environment. they will be required to create various digital sketches (ink only), digital paintings (including color with minimal detail), and elaborate illustrations for promotional materials. they will be responsible for the creation of both organic and non-organic objects; including characters and environments. (reasonable knowledge of anatomy (characters) and structural design integrity (buildings/props), painting/illustrating, and general art concepts (basic artistic principles) are required.)

Anywhere 2D Artist at Play Entertainment

2d artist play entertainment anywhere artists description los angeles based game development studio play entertainment,, is looking for an artist capable of making digital concept art for the game we are currently working on. please apply if you have portfolio and also checkout the game responsibilities - generate concept and environment art. - create gui assets. - edit existing assets. - other photoshop work. requirements sketch or digital portfolio skills required - digital art, adobe photoshop +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ description los angeles based game development studio play entertainment,, is looking for an artist capable of making digital concept art for the game we are currently working on. please apply if you have portfolio and also checkout the game responsibilities - generate concept and environment art. - create gui assets. - edit existing assets. - other photoshop work. requirements sketch or digital portfolio skills required - digital art, adobe photoshop

Anywhere UE4 project - 3D Animators (last position) at tendogames

ue4 project - 3d animators (last position) tendogames anywhere artists who we are: tendo games is a indie team currently developing the video game, them & us. we are a team of young people passionate by video games and by art. each team member we work with is carefully selected for his works quality, having an experience from 5 to 10 years in there fields. for more info about team you can check here: what we do: game title: them & us genre: survival horror zombie games. gameplay: singleplayer (co-op later, but it will not include storyline) type: third person view / old school camera controller: full support platform: pc, for now engine: ue4 what we are looking for? the last past 2 weeks, 3 new programmers joined the team, we will need 2 more animators to work with us. right now we have lots of stuff ready to be placed in-game like 3d animations done by our current animators, weapons, weapons effects, enemy, sounds and many other. i hope this videos proves it: we have a strong talented team in the 3d art and design field but we could use more animators. that is why we need you. you will work creating animations for our main class zombie. requirements: 1. in depth experience about maya, 3d studio max, animation experience. 2. at least 1-2 years experience of 3d animation. 3. if you know also how to rig it will be a plus but is not required for this position. what we need: 1. serious people to work with, developers exited to work for them & us game, candidates that likes to create games and like games. all the people we are working with, are people dedicated to the game we are making. 2. experienced artists, to create high quality assets, and a great game. candidates should expect to take a small offsite test to see the dedication and skills. 3. individuals dedicated to the project, we ask you to be able to put at least 10 hours of work effort in a week, that will be like 2h a day to be able to progress with the work of the game we are doing. at least one animation done in one week of work. is this a paid job? the game we are working at is based on royalty, every staff member is going to be paid according to all the work he/she done as soon the game "will be ready and sold". we will send our project to epic games and also start a kickstarter campaign soon once we will have a good preview of the game, coding ready.

Anywhere Goldsource mod in need of Textures at Heath Games

goldsource mod in need of textures heath games anywhere artists i'm currently developing, and am halfway finished with a mod for half-life 1, called "half-rats: a fever dream". i need a few textures, however, to put the finishing touches on this mod. i won't need that many, so no sweat on that front. i'll just need some signs, posters, some scrolling and masked textures. i'll assume if you're answering this ad, that you have experience working with wally, are familiar with making wads specific to half-life's needs and are willing to work for free in the spirit of modders the world over. i will also provide you with some pictures that i'd like turned into hl1 textures. you can check the mod out here: i am unable to do this myself due to: a. lack of proper software. b. most importantly; no time to spare - since i've got the rest of the mapping, scripting and audio to do - and a plethora of other jobs and projects. i plan to release this mod on halloween 2015. you will get credit in the readme, and any links to your projects or business-related websites will be compounded there as well. the mod currently has 128 watchers, not counting non-registered moddb visitors - and i haven't released the demo yet! that is due next month!

