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Read me file, install guide, FAQ and trouble shooting info for the Dhewm3 Rivensin mod. Install is the same for Hard Corps

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Build: 0.9.80 for Dhewm 1.5.0
Release Date: 11.15.2018
Updated: 12.16.18

Rivensin websites:

Rivensin Source code:

Dhewm3 website:

Revility: Artist & Team LeadIvan_the_B: ProgrammerNeurological: MusicianRed_Uk: Environmental ArtistDinky: Icon of Sin model & Animations

2018 TEAM:
Revility: Jack of trades

2018 Dhewm 3 Source port:
Daniel Gibson

Lost Facility Author:
Robert Hodri:

Scarlet Rivensin: The Ruiner is a dark fantasy, third person action modification for Dhewm 3. The player assumes the role of a herald of Death & fights hordes of the damned using unique weapons, abilities and spells. The modification contains two campaigns consisting of a total 8 levels.

Rivensin is a modification for Dhewm 3. It was originally a modification released for Doom 3 titled Ruiner in 2010.The modification has been ported to Dhewm 3 along with many bug fixes, game play balances, improved melee combat, new features, improved visuals and new effects.

Along with improvements to the original mod, a new campaign has been added. The "Lost Facility" campaign was originally released for Doom3. It was ported by Revility for the Rivensin mod with the original author's permission. The updated maps includes minor bug fixes, small adjustments for Rivensin's game play & third person camera. The biggest change comes from converting many static objects to movable in the maps. This allows the player to use the levitation spell to pick up and throw a very large assortment of objects at the enemies or use them to block enemy attacks.

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Dhewm3 is a source port of the original Doom3 (not Doom3 BFG, for that you may want to try RBDoom3BFG). It's known to work on Windows, Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and AROS, but it should work (or be easily portable to) on any system that supports OpenGL 1.4 with ARB shaders, SDL and OpenAL.

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Rivensin comes bundled with the latest release of Dhewm 3. Current bundles are available for windows 32-bit and windows 64-bit. Please note the current version of dhewm3 included the archives is 1.5.0 Release Candidate 1. This is not the final version of Dhewm 3 1.5.0. The bundles will be updated whenever a new binary release of Dhwem 3 is available.

Updated October 2021:
Rivensin has been updated to Dhewm 3 1.5.1. Install is still the same. The updated Dhewm 3 build is included in the latest DOWNLOAD.

NOTE: The Hard Corps mod uses the same install method. HC also comes bundled with the Dhewm 3 1.5.1 build. CLICK HERE FOR THE HARD CORPS MOD DB PAGE.

Step 1:
Drag & Drop or copy & paste the dhewm3 folder from the zip file to your pc. Location does not matter.

Step 2:
In order to play the Dhewm3 source port, you will need to copy and paste the pak00*.pk4 files from your Doom3's base directory to your Dhewm3 base directory. The same method is also needed if you wish to play the ROE expansion pack. The Rivensin mod will not run without the original Doom 3 assets inside the Dhewm3's base folder.
doom directory

dhewm3 directory

For a detailed guide on copying the files, Check the FAQ on the Dhewm3 github website:

The best way to launch Rivensin is by double clicking on the included Rivensin.bat file. It is highly recommended not to start the mod from Dhewm3's mod menu. Launching Doom 3 mod's menu has been known to mess up up various settings... this includes the game not running in third-person by default.

start the game

First you need to create a shortcut to the Dhewm3.exe short. Rename it to Rivensin. Next you need to right click on the shortcut and select properties.Add the following line of text to the target path:+set fs_game rivensin


Here is an example of what the new target path should look like:
C:\dhewm3\dhewm3.exe +set fs_game rivensin
If your having any trouble with the mod, please feel to ask.

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Q: Will Rivensin run on vanilla Doom 3?
A: No it will not.
Q: I see pure black or missing textures.
A: If your using an ATI card, some textures may appear black on the new content. This is a DDS file issue. I have heard,but been able to confirm, that updating your ATI graphic card drivers will correct this issue.
Q: The screen is completely black when starting the game and starting the first level.
A: This is once again a known issue with ATI cards. Disabling catalyst has been known to help out. Most users have reported turning off HDR lighting and Bloom in the game's system's option resolved the issue.
Q: The game is in firstperson.
A: Most likely you started the mod through mod menu and not a bat file or shortcut. To fix this you will will need to type the following the console. To enable the console press the ` key. Now type pm_thirdperson 1 and press enter. You could also delete your Dhewm3/ruiner configs and saves inside your my documents/mygames folder and restart the mod properly.
Q: The main menu, hud and other GUI related images are blurry.
A: Turn off image pre-compression in the game's system options. Then go to the reload menu and select video restart.
Q: Sometimes the game crashes in certain locations without an error message.
A: This might happen if your using an ATI card. Some ATI cards can not properly draw dds textures. Try turnging off image compression in the main menu's system options. Doing so will increase the visual quality. It could also lower performance.
game options

Q: Why do the two main doors in the first level, Sanctified, require the player to use the interact key?
A: This was done early in the mod's development as an experiment to improve performance. The areas are not connected physically. Unfortunately we never received a version of the map with regular doors from the level designer. It is a very large amount of work to move all the rooms and entities in the map to correct the issue. Entities do not rotate the same way brushes do.
Q: Where are my save and config files for the mod and Dhewm 3?
A: Inside you my documents/my games folder. If you don't have this folder, it is created the first time you launch Dhewm 3 or any modification for it.
Q: How do I perform special attacks, wall jumps, etc.
A: While in game press press the in-game menu key. Default is G. This will show a list of special moves you can perform.
ingame menu

