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Barthory Mansion's item inspection mechanic showcase! Rotate the items found in the mansion and uncover what secrets they hold! (Or solve puzzles within the item itself!)

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It spins! IT SPINS!

We can now inspect our items!

Hello hello! Guess who is back this week, and with a new update on our progress.

Today we will be talking about our main mechanic, the item interaction.

With this, you can expect items with unique interactions to solve puzzles both on the outside world and right on your inventory, or rotate extra items you gather to uncover their secrets! I wonder what mysteries they hold? What truths they tell?

Have a look for yourself:

Item inspection Latest

And here's a video showcasing it:

(Here's the link, in case it did not work above: )

Pretty cool, huh?

Hey, and did you also hear that?

Yup, that’s right! We even included a small demonstration, a little teaser, of the song composed for the game.

We hope you enjoyed what we brought for you this week!

See you all next week!

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