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About nuances connected with saving game in Hunter's House.

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As you know, in all The Seasons mods there is a new place — Hunter's House.

It firstly appeared in Spring Season and with each The Seasons mods it becomes better (in Endless Summer was added the attic, in updated editions of Autumn Sunshine and Winter Vacation 2.0 it has new windows)...

Endless Summer. Update 3. Treasures of Sea Wolf Autumn Sunshine

Autumn Sunshine Autumn Sunshine

This house can be your home: you can buy it and save there. This is a good place and I hope that it will be favourite for players of The Seasons mods place where they can feel comfortable.

But there are some technical features that are connected with savegames. About these nuances I wrote this note.

When you bought Hunter's House (and saved there), data about this event writing not only to your savefile (in GTA San Andreas User Files folder), but also in files in the game folder\CLEO\CLEO_SAVES directory.

Without files in CLEO_SAVES folder, the game will think that you have not bought the house and you have to buy it again.

If you install one mod of The Seasons mods and then another one of The Seasons mods, and if you bought house in previous mod, it would be better if you move files from CLEO\CLEO_SAVES folder from copy of the game, where you bought the house, to another copy of the game in the same folder.

Yet again. If you play in Spring Season and bought this house there and then install to another GTA SA copy Endless Summer — move files from CLEO\CLEO_SAVES from one to another copy.

(There is also one bad nuance: if we were buying the house a lot of times and every time game will forget about that fact that you bought house earlier in another copy of the game (because it doesn't find files in CLEO_SAVES), can be crash of the game, when you try to buy house again).

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