Anywhere, Skype [Profit Share] Looking for an indie team for PvE survival game at Anywhere

[profit share] looking for an indie team for pve survival game anywhere anywhere, skype artists hello! my name is lindsey, and i am looking for an indie team to bring to life an awesome pve survival game! i got really tired of all the survival games out now being either single player, abandoned, or just being really bad. so i wanted to start a team to make a game that rocks! i want this to be a game kind of like 7 days to die but way more advanced. with more advanced crafting, cooking, forging and fighting. i'm not going to give away all of my ideas, but i have tons. the team will share profits, and hopefully get something up on a kickstarter page. i also hope to get this title greenlight and on steam. this will be a part time position, so you do not have to commit tons of time to it everyday. requirements: work well in a team have some experience in the position applying for must have stable internet must have skype if anyone is interested in joining the team, there are many positions available. 3d artists / modelers (able to do people, animals and items) concept artists unity programmers level designer sound production co-writer/help with ideas/co-director/co-community manager my position on the team is writer (also helps with ideas), director, community manager. i will also manage the kickstarter page and other things like steam greenlight, websites and official pages. if you have any questions please contact me through a pm on here, or preferably email me

Anywhere [Looking][Multiple Positions] Dark Medieval RPG at Anywhere

[looking][multiple positions] dark medieval rpg anywhere anywhere artists birmwood about the game genre: action rpg platform: pc / osx premise: birmwood is a dark medieval rpg with slavic inspiration. the game offers thoughts on the fate of a hero in fiction, the sacrifices he has to take and their impact, their consequences on his character. birmwood takes place in a fully custom fiction worked on for five years and features an in-depth lore. the game (not the fiction) is inspired by titles such as: gothic (1, 2), witcher (1, 2) and zelda. focusing on exploration and immersing the player in a rich setting. a great focus is laid on the player's interaction with the world and its inhabitants - not everything has to be killed and monsters have a greater reason to exist beyond filling the space. our goal our current goal is to make a 20 minutes demo to present to potential investors or for starting a kickstarter campaign, in order to get funding to complete the entire game and for team compensation. open positions - coders - level designers - 3d modellers - graphic artists those interested in joining or have any questions:

Anywhere | Skype 3D Character Artist at Demigod Studios

3d character artist demigod studios anywhere | skype artists demigod studios is looking for a skilled 3d character artist with knowledge of 3d studio max,maya,zbrush,mudbox or any other program for creating organic meshes. responsibilities: 1) be able to communicate with other members of the team 2) have the skill to propose new ideas and designs 3) be a good teammate and have positive attitude towards the others 4) accept positive criticism and be able to improve yourself 5) be able to communicate almost daily through skype required skills: 1) be able to create any kind of high or low polygon organic models depending on the situation 2) be able to apply textures and maps on the meshes you create 3) be flexible with priorities that are given desired (but not necessary) skills: 1) have previous experience with game development 2) have shipped 1 commercial title this position is with royalties and not full time job. therefore it is not imperative to live in athens since we will communicate and everything will be done through internet.

Anywhere 2D Artist - Pixel + Others {Paid} at Flat Frog Games

2d artist - pixel + others {paid} flat frog games anywhere artists hello indiedb we are a small team or programers and designers working on a few hobbie ideas at this stage. to help us prototype for a new idea we are posting this advert to try and find the below. so in short: i am on the search for a good pixel artist/ 2d artist to work on a small project. it is my hope to find someone dedicated and passionate about this art form. needs experience in creating sprite sheets/ assets for unity5 pixel animation is a big bonus. isometric pixel art - environment and characters historical context - victorian era game 19c the right candidate will have initiative, creativity and a drive for historical accuracy. good use of the english language is a must along with clear communication skills, primary form of communication will be email. i have other roles available as well but not currently advertising them, if you are an environment artist or a 3d modeler please feel free to get in touch as well. this is a paid position not royalties, details will be discussed with the applicants, however if you have an idea of what you should be paid for your work please do let me know outright.

Anywhere [Profit-Share] Artists at Inferno Games

[profit-share] artists inferno games anywhere artists inferno games is a newly started indie game dev team. so far we have two members. i don't have any degree or certificate for unity. so i don't expect you to. we will be developing this game in unity 5. i am looking for: [1] person for sound - filled [1] 3d modeler, it will be pretty basic models. we will discuss it more when you apply. [1] 3d animator [1] 2d artist, mainly for icons. [1 or 2] unity c# programers there will be no upfront pay. if the game gets good enough i will post it on kickstarter and probably steam greenlight. all of the profits will be split evenly between the team members. if you are just starting out go ahead and send me an email. the only requirements are: - stable internet - at least 16 years old - know english - hard working and determined obviously if you do the work of two team members you will get 2 times the share of the profits. please noone over the age of 25. i want our team to consist of people around the same age. just send me an email and i will reply as soon as possible. i work nights at a local hotel and don't have stable internet at my house so i will probably be replying from 11pm - 7am gmt -06:00.

