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Bot match in Painkeep v2.0 beta. Bots in painkeep v2.0 are coded to use all painkeep weapons and features - give it a try!

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First you will need to download / install (click here) the mod. You can find more detailed install instructions in painkeep_v2.0.txt.

Bot match is an easy way to start a multiplayer game vs. coded in frikbots and pk*bots.

1. Backup any important painkeep files you might want
2. Extract painkeep.v2.0.tgz in your quake folder - it will over write painkeep!
3. Run quake with your engine of choice:
glquake -game painkeep -listen 16
darkplaces -game painkeep -listen 16
(DarkPlaces is recommended for the best visual results)
4. Once the start map loads, open the console and try a bot match with these:
pk_dyn_art_force 1
5. Manually load your favorite map or close the console and choose your favorite map via hub vote.
map pk12
(try playing on an alternate hub with map hub2, or map hub3)
6. Enjoy lambasting the bots (or getting lambasted as the case may be...)

If the mod crashes or causes other problems, you have been warned, please read disclaimer.txt
Code name - Cataboligne - programmer | shovel owner

numbersix Author

Botmatch addendum:

If you get the update and install it:

Botmatch is even easier. Follow steps 1 - 3 (step 2B: install the update) and then run this alias from the console:

In a short time 6 (not so friendly) AI companions will come looking for your quake marine. I'd advise you to have him well armed at this point!

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