The I-Novae Engine is currently under development by I-Novae Studios. We've been developing a game engine that can create massive playable areas, real world scale planets, starsystems and galaxies. Providing developers with the tools to create rich and diverse universes. The Engine and tools are being built alongside the development of "Infinity: Battlescape," our first title to fully utilize the I-Novae Engine.

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Terrain, physics, rings and motion blur.

Infinity: The Quest for Earth Movies 15 comments

A new video showing off the ball physics and collisions, the planetary terrain (it's using one big tiling texture and it has some vertex popping...

Gas Giant ring

Infinity: The Quest for Earth Movies 4 comments

This video shows the procedural placement of asteroids in a gas giant ring. Keep in mind that this is WIP and it's just per-vertex lighting with...

Silverbow and rain

Infinity: The Quest for Earth Movies 2 comments

A short video made in the AseToBin showing off the Silverbow(spaceship) in all its glory and a nice rain effect.

Infinity Combat Prototype 2.1(Fixed)

Infinity: The Quest for Earth Full Version 21 comments

This is a new working version of the Infinity combat prototype version 2.1. Apologies to all of those that downloaded the corrupt file.

Spuk's outpost

Infinity: The Quest for Earth Movies

Spuk's outpost showing off the small station made by Spuk. Generic textures, no skybox/background, it's a bit plain, but it shows HDRI + dynamic...

City video

Infinity: The Quest for Earth Movies

City video ( 45.8 MB, Divx5 ) showing off the city and a few models. Stannum's buildings, Shawn's city dome, CutterJohn's Intrepid, and...

Combat Prototype trailer

Infinity: The Quest for Earth Movies

This is the winning trailer from the Infinity community 'trailer contest', made by Kaboom22. The Infinity Combat Prototype (latest version...

Infinity combat prototype 1.0

Infinity: The Quest for Earth Full Version 11 comments

The Infinity Combat Prototype (latest version: 1.0) is a standalone game that has been released and improved upon the past months, as a way to test many...

Space Station video

Infinity: The Quest for Earth Movies

We made a new video to show off the space station interior. This video, unlike the previous ones, was taken in the combat prototype meaning that the shaders...

Space combat prototype video

Infinity: The Quest for Earth Movies 5 comments

First gameplay movie from the space combat prototype of Infinity. As with all our media, this is a work in progress and of course subject to change closer...

Infinity Space Fly-by video

Infinity: The Quest for Earth Movies 12 comments

This is a Mod Database exclusive preview of Infinity: The Quest for the Earth, showcasing the seamless transitions from space stations to the surface...

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