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Welcome back everyone! This been nearly 2 weeks since the release of Fade to Black DLC...

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Welcome back everyone!
This been nearly 2 weeks since the release of Fade to Black DLC
We took a break from modding for a while,and we back with news and updates
Without any redo,lets start:

1. Map AI - The long waited fix

The first important part of gameplay is the AI Support
We implemented a lot of changes to the modification's maps.
But the Human Forces would still leave combat area,endangering and making the survival harder
With that problem in front of us,we decided to make a total remake of AI in the gameplay
Remaking the AI will take us a long time,since many tests are inbound
Making a more stable Bot Support is our top priority in V1.5 release
Please expect more updates soon!

2. Death is Alive comes back! Zombie Strike comes in!

You might know that Death is Alive project support was lost in 2014.
The last update was made in 2015 by our leader Noobkiller2
As the time passed,the modification crew totally abandoned the project after V0.3
Zombie Strike made numerous collaborations with the Ancient Spark Team
So we decided to take action,by taking the abandoned project in our hands
Death is Alive is back again,this time with the help of Zombie Strike Team!

This article will be featured in both Project Zombie Strike 2014 and Death is Alive modifications.

Were sorry for these minor updates
More information will come after time passes
Thank you for paying us attention!
See you next time!
Zombie Strike


This is an amazing update, can't wait to finish my lines and get this ball rolling!

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Really nice! Do you mean you're going to update two Mods at the same time - thus allegedly slowing down the pace of the Project Zombie Strike 2014 Mod - or that you're going to take the maps / weapons / AI files from DIA and port them into PZS2014? Moderator S_h_a_r_k_93 EDIT: Dayum I wasn't logged in! :P

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Noobkiller2 Author

Zombie Strike shared some content from past modification (Project Zombie Strike 4.3) with Ancient Spark team.Because of this,we have a good relationship between members.
Because Death is Alive support was lost back in 2014 (release),modification was pending

3 Members of Zombie Strike team which were actively supporting Death is Alive during Ancient Spark period made some updates.
As the time passed,and Ancient Spark became completely unactive (only Zombie Strike members working),the decision of taking the modification was the best choice

Some of the Death is Alive content might get featured in Project Zombie Strike 2014,and vice-versa
It will slow down a bit the development,but not so much as before (working on 4 modifications at a time)

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