Anywhere [ROYALTIES] UE4 SWORDS ARENA Project looking for Graphic designer and other tale at DreamTeam

[royalties] ue4 swords arena project looking for graphic designer and other tale dreamteam anywhere artists project title: swords duels arena (real title will probably change) intro: hi ! i introduce my self, i'm a 39yo french man use to work as it engineer windows/vmware/citrix. i'm looking for team mates to create a game project and here how it works, we get no paid but if the game is finished and commercialised we share the profits.[/color] description: the game is only a 1 map roma arena style very well designed and details. it's a 1 vs 1 player combat tournament in third person view. only one class,skill,character style will be available. each player will have a 2 hand melee sword (or sword and shield is to discuss about it) the combat is face to face like zelda u64 style. (make the character realistic or toony is one of the subects to discuss) it's possible to parry, hit in different directions, kick hit with low damage but push back oponement, flip back left right, special attack and combo. it's a multiplayer game so it will have some lobbies with different categories, novice, expert, etc... the other players will be added in queue and can watch the combat a bit like counter strike style, they sit in the spectator arena seats and here a great idear come with but i'll tell you when you will be a team mate. when a player loose, a waiting player remplace him and all will be ranked with statistics and so on, even on web platform if possible. off course more maps,class,skills,weapons,characters,bonus items,options, etc... can be added much later, but 1st thing 1st... make it simple we can maybe sell add on or we can discuss this point later. includes: innovative gameplay. innovative character controls. tense atmosphere. multi-player. third person view point. oculus rift support. (if it's possible) multi platform (if it's possible) great details. blood or non blood option. epic music. etc... team structure: myself: i got many idears and i'm very open to include your idears as well. i can build the website, take care of it network problems. find informations to help us. buy assets if needed, rent a server. i got some skills in video and audio montage, 2d basic retouch, cinema 4d (basic 3d modeling) basic understanding of blue print, i'm actually following tutorials and start a paper2d game, my 2d character can run left, right, double jump with sound, crouch, and platform moving, and make killer zone with hp life bar all of that made 1 week, nearly same work on unity5. well i'm multi task and i'm doing the animation of the 3d character until we find some one. oximusprime : programmer c++/blueprint (free slots are still open for this to help him, specialy in networking stuff) icompose : music composer and sound designer very need: 3d character designer and animator very need: programmer network oriented to make interface with ue4 and web and other features. need: shader specialist clothes specialist need: 3d artist, arena designer(i can help) and character designer. 3d swords and other weapon designer specialist. need: other talents, feel free to ask then we talk about it. contact and more informations : please contact me on this post or on the message system of i do lot of prospection on many forum so it's possible i will see you message late here.

UK or Online 2D sprite artist / animator for Gothic Metroidvania at IAO Games

2d sprite artist / animator for gothic metroidvania iao games uk or online artists 'rufanzia' (working title) is a non-linear 2d platformer / metroidvania, set in a world of gothic adventure. i'm currently seeking a sprite artist with 2d animation skills. this would be a good position for a confident beginner with some experience of non-pixel art sprites. compensation will be based on how we decide to market and sell the game, right now donationware looks like a good option, if we do decide to crowdfund, a split of this can be arranged to cover expenses and time. team structure: myself - environment art, code. you - 2d animated sprites. progress: pre-alpha, but with a stable prototype than includes all gameplay elements, simply lacking finished non-pc sprites (currently using placeholders). the game itself: *retro action-platformer with light rpg elements. *dark and bizarre atmosphere but not a horror game, achieved through art style, architectural level design and sound. *real-time combat with a wide range of melee' weapons, black powder guns and element-based magic. *non-linear approach to progression, player choices set the pace and outcome of events, includes sub-quests and some backtracking to unlock new areas. *power-ups that rewards exploration rather than repetitive grinding. *cross platform, though the magic of html5 & node.js brief: the focus will be on enemy and npc sprites. each enemy will require one set of move frames, one set of attack frames and one set for taking damage. npc's need one movement strip and one basic action set which differs depending on their type. style is non-pixel art, so more of a painterly approach with blending and soft edges.

