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Dread of Laughter weekly update that covers the progress and news

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We decided to start weekly updates instead of giving out updates every time we do something new as this way our articles will cover much more and we can still tell about our progress.

We have made improvements to the AI as it will now search around the house for the player. It will patrol around the players radius, close to where the player has been. We are also going to make it to react to sound so every time you accidentally either drop something too loudly or make any kind of loud noise the AI will react to that.

Here's a clip of our AI, bear in mind it is still not polished completely and that is why you can see the wonky turning.

Another thing we want to inform is about player animations that we are also still updating. Right now the player uses the default Unreal Engine 4 animations, but soon she will have animations of her own once we get to it!

Next thing in our list to do is AI improvements, players animations and adding in more objectives that gets randomly scattered around the map. This way every time you play the game it will be up to RNG where the items will be and it will make the player to search more.

Thank you all who are supporting our game and we will inform you more next week!

- Dread of Laughter Development team

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