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RVMECH: RVMECH Tutorial on How to Make The Destroyable Bridges.. Damageable/destroyable bridges is real easy to do. Theres a few steps;-)

Posted by on - Intermediate Level Design/Theory

1 -They need to go into Roads.INI and make sure that every bridge thats
defined in there has the correct model and texture defined for the pristine,
damaged, really damaged and rubble (broken) states. They also need to make
sure that every bridge in there also has the code Ive stuck in the attached
txt file. All the models and textures needed are in ZH but not in Generals.

RVMEQ: 2 - They need to edit the GenericBridge object in System.INI (I think) so
instead of ImmortalBody it has either StructureBody or ActiveBody and health
of whatever they need (500 works best).

RVMEQ: 3 - They need to go into ObjectCreationList.INI and edit the BridgeDamaged01
OCL entry so the debris it generates uses the CBBRIDGD02 through CBBRIDGD10
models as the debris - again those models are in Zero Hour but not Generals.

RVMEQ: As for repairing them, as you know the code is disabled in the game (but not
WB) for displaying the towers that are used for repair so another mechanism
for repair is needed which Im working on. One solution is to class every
single bridge as a LANDMARK_BRIDGE like the special train bridge etc and
place them as a fixed-sized model on the map so they can be repaired like
any other structure. If they take a look at the Mogadishu Well object, thats
an example of a civilian structure that can be repaired by player-owned
workers and dozers ;-) The downside is that actually youre classing bridges
as structures which makes them of a fixed length.

RVMEQ Code: DamagedToSound = BridgeDamaged
RepairedToSound = BridgeRepaired
TransitionToFX = Transition:Damage ToState:DAMAGED EffectNum:1 FX:FX_BridgeDamaged01
TransitionToFX = Transition:Damage ToState:REALLYDAMAGED EffectNum:1 FX:FX_BridgeDamaged01
TransitionToOCL = Transition:Damage ToState:RUBBLE EffectNum:1 OCL:OCL_BridgeDamaged01
TransitionToFX = Transition:Damage ToState:RUBBLE EffectNum:1 FX:FX_BridgeDamaged01
TransitionToFX = Transition:Repair ToState:PRISTINE EffectNum:1 FX:FX_BridgeRepaired01


is this a copy/paste of the tut from fallout studios? it looks exactly the same. Also the simple way to make a bridge destryoable is go into system.ini search for genericbridge and change "Immortalbody" to "activebody" or "structurebody" then in-game launch artillery or a missle at the bridge to destroy it (these work best since the actual body of the bridge is so small it'd be almost impossible to hit with a machine gun), sometimes the bridge won't disappear but enemies still cant cross it.

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MrTimm Author

I also never claim that its my tutorial and on top u see the owner of the tutorial is rvmech!

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Are there destroyable bridges in unmodded Zero Hour?

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