Main features

  • Portable
    SFML compiles on standard platforms like Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista) and Unix systems (Linux, Mac OS X). As the library grows up, support for more operating systems will be added.
  • Object-oriented
    SFML is written in C++ and provides an efficient, object-oriented design. It relies on standard patterns and idioms to provide a simple and robust framework.
  • Easy to use
    SFML aims at being easy to manipulate. Effort is put on internal code to provide the simplest public interface.
  • Flexible
    Instead of being one big API, SFML rather contains a lot of small packages, that can be chosen and combined according to the intended usage. You can use only the base package to get input and windowing, as well as the full graphics package with sprites and post-effects.
  • Easily integrable
    SFML can be used in one or more windows, and/or can be integrated in existing interface components. Integration with existing graphical user interface (GUI) libraries is easy, so that you can add SFML views into complex interfaces built with Qt, wxWidgets, MFC or whatever.


  • C++
  • C
  • .Net (C#, VB.Net, C++/CLI, ...)
  • Python
  • D
  • Ruby


  • Portable and accurate time measurement
  • Simple and object oriented threads and mutexes
  • Unicode module for proper conversions between UTF and locale-dependant encodings


  • Can be used as a minimal, portable package to replace GLUT or SDL for windowing and input with OpenGL
  • Can create several rendering windows
  • Can be integrated into components of existing Qt / MFC / wxWidgets / Win32 / X11 / ... interfaces
  • Provides both a message-based and a real-time interface for handling input
  • Can handle mouses with up to 5 buttons
  • Can handle four joysticks with up to 7 axes and 32 buttons


  • Interfaces very easily with OpenGL (see OpenGL samples)
  • Modern effects available and hardware-accelerated : alpha-blending, rotations, shaders, ...
  • Manages memory efficiently, so that you don't have to worry about resources lifetime or storage ; you can even load your graphical resources before any window is created
  • Can load and save standard image formats : bmp, dds, jpg, png, tga, psd
  • Can load all graphics resources directly from files in memory
  • Can use views like in a 3D scene, to zoom / translate / rotate the whole world
  • Uses a simplified shader language for adding real-time post-effects
  • Easy manipulation of graphical text through bitmap fonts
  • Supports unicode characters
  • Can load standard font file formats : ttf, cff, pcf, fnt, bdf, pfr, sfnt, type 1, type 42


  • Uses hardware acceleration whenever possible
  • Can load and save standard sound formats : ogg, wav, flac, aiff, au, raw, paf, svx, nist, voc, ircam, w64, mat4, mat5 pvf, htk, sds, avr, sd2, caf, wve, mpc2k, rf64
  • Can load all audio resources directly from files in memory
  • 3D sound spacialization
  • Easy interface for capturing audio
  • Manages memory efficiently, so that you don't have to worry about resources lifetime or storage
  • Supports streaming for big files ; you can even write your custom streaming class for any source (network, ...)
  • Supports multi-channels formats (mono, stereo, 4.0, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1)


  • Implements a portable layer over TCP and UDP sockets
  • Easy data transfers through stream-based extensible packets
  • Classes to use the HTTP and FTP internet protocols
  • View media
  • View media
  • View media
  • View media
  • View media
  • View media
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Hi all, we're Isa and Tizian, the developers of Cendric and we wanted to give you a short overview of the game.

Cendric is developed in C++ using the multimedia library SFML. We are developing the game in our free time since Spring 2015. Cendric is open source and you can read more about its development process on the SFML forum.


You play as Cendric, a young mage who has lost his memory and wakes up alone in a forest of a strange land. Soon, he realizes that an evil curse was cast upon him and that he has not only friends in this world...


The gameplay of Cendric consists of two main parts. As the title already suggests, the game is a RPG as well as a platformer. The RPG part happens on the map, where Cendric can walk around, talk with NPCs, trade and accept quests. At certain places, he is able to enter levels, which are played in a sidescroller perspective. In the platformer part, he is able to fight against different enemies and bosses, collect items, solve quests and puzzles.


Cendric is able to learn several different spells on his adventurous journey. Some spells are needed to solve puzzles and to change his environment. For example, he can freeze water with an iceball, move a lever with telekinesis or shift certain blocks with a wind gust.

Spells are modifiable with special gems found in the game. A duration gem may increase the lifespan of a summoned creature, for example, and with a count gem, Cendric can shoot up to four fireballs at once.



The player will have to choose one of three guilds where he can join. The choice of a guild influences some parts of the story, the spells which can be learned and which quests can be solved.



Cendric can wear different equipment throughout the game, which he can buy from merchants or find in levels. The equipment will influence the stats of the player, such as resistances, damage, health and cooldown.

merchant 2Image 2


The game is influenced by the Gothic series by Piranha Bytes and Dark Souls.

Pre-alpha Releases

You can find the latest pre-alpha releases on Github.

Re:creation dev log. January-February 2016. Better art, sounds

Re:creation dev log. January-February 2016. Better art, sounds

Re:creation 3 comments

Two months have passed since the last dev log. I had lots of time to work on the game and here’s what I’ve managed to work on... Cutscenes, Lua/C...

Progress update (January 2016)

Progress update (January 2016)

Re:creation 2 comments

Redrawn lots of art, cutscene system, items that you can pick up!

Re:creation dev log. 2015. The most productive year yet

Re:creation dev log. 2015. The most productive year yet

Re:creation 6 comments

I talk about the stuff I've done in 2015. It has been a great year!

Add game Games
Deer Portal

Deer Portal


A hybrid of board and card game where your goal is to transform yourself into a Deer. Play a duel with computer or your family / friends.

Racod's Lair

Racod's Lair

Hack 'n' Slash

Racod, scourge for mankind, escaped to its lair to regenerate for his next decade of terror. You and your brave fellows are willed to find and defeat...

Historical Blocks

Historical Blocks


A simple game about historical places in the world 24 levels from 24 countries in puzzle genre




Cendric is a 2D RPG Platformer game in which players explore a world by completing levels and quests. The player moves through the world on a 2D map and...




Re:creation is an action adventure game where you play as an undead knight. You can kill enemies and then control them with your ghost to use their abilities...

Sky Is Not The Limit

Sky Is Not The Limit


Simple Arcade Game made on SFML C++ Flying, achieving, competing

Gemstone Keeper

Gemstone Keeper


Gemstone Keeper is a 2D topdown dungeon crawler where you explore caves and caverns, defending yourself against the creatures that reside and go as deep...

No Man Left Behind

No Man Left Behind

Real Time Tactics

Ilse Ellinger is a paramedic, sent out to help those who have been injured by the enemy. Using her resources she fights a battle against time to save...




Strigiformes - The fate of the forest rests on the wings of a tiny hero Open world platformer game where you take the role as a small owl on a big mission...




A Snowboard game where you cand ride randomly generated maps. Select the start point of the mountain and play freeride, race and flag modes.


SFML the best engine to develop games for desktop.

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Creator`s of this site could add Library Used or anything like that to the Profile of game, so that game developers can make credits to the library they are using!

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SFML is not an ENGINE!!!
SFML is a free multimedia C++ API that provides you low and high level access to graphics, input, audio, etc... !!!

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