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The following is a tutorial for making maps. I did NOT make this i got it from the relicrank website so thank you! This is how I learned to mak coh maps! They know what they are talking about at the relic wiki! This tutorial should help you know just the basics of what you need!

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On your World Builder toolbar there should be a small button depicting a tree with a man beside it holding what looks like a green flag. Hovering over this button should give you the "Object Placement" helptext. We'll start here. Click on that button to open up the EBPS list. On this list you will find everything from brushes and trees, to statues and buildings. There are three key items you will need for each players starting location:
1.) ebps\gameplay\starting_position This is your starting HQ 2.) ebps\gameplay\map_entry_point This is the players map entry point - The point at which reinforcement type abilities will have units enter the map on (Like the Allied Off-Map Combat Group or Axis Stormtrooper abilities) 3.) ebps\gameplay\bunker_marker These will be your players starting defenses, once placed you can select it then hold Shift as you Click and Drag to point the arrow in the direction you want the defenses facing.
For each of these items you will want to select the item and observe the 'Player Assignment' of that item. On your right panel there are two places for Player Assignment, Default and Current. I would advise leaving the DefaultPlayer assignment to World, what you need to do is select all of the above objects for each separate starting location and change their CurrentPlayer assignment to "Player X", X starting with Player 1 for the first starting location, Player 2 for your second starting location, and so on until you have assigned each starting location its own player. Make sure that all objects placed are within the playable area (To view this - Overlay > Toggle Playable Area), otherwise the 'CurrentPlayer' option will not be available.
If you want to see a map in the game, you need to at least have two (2) starting_position objects placed (see Object Placement) The starting positions are located under - ebps\gameplay\starting_position_sp. One starting position must be player 1, and one must be player 2. Place the objects away from each other, select each in turn and click the dropdown for Player assignment. Set one to player 1, and the other to 2.
You will also need to place two (2) map entry point objects. The map entry points are located under - ebps\gameplay\map_entry_point. Place the entry points at the edge of the map near the starting points and assign one point to each player. The starting points and entry points, which are in close proximity to one another, should have matching player assignments. Also, you will want to give your map a name. The file name is not used for the displayed name. You need to enter the name and description in the Scenario Properties dialog under the Scenario Menu. This should be enough to get you up-and-running with a viewable play area.

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For more info on map making, go to

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Website no longer exists, just one of those bad search sites with shady adds.

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I know this is kinda old but i still make maps in 2021 for COH

Check the videos below (7 videos only):
Part 1 - Create a map and save it:
Part 2 - Painting the terrain:
Part 3 - Create water:
Part 4 - Create starting point and map entry point:
Part 5 - Edit territory and add spline bushes:
Part 6 - Create minimap and load your map in game:
Part 7 - Publish your map in the workshop:

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