Anywhere [ROYALTY] looking for Texture Artists and Riggers! at Pixel Planet - Desolation

[royalty] looking for texture artists and riggers! pixel planet - desolation anywhere artists our team is looking for creative texture artists and riggers to assist in the development and promotion of a third person, open-world science fiction game. as of now, we are already a few months into the developmental process and are hoping to add more team members to help bring this unique project to life. we have a friendly team. here are some samples of what we've done so far: i hope these images peek your interest! if you'd like to see more please contact us! project title: desolation description: after crash landing on planet ophion, the player must navigate through an open world hell-bent on destroying any trace of humanity. life on ophion is not merely determined by the player’s ability to survive but also in their capacity to make the right decisions in the face of danger. the game features: - open world multiplayer - crafting system - narrative-driven storyline (dialogue tree that influences game’s outcome) - companion system - fluid and dynamic combat - multiple in-game mysteries and rewards talent required: texture artist: responsible for working with other artists in texturing in-game assets experience in uv mapping recommended character and item rigger: responsible for rigging props, characters and other in-game assets thank you for taking the time to read our post. if you feel like you’re up to the task be sure to send us an e-mail with a sample of your work if applicable. we look forward to hearing from you!

Anywhere 3D UV/Texture Artists Needed for '3D Battle & Puzzle' Game at Onami

3d uv/texture artists needed for '3d battle & puzzle' game onami anywhere artists (please note that this offer is for royalties only. each member accepted gets a percentage of any profits made. contact for details.) hi, my name is ben and i'm a professional games developer working for a large games company abroad. in my free time i am also an independent developer. my work is my hobby. i am also the lead developer for onami games. onami games is an independent group of 8 developers/artists currently just a couple of months away from an ios release. each member of our team is highly skilled. our team is currently looking for talented 3d texture artists to join our group and share in our success. there's plenty of work over the next couple of months, mainly to do with uv & texturing characters and environment models. the game being worked on is a puzzler with 3d battle game. of course, accepted members will be able to play the prototype. if you have any of the following experience, please feel free to contact me via the email address below. 3d model uv and texturing unity3d experience (not required) shaders (not required)

Anywhere [Royalty] [Unity] 3D Character and Environmental Modelers Needed at PhyNXT Interactive

