In a country by the name of "Roxivia", there is a long drawn out war with their neighbouring country "Averon". Neither country is really labelled the "Bad guys", they just have opposing views and such. Any ways, the Roxivian general, General Gallus, wants to get a head up on Averon, so he sends people in search of the "Mask of Fear". It's an artefact, 1000s of years old, and it had been said to Instil fear in the enemies of those who possess it. Typically he sees this to be a way to win the war. After months of searching, a team of archaeologists uncovers it for him, and without hesitation, he obtains it, and puts it on. The Mask clamps onto his face, and an evil presence shoots out of the mask, spreading across all of Roxivia. It turns out that word as warped over the 1000's of years, because while it doesn't instil fear upon the enemies of those who obtain it, it brings out the fear in the one who wears it.

This dark presence spreads throughout General Gallus' army, and corrupts many of the creatures in Roxivia. Only those with the purest of hearts can withstand the darkness. With Gallus' army overcome, they go on a rampage, ransacking peaceful villages and homes throughout Roxivia, and there's nothing they or Gallus can do to stop it.

The game follows 4 people who have been greatly affected by the disaster, all strangers to each other, and their separate stories journeys to rally together various factions throughout Roxivia in the fight to take the country back.

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