Q: How do I use GUI consoles:
Simply walk up to them :) The view will automatically change to first person. Start moving away to go back to third-person. Depending on where the GUI is at in the level, it can be a little tricky sometimes to happen.
Q: The cross hairs jump around sometimes.
A: This happens when there is a sudden change in the x position of the traceline for the crosshairs due to distance between objects. Reducing how far over the shoulder camera is to the left or right decreases this.
Any gameplay tips? What is the back story Rivensin?
A: In the main menu go to the About menu. There you find sub categories for information on the mod, back story and a list of tips for playing the game.

Q: Can I play the vanilla Doom3 campaign levels in Rivensin?
A: They are disabled by default due to being untested. Some maps have been known to make the mod crash. Many maps feature areas which are not very third-person friendly such as air ducts and very tight spots. In order to play them you need to modify and add back in the level scripts to Rivensin's doom_main.script file. They are not included in the file not just because they aren't fully tested, but to also free up memory space. No point in loading them if they aren't used.
Q: How do I the change the camera's position
A: In the main menu go to options, game options. On the right side of the game options is a list with settings for the camera. All camera changes happen on the fly and can instantly tested in game.

Q: What does the crosshair origin option do?
A: The setting changes the origin of the traceline used to create the cross hair. You can see this line, and the melee line by typing g_debugweapons 1 in the console. Once done this should help explain what is going on. When set to player, the line starts at the right hand. The advantage to this becomes clear when shooting around corners. However the player can not fire as far down and might also encounter a little difficulty when firing over short objects in front of them. When set to Camera it uses the viewpos origin. The disadvantage to this is that the crosshairs do not update correctly when aiming around corners and tend to bob around a bit more when firing some weapons.

Any other problems or issues, please post at our moddb website:

problems 1


Sound Beeps
Unlike vanilla Doom3, when a missing sound is called to play in Dhewm 3, a Beep sound is made. They should have all been fixed. If you encounter any, please report it so it can corrected. If you encounter a beep and are able to duplicate it, please report it.

Model and movable object clipping
While special moves are peformed by the player, it is possible for the character to briefly clip through the world.Movable objects have been known to sometimes fall through the floor or other odd behavior. This is the Doom 3's physics engine and not the mod.

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List of the authors who's content & tools which are used in or to create Rivensin.

Daniel Gibson: Porting Rivensin to Dhewm 3 and as needed bug fixes related to the port.
Ivan_the_B: Permission to release the source code under GPL.
Robert Hodri: Author of the Lost Facility maps and permission to port to Rivensin
Arl: Alpha Shotgun mod and permission to port to Rivensin
God of Gaming: Alpha Shotgun mod

List of the authors who's content & tools which are used in or to create Rivensin

-Denton: Denton mod sdk, HDR sdk and content usage
-Bloodrayne: original gravity gun used during early builds
-TinMan: original telekinetic shield code
-Deavile: Third person crosshairs
-RPRaiden: More on third person crosshair system
-Acoustic Textures: The source for many of Ruiner's textures
-S@TaNiC: Pointing us in the right direction for setting up thirdperson camera.
-Kamikazi Fred: Pistol burst fire mod which Advocate's burst fire mode is based from
-SnoopJeDi: Code which helped us implant over the shoulder view
-Andrew Hill: Serengrove props and texture
-Obi-Wan: Quake Shambler Rock Boss
-Kaiser: Doom 64 pc port sounds and music
-Dinky: Icon of Sin model and Animations
-Revility: Rivensin project Lead, original concept, modeler, artist, and much more.
-Mackinnon: Ruiner Sound Track
-Ivan_The_B: Coding many of Ruiner's features, tweaking the camera, and so much more.
-Ivan_The_B: Fragging Free monsters: Malwrath, Shock Knight, Fiend
-Hellscafe: Creating the first Ruiner Trailer
-rsjrv99: Malwrath & Fiend skins
-Happy Friar: Original flame thrower code and FX
-Rebb: ambient lighting fix shader mod
-TheRealSceneGraphManager: Chromatic Dispersion Special FX (improved heat haze shader mod)
-Kat: Standing stones props
-Quantum Pet Shop: Mapping props
-modeltheplanet: mapping props
-Sung Mehta: Mapping props
-Mytilus: Mapping props
-GW: Mapping props
-Alex Jeffrey: Water source shaders, textures and materials.
-The Dark Mod Team: For creating and constantly updating the fantastic Dark Radiant. -

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-Pappy R
-id Software
-Daniel Gibson

terms and conditions recropped

- This archive may be freely distributed as far as the contents are not edited or removed.
- You cannot release modified unofficial versions of the whole mod.
- The source code for Rivensin is GPL... not the assets!
- You may not include or distribute this mod in any sort of commercial product without permission from the authors.
- If you wish to use anything here in your projects, feel free to contact us through our mod db website:

"Scarlet Rivensin: The Ruiner name, story and the characters contained within it are a copyright and Trademark of Jim Kern. 1998-2018

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