[royalty] [unity] 3d character and environmental modelers needed phynxt interactive anywhere artists project in brief: our project is a fantasy action rpg with steampunk-y dwarves, aztec inspired elves, and tons of other uniquely characterized races (including plans for some ‘ayyyy lmao’ aliens, somewhere down the line!). the game is planned to span seven diverse worlds, so this will be a project spanning several years of development. i don’t want to give away too much of what we have planned, but the aim of the game is to avoid the standard fetch quest rpgs i’m sure we’ve all had the pleasure of playing. we want to accomplish this by developing very immersive, lore-heavy quests and sadistic boss battles that have players fearing for their lives well into the endgame. currently we are designing a prison with population control in mind -- several team members have compared the concept we're going with to deadman wonderland, and they're not far off! the player will likely begin their journey in this prison and look to escape to the mainland where they'll be greeted early on by the threat of looming war with the beastmen of the eastern empire, baskeir (hence the name!). beyond this, the plot deals with a missing king and gods who aren't really all that 'godly'. all the while, the player is pretty incidental to things going on, but gains friends along the way to define their position in the grand scheme of it all. needed: we need extra talent to pull off such a grandiose game concept, that’s where you guys (hopefully) come in! let’s be privy here, we need a dedicated 3d character modeler guru and a dedicated environmental modeler. we don’t care about lack of experience or anything like that, honestly, if you’re willing to give us your best, learn when you need to, and effectively communicate with the team, we’re willing to work with you. we’re working with unity 5, so clearly foreknowledge of unity is useful, although not strictly required for artists and designers. assets: · ability to effectively communicate and cooperate with team members · general knowledge of your area of expertise/interest · willingness and ability to learn on the fly and from mistakes · dependability and ability to meet strict deadlines · ability to come up with crazy over-the-top ideas and run with them · confidence in your creative ability to implement aforementioned ideas · ability to create a high or low poly sculpted model · ability to create a low poly mesh for it with good topology · knowledge of baking the normal and ao maps · painting knowledge (not totally necessary) · rigging knowledge · weight painting knowledge game status: as of today, we are in pre-alpha development. we have a lot of the framework out of the way and we're working on the game's start environment and implementing a day/night cycle. about the team: project lead: aj (me) i coordinate departmental interactions and ensure everyone's on the same page. when i'm not doing that, i'm usually bugging everyone (checking in) or working with whoever happens to need help at the time. programming department: - walker: walker is our lead programmer and currently studying game design at the university of nevada. - christian: christian has oodles of experience programming over a wide range of languages. a noteworthy past project of his was a jrpg engine. art department: - jacob: jacob is our art lead and one of our concept artists. his work speaks for itself -- we're convinced he's a witch his art is so good! - cara: our other concept artist. she's been on the team a few weeks now and she adds her own creative twist to the art direction. - maddy: our dedicated animator. maddy's been on board as long as cara and we've been really impressed by her work thus far! - ian: mechanical engineer by day, 3d modeler by, well, usually by day too, but it sounds cooler to say by night! - hiro: one of our level designers with a flare for sadistic level design! - brandon: not just another level designer, our cityscape master! writer: strixie: strixie is the man with fingers that never rest and dedication to name every rock in game. need i say more? music: humberto: we weren't planning to have an ice cave in game until humberto presented us with an unexpected ice cave track, suffice it to say, he's that good.

Anywhere Logo Designer, 3D Artist/Unwrapper, Programmer, Texture Artist, Concept Artist at Firestorm Productions

logo designer, 3d artist/unwrapper, programmer, texture artist, concept artist firestorm productions anywhere artists tiberian dawn: the first strike is a free, standalone, first-person shooter based on westwood studios' real time strategy, command & conquer. the goal is to re-create all of the units, weapons, and structures from the original game, and present them in an epic base-oriented environment on the beautiful unreal engine 4. you can view our page here: logo designer we are looking for individuals who are capable of creating logos for our game, our company, and our website. 3d artist, unwrapper we are looking for individuals who are capable of creating 3d models and/or preparing 3d models for texturing and/or animation. programmer we are looking for individuals who can help create the backbone of our game. the game is going to be on unreal engine 4 so experience with c++ is required. texture artist we are looking for someone who can texture models that have been unwrapped and/or unwrap them if they are not already. concept artist we are looking for individuals who can take references from the original command & conquer and make them into concepts that can be more easily used by our 3d artists. please keep in mind that we are not accepting freelance applications. this is an excellent opportunity to improve your overall skill and expand your portfolio for use in future applications. you will be appropriately credited for any of your works that we use. if your application is accepted then you will be given all the time that you deem necessary to complete your project, but a weekly check in is required unless an acceptable reason is given. help make our dream and reality and bring a true tiberian dawn experience to the fps world! thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to working with you! sincerely, bfranx and the firestorm productions team

USA Need to complete my team! at GamersMark

need to complete my team! gamersmark usa artists looking to complete my team. right now i have a base building rpg started. only problem is, only thing i'm really good at is programming. all profits divided evenly. i use the unity 3d engine to build my games. positions open (but not limited to): - audio designer - 3d modeler(filled) - animator - assistant programmer (javascript preferred. no penalty for c#) i'm also looking for a web designer to create a website for gamersmark. all positions have 100% freedom of what they produce for the game as long as it fits in the genre. no set hours. work as much or as little as you want. no dead lines, no due dates. must be self motivated. you don't have to be an expert or even close to expert in any of these fields to join gamersmark. can be as professional or as laid back as you want. wanna come to a meeting wearing a t-shirt and jeans? why not! we should meet at least every 2 weeks on skype just to pull what we have done together and through around some more ideas. not required to join in on the meetings but is recommended. all work will be submitted to me as you get it done via email. the games we make are a team effort. no one is more important then another. if you love making games, email me (tyler schultz) at as you can tell i'm not too formal myself. make sure to include what position you are applying for in the subject of the email. let's make a game! tyler

