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Source SDK Maya SMD Import/Export hero_kenshin hero_kenshin - read

Feb 20 2014, 8:52pm

The time it takes to create a character model Eric1992 masternerdguy - read

Feb 5 2014, 9:30pm

Need your help about Texturing model and animation janua The_splat - read

Feb 5 2014, 10:42am

Simple 3D sashak SabreXT - read

Jan 29 2014, 7:38pm

Need Image References of a Swivel Chair GamerWolfOps GamerWolfOps - read

Jan 27 2014, 7:53am

Texturing Needed Buliaras Buliaras - read

Jan 23 2014, 9:00am

Developing Heart & Slash, a fast paced 3D brawler game Heart&Slash Heart&Slash - read

Jan 16 2014, 11:02am

M4 with animations shubham331 shubham331 - read

Jan 14 2014, 10:39pm

help please Hav0xz Hav0xz - read

Jan 12 2014, 7:37pm

New Modeler to the forum emanuel_palalic Yldrania - read

Jan 12 2014, 1:25pm

ReV looking for Freelance 3d Modeller Heffernan Heffernan - read

Jan 9 2014, 3:26pm

Looking for 3D Modelers & Animators for UDK Doom project kwstasg kwstasg - read

Dec 29 2013, 11:08am

3D modeler and animator. Looking for a paid position. cgruss cgruss - read

Dec 28 2013, 10:21pm

Vector graphics competition awarded at 450 Euro for the best graphic milipanzer2007 ambershee - read

Dec 27 2013, 7:55am

Indie game Needs A 3D Modeler and Animator andrnick7 andrnick7 - read

Dec 25 2013, 8:33pm

Looking for Blender Modeling and Texturing guides TheOfficialOat myfayt - read

Dec 24 2013, 10:44am

Need a monorail for Deus Ex bleenko bleenko - read

Dec 23 2013, 5:17pm

3d Model Designer needed for Sins of a Solar Empire:Rebellion KOG'S Law Mod ZTT1997 ZTT1997 - read

Dec 18 2013, 9:29am

Looking for 3D Props / Character Modelling Ian50028 Ian50028 - read

Dec 14 2013, 11:01am

3ds max skin modifier distorting and/or re-translating mesh. mikejkelley rbx775 - read

Dec 11 2013, 5:38pm

A little guidance Masoneh Masoneh - read

Dec 11 2013, 11:04am

[Paid: Name your price] Looking for modellers for SFM project. fourtimesultimate The_splat - read

Dec 1 2013, 1:47am

recruit animators and modelers [unpaid] championstefan championstefan - read

Nov 29 2013, 5:19am

Artist Looking For Active Mod Team 3D_JUNKIE Yldrania - read

Nov 28 2013, 8:21pm

Warhammer Mod for Warband looking for props modeler ! Horla Horla - read

Nov 26 2013, 8:59pm


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