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This article contains information about how to play MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours (or the vanilla version with MP-update) online, via GameRanger. Keep in mind that all players of a participating MP game have to use the same standalone version built of MechCommander - otherwise game will crash.

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How to play MCG - Darkest Hours
Online or LAN Multi-Player?

Quickstart manual for Beginners!

Multi-Player Map scenarios!

Step 1

GameRanger Website
Download Gameranger from and install it. You need an e-mail adress, nickname and password - to register in this gaming community. All basic functions of gameranger are freeware and without paying it´s possible to play with up to six players in a MechCommander Multi-Player game.

Flash Website Logo
You have to install Adobe Flash Player (Freeware) for Gameranger to make it run.

Step 2

GameRanger Gaming NetworkTool
After succesfully installing and starting gameranger it shows you gaming community server lists and a buddylist. In order to make MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours running online it needs to be started by gameranger.

GameRanger - Option Menu
Enter the options.

GameRanger automatically starts MCX.exe out of the chosen game folder.
In Game-List you will have to search for MechCommander Gold - Desperate Measures - as Darkest Hours is a evolvement from this version you need to choose this one. Browse for your MCG Darkest Hours\ folder and choose MCX(.exe) for Gameranger. If path is shown like on screenshot above you did it right.
Step 3

Joining or hosting a game.
Now search for MechCommander - Darkest Hours gameroom or Host a game by pressing Host-Button.

Setup for hosting games.
Gameranger may send you a warning message for your router - ignore that and just continue unless you had no problems since now. You now opened/entered a MechCommander Multi-Player-Game. The start button on the right side starts game for all users in gameroom when host starts the game.

Your gaming room. To launch a game just use the button on the bottom right. Dont start MechCommander yourself - gameranger does!
Your server is now is shown on Global-Server-List.

Your Gaming Room
When all players ready the host can start game by using the start button of gameranger. It will start game with Multi-Player-Functions only now. This is the only way to play MechCommander online today. MSZone doesn´t exist anymore for MechCommander players.

GameRanger automatically opens MC game rooms
When you have pressed the "Start" button in the gameranger room it automatically launches the game. Now you can choose from the partitioning players and confirm by hitting the Go! button.

Have fun...

Multi-Player mission scenario loading screen
... while enjoying full MP potential of MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours!

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