FrozenSand is the development team for Urban Terror.

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Urban Terror HD alpha
Urban Terror HD

Urban Terror HD alpha

Jan 23, 2012 Urban Terror HD 2 comments

An alpha release of Urban Terror HD can be downloaded. Only Windows version is currently available.

Urban Terror on Desura
Urban Terror

Urban Terror on Desura

Sep 7, 2011 Urban Terror 10 comments

A free Hollywood multiplayer tactical shooter is on Desura.

Urban Terror Release Date
Quake III Arena

Urban Terror Release Date

Mar 26, 2007 Urban Terror Q3 mod 12 comments

After nearly 7 years and four major versions, FrozenSand, LLC (formerly Silicon Ice Development) is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Urban...

The Fat Man's "Fun Stuff"
Quake III Arena

The Fat Man's "Fun Stuff"

Dec 25, 2006 Urban Terror Q3 mod 0 comments

The fat man in the little red suit left a nice package for the Urban Terror Community under the tree in ut_xmas. While the development team continues...

Urban Terror Interview
Quake III Arena

Urban Terror Interview

Feb 15, 2003 Urban Terror Q3 mod 0 comments

HomeLan Fed chats with "Oswald" of Silicon Ice Development. The popular Quake III Arena mod! HomeLAN - What can you tell us about plans for major updates...

New Q3A Urban Terror
Quake III Arena

New Q3A Urban Terror

Jan 18, 2003 Urban Terror Q3 mod 0 comments

A new version 2.6a of the Urban Terror modification for Quake III Arena is now available. The new update is referred to as the "weapons patch," but also...

Dec 29, 2007
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