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Ever wanted to move to the other side of picture frame? These locations exist, and you can visit them right now! + Sneak peek at future update.

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Have you ever looked at pictures on the walls inside the White Castle and thought: how nice would it be to visit these pretty old-school places?

Picture Gallery

Today is your day, then!

Picture Gallery: Scream of the Triad

These are from Scream of the Triad, new level for Return of the Triad.

The game is an absolute must-play. Its developers worked on Rise of the Triad (2013) and Amid Evil, plus it's free. As for the level, you can grab it in its add-on section:

Scream of the Triad

Picture Gallery: The Lion's Mane Volcano

And this is The Lion's Mane Volcano, ROTT1995 prequel of Extreme Chase telling about the H.U.N.T. team's first encounter of the technology that's being sharpened in the White Castle. An old "friend" from San Nicolas island is back, and he's a lot more inventive&dangerous than before!

The Lion's Mane Volcano Release

I would like to thank everyone who rated, commented, subscribed on ModDB, YouTube, Steam Workshop, did anything to spread the word. This is the fuel that keeps the mod going! Please keep it coming!

Yanka, thank you very much for a detailed review. Always interesting how the place looks and feels through someone else's eyes. These fine gentlemen are cooking something to make your idea of having more item pickups around closer to reality.

Fine Gentlemen Near Campfire

New to Extreme Chase? Short trailer and download link are at your disposal.


Nice information, I like to hide or just put easter eggs like this in my maps.
Good that you will update it too! 👍

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