Anywhere Artists Needed for Fantasy MMO Dev at Flickarau Studios

artists needed for fantasy mmo dev flickarau studios anywhere artists important [read]: this project is 100% volunteer-based, there is no monetary compensation. you benefit from experience gained, portfolio work, and working towards the creation of what will hopefully be a good example for the free-to-play mmo world. our indiedb page is located here. flickarau studios is seeking artists to assist in the development and creation of our fantasy mmorpg currently in development titled: "the sovereign world project." *concept artists* will start bringing plans and rough modeled ideas come to life for the 3d artists to then replicate for the game, and craft artwork for use on indiedb, the website, and in-game (such as paintings found in houses in the game or loading screens.) *3d artists* should be able to build a model from scratch, uv it, and texture it to our specifications. we are currently focusing on: - characters - hard surfaces (objects, environment, etc.) - weapons (swords, bows, etc.) *animators* will be able to take the models that are created by the 3d modelers and make them come to life, animations are an important part of the social aspect of this game, so animators are very important! *texture artists* will create all of the textures for every surface in the game. again, these artists are very important, as unique and well-made textures easily define the feeling of the game.

Anywhere Recruiting Concept Artists for UE4 Game at Anywhere

recruiting concept artists for ue4 game anywhere anywhere artists hello everybody, my name is evan. a few friends and i have begun development on a new game (details below). currently, we are in the pre-alpha stage and primarily working on fleshing out concepts and establishing a code base. before we begin full-scale recruitment for various kind of developers, we are in need of a couple of concept artists to assist us in conceptualizing environments, assets and characters. obviously, as the game is so early in its development, we currently cannot promise compensation; however, we do plan to retail the game upon its completion. in the event of full retail, compensation will be provided through royalty payment. royalty agreements / contracts will be provided upon request. here are a few notes about the game to pique your interest: game details: built with unreal engine 4 medieval fantasy setting darksouls-esque combat varied characters with different playstyles simplistic and painterly art style to reiterate, we are looking for two concept artists who would like a new project to work on in their free time. if you are interested in joining the team please contact me via this email: in your email please include a resume and portfolio. thanks, evan.

Anywhere Needing a 3D Artist for a TPS Horror Game at Red Watch Studio's

needing a 3d artist for a tps horror game red watch studio's anywhere artists in very early works, on our new horror game. looking for character artist to create characters from concept. you must be able to model the character, unwrap, and texture maps unfortunately we cannot pay right now, but you get credit. i can promise you that. requirements: - you will need to lead a group of artists through the project. - you will need to communicate with the other people in the team the progress that is being made. - the ability to have a creative input into the design of the game. - they must be committed to the project. we decide to use the unreal 4 engine. shooting for a aaa looking title. if you think you are the person to help us create this amazing horror experience. send us an email. *****wanting to be apart of the team?******** we would like you to work with us, if you like. this will be an amazing indie title. we wanted to bring this idea to life, and for the gamers to play this intense experience. just email us, and i'll fill you in on our idea. the goal is to create the best game possible while having fun doing it. if you have any other skills, you would like to help us in. please say you're interest in the email. hope to see you soon! -red watch studios

Anywhere [ForeverMMO] Concept Artist at ForeverGameStudios

[forevermmo] concept artist forevergamestudios anywhere artists we here at forevergamestudios are looking for a talented concept artist that is good at working as a part of a team. we are looking for people that are talented at both environmental concept art as well as asset art giving a good guide for the 3d modeling team to work from and should be usable for public release. you must be able to produce quick pieces of work just to generate ideas and then be able to finalize and polish the pieces. the project will be to make an mmorpg. as many people will agree this is a huge undertaking so we will be starting small and then releasing the small version and then should interest become apparent then we will begin to expand. **note. this is an unpaid position as we will only be splitting the profits if there are any. tbd at a later date.** requirements: - you will need to lead a group of artists through the project. - you will need to communicate with the other people in the team the progress that is being made. - the ability to have a creative input into the design of the game. - they must be committed to the project (not all your time but a few hours a week).

