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A large mansion just isn't complete with a little garden area, now is it? Let's have a look around.

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What is a Mansion without it's garden?

That's right, we're taking it to the exterior this week!

(It isn't complete yet, so count this as the first update on this area within the game! More will come in a couple of weeks.)

It's always a pleasure to se a fancy and very well taken cared of garden, and this mansion makes sure to make it as fantastic as it may be.

Under the care of Anton Darvullia, this garden is one of the joys of this house!



It might not look like it, but despite being a scientist, Darvullia also enjoys taking care of his plants and the garden.

Science is cool and all for many experiments, but sometimes nothing beats good old gardening for a bit of relaxation.




Knowing this isn't even everything that this garden will have, I can't wait to see how it will turn out in the end! And I bet you guys can't either.

Well, I guess you will have to stay tuned for the next posts where we will bring more gorgeous visuals, lore and more, before the game's release. (Art update might not happen for the next couple of weeks, as other plans for posts have been scheduled).

PS: We're sorry for the late post this week.

Well then, that is it for this week's post!

We hope you all enjoyed what we have for you and hope we can show you even more amazing things as this journey keeps going.
Until next time!

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