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Another update on the development of the mod, with images and videos of what we've been working on.

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Welcome to yet another Wall: Source Progress Update! The roughly trimonthly articles where we show off what's been cooking behind the scenes.


Development of maps has sped up a decent amount as mapping focus has shifted more towards getting layouts and gameplay done first instead of detailing everything as it's made.

Zombine getting blasted with a shotgunGiant caveAbandoned underground construction area

City blockoutc17 rooftops0001

City 17, industrial sector

Weapon Graphical Improvements

Two major improvements to the appearance of weapons have been implemented, both of which are demonstrated in the video below.

Firstly, improved MP5K animations. In the sniper concept demo from a few months back you saw the MP5K and its... interesting animations. Well, cambreaKer provided some new animations which are much more pleasant to look at, including reload variations for full and tactical reloads.

Secondly, projected muzzle flashes. Like in Left 4 Dead 2, when you fire a weapon the light from the muzzle flash will appear as a projected texture. This makes the weapon firing a bit more realistic as well as making it a bit easier to see who you're shooting at.

EMP Tool

The Electromagnetic Pulse Tool used by Alyx Vance and Judith Mossman is now in the palm of your hand! Use it to solve puzzles to unlock doors and activate machinery. And here's something its Half-Life: Alyx counterpart can't do: blasting enemies (and yourself, if you aren't careful) in the face with the beam that connects the nodes!


This was a bit of a shorter update as there wasn't quite as much to show off, but I hope you enjoyed nonetheless! Stick around for the next update, and check out this... totally, 100%, absolutely serious bonus map that didn't spawn from a dumb joke I made in a Discord VC where I ominously told Dr. Orange to "add snowboarding".

- Aqualuzara


Amazing work, really love how it looks!

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dude, HK Slap! let's gooo!

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Coming along nicely. Good luck!

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