Anywhere Looking for Character Designers, Story Writers, 3-D Modelers, etc. at Anywhere

looking for character designers, story writers, 3-d modelers, etc. anywhere anywhere artists i've been attempting to work on a game project for quite a while but haven't gotten anything done because of my inability to make a decent character or model it. i also don't have any idea for a story-line. right now, these are my biggest problems. i have other problems to deal with, such as lack of programming skills, but i'd prefer to start on the characters and story first before worrying myself with everything else. i'm looking for anyone with at least some experience with the previously listed. i'll accept any help i can get, no matter how small it is. if you do apply, please give me examples of your work so i know what to expect. if you are to apply, there must be a way for us to stay in contact easily. i'd recommend that you use skype. if you don't use skype, an alternative, such as tumblr, will work. unfortunately, i must be vague about the details about the project because i don't really have anything done, nor do i have many ideas for the project. i'll try to make any updates whenever i get something done.

Anywhere 2D Artists at Camper Studios

2d artists camper studios anywhere artists hi! my online pseudo-name is endless. i have a programming experience of 4 years (1.5 years since i have started game programming). a couple of months ago, me( the lead programmer ) and a friend of mine ( scripter ), decided to team up to create a small "gaming studio". since then we could only create playable games, but without graphics because we don`t have in our team a 2d artist. so, long story short. right now we are working on a 2d sandbox ( basically a orthographic terraria/minecraft) and we desperately need an artist. you don`t have to be a proffesional, we are really looking into amateurs. if you are going to reach us via email, please answer us to this questions. + are you able to draw both orthographic and isometric. + are you familiarized with pixel art? + have you ever worked on a game before? ( experience is not needed ). - don`t forget to send us some of yours artworks. about the payment, we are an indie studio, so we don`t have any funds, but when our project hits the alpha stage, we are going to post it to kickstarter. thanks for your time.

Remote [Rev-share] 2D Concept Artist for Indie RPG at Starboard Games LLC

[rev-share] 2d concept artist for indie rpg starboard games llc remote artists starboard games llc is an indie gaming studio comprised of highly professional and friendly people. we are looking for talented and dedicated artists to join us on our project int ( we are in need of a 2d concept artist to design and develop concept images based on text descriptions. the 2d artist will follow instructions from the devteam lead and the project lead in creation of assets. mandatory attributes: • must be familiar with image creation software such as adobe photoshop and gimp. • have knowledge of creating digital 2d work for video and print. • able to create various orthographic view of an item. • willing to follow explicit instructions and make changes where needed. preferred: • be an avid gamer, have played a wide collection of games from various genres. we offer profit-sharing from crowd-funding and sales revenue generated to compensate team members who spend 15-20 hours per week on company projects and meet starboard games deadlines. compensation models may be discussed during subsequent interviews. we thank you for your time and are looking forward to hearing from you! john s hr lead starboard games llc

Anywhere Looking for housing/environmental concept artists and modelers! Natures Wanderer at Green Thumb Studios

looking for housing/environmental concept artists and modelers! natures wanderer green thumb studios anywhere artists hey guys and gals, one quick side note, read the full thing before you apply. thanks :) we are currently looking for housing/environmental concept artists and modelers! texturing skill is not required but appreciated! there is more info below as far as requirements go. this is the games style: is the art style, look further down the gallery to see more for texture and model style) the art style does not have to be the same as seen in the art it can be what ever you wish but your art should be able to portray details of the piece needed when it comes to housing or characters or even props. intro: “your gateway to another world populated by knights, monsters, kings and princesses... with science. honestly, yes,science. well a faction of which is science, the rest is your dull medieval age. no, no, it's a matter of opinion. don't judge me. look, it's a game based off your rpg fantasies. you have your typical character, he or she will be able to explore this new land of which you have been recruited to fight for a specific faction of which there are two main ones. no, whatever you are thinking do not dare say it is cliché. wow, you just did. fine. i see how it is, then we will throw in a moral compass twist to see which is really morally right, for your likes anyway, and see who is the evil ones or good. again... just throwing out that it is your opinion to whom you wish to side and choose what you want to do. enjoy in your little reading and ogling at the pictures.” – sincerely the voice inside your head!?!? story: a world drowned in darkness, kingdoms lie in ruin, while others prosper from evil deeds. where experimentation has gone very very wrong and created even darker abominations. the woods are thick the desert empty. it needs help. that is where you come in, the wanderer. will you make this land a wonder, will you drag it down even deeper or will you work for yourself while you survive this nightmare? craft your way to the top, make potions that will murder or heal! mine and gather the toughest materials for the toughest armour. hunt the rare and mythical creatures that lurk in the world. cook magnificent meals to survive or just buy take outs… treat yourself to some outdoor camping with your player built tents and equipment. become a hero of the people by helping them. become the wanted man by harming them. purchase kingdoms and rule over your people, be just or be the tyrant. much more awaits you, in nature’s wanderer! about the game: nature’s wanderer is an open world / survival / adventure / rpg. what is special about this game you ask? we will have no magic in the game it is based on player skill and the different professions, the player has to work around a reputation system that will decide how much gold he makes form quests based on how well he did something or who he decided to help in the quest or how much was destroyed while guarding something, you will also have to choose which side of this world you believe is correct, the philanthians who strive for freedom and righteousness but are conquers and work in the shadows or the donsmoke who do anything they want while torturing people but also trying to take back their home land! artwork style: cartoony, stylized, and very colorful. game system: based on a player block and dodge system, there is no auto-parrying and blocking everything is manual. if you miss an attack it will not do damage, also if you just graze an enemy it will not do the same amount of damage it will do less. what we look for from people: basic requirements: must be 18 years of age or older due to legal contracts, send in your cv / resume when applying for the fields wanted, should be fluent in english as well as accustomed to using skype and dropbox. c# programmers: knowledge of unity commands for c# is required we are looking for people that have worked with unity before and can work at a good pace with a goal for kick-starter. 2d ui and hud artist: someone that is looking to create a new and interesting ui or try new aspects of creating a games ui. concept artist: can do concept art for either environment and housing or monsters and npc's 3d modelers: this is very flexible. if you can texture your work cool... if not that's fine. we are looking for people in all 3d modelling areas. texture artist: should be used to working in a hand painted / cartoon style as you saw in the links below and above. being able to unwrap your models and very basic knowledge of modelling and fixing them is required! animators/riggers: can efficiently create rigs fit for unity's humanoid system or create fluid animations that look good! you can find art and screen shots of the game here:

Anywhere [ROYALTY] Weapon Modeler [UE4] at Oldsports Game Studios

[royalty] weapon modeler [ue4] oldsports game studios anywhere artists hello mates we are looking for a very good weapon modeler for our first person shooter with a very dark and detailed story. if you are amateur but have a professional attitude, please contact us. about the game: electroshift™ is a first person shooter set in an post apocaliptic world, inside the city of paris while maintaining a noir/retro atmosphere. when one of the most brilliant men, aton tesla, had the bright idea to protect the city from the rest of the world, the definition of justice lost its meaning while the noble forces took over control with an alternative power source. compensation: royalties team structure: project lead: luiz gustavo creative director: alexander nestoratos sound designer: thomas frost we are expecting 4-6 hours a week for 6-8 months. we have all the documentation ready, including the schedule. + requirements: - good english communication - report at least twice on week - some experience with autodesk maya or 3ds max or blender - good eye for details, like different metals and surfaces - experience with low-high poly 3d modeling - communicate by skype at least twice per week - team player + studio:

Anywhere [ROYALTY] Character Modeler [UE4] at Oldsports Game Studios

[royalty] character modeler [ue4] oldsports game studios anywhere artists hello mates we are looking for good character modeler for our first person shooter with a very dark and detailed story. if you are amateur but have a professional attitude, please contact us. about the game: electroshift™ is a first person shooter set in an post apocaliptic world, inside the city of paris while maintaining a noir/retro atmosphere. when one of the most brilliant men, aton tesla, had the bright idea to protect the city from the rest of the world, the definition of justice lost its meaning while the noble forces took over control with an alternative power source. compensation: royalties team structure: project lead: luiz gustavo creative director: alexander nestoratos sound designer: thomas frost we are expecting 4-6 hours a week for 6-10 months. we have all the documentation ready, including the schedule. + requirements: - good english communication - report at least twice on week - some experience with autodesk maya or 3ds max - good body and armor perception, specially for details - experience with low-high poly 3d modeling - communicate by skype at least twice per week - team player + studio:

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