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Fall of Berlin 3.6, Vendetta: Darkest Days 2.4, Ring of Steel 1.5, and Pacific Theater 1.8 StA (stand-alone) mods released!

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UPDATED: Jan 30th, 2024

For all the newcomers, the main purpose of this FoB series (including 4 related mods) is to increase historical accuracies from at least 40 ~ (less than) 50% in the Vanilla/Original version into somewhere between 60 ~ 70%. Also to give new experiences and even more challenging combat scenarios for COD WaW players in general as well.

Now for the details, we decide to update all of the mods with quite a lot of new things:

20220316230725 1

Fall of Berlin 3.6 version:
- Officially included COD3 models as a main part of this mod, also bring some new COD3 German models into the game as Waffen SS (mostly).
Note: You can check the original COD3+WaW mod (Call of Duty 3 German Military mod, made by venomgj) from here:

- Aiming accuracy of teammate AIs will be increased even more.
- Kriegsmarine 'Naval' infantry will appear in the last section of 'Heart of the Reich' and the entire 'Downfall' only.
- One of the new COD3 models will be used as Luftwaffe infantrymen.
- Some weapon randomization among German/Axis troops will be modified.
- New models and rearrangement on some German/Axis headgears.
- **Some new extra iwd/minor mod files, please read our instructions carefully if you want to use them.'
- *The latest upodated Pacific Theater 1.8 will be included.
- New modifications on certain weapons:
1) **Fix certain weapon sounds in the Eviction mission and we also bring these weapons into the mission: STG44, Gew43, SVT-40, and DP-27.
2) **Fix Kar98k variants sounds in the Downfall mission and we also bring it into the mission as well.
3) Fix 30 cal and M1 Carbine for every Pacific missions.
4) Increase DMG output for every Semi-Automatic rifles (they were hideously nerfed down in the vanilla version) and all the Sniper rifles.
5) Increase rate of fire on DP-27. And fix its missing sounds in 'Their Land Their Blood' and 'Ring of Steel' missions.
6) New scope overlay for the Scoped Mosin Nagant, change from the vanilla ver into a proper "German #1" (Soviet faction use the same scope overlay as German side during the war).

Download FoB3.6 here: Fall of Berlin 3.6 file - Mod DB

Vendetta: Darkest Days 2.4 regular version:
- Similar with above (models and weapons) but add some new COD3 models as alteranated skins for Heer/Wehrmacht troops instead.
- 71st Infantry Division insignia on German Sd.Kfz. 251 Half Tracks (replace the old 24th Panzer Division insignia, it will only appear on the Pz. IVs).
- A minor change for one of the Soviet models, remove buttons to make it looks like a proper M35 uniform.
- Add sounds for SVT-40 in Vendetta and bring it into the mission as well.
- As from above, apart from some Soviet soldiers (Daletski's unit), few German soldiers will be equipped with the captured SVT-40 as well.
- No more Luftwaffe Anti-aircraft units (previous versions). But it can be included later as a second version if more than '10 persons' want us to bring them back.

Download Ven2.4 here: Vendetta 2.4 file - Vendetta: Darkest Days mod for Call of Duty: World at War - Mod DB

Ring of Steel 1.5 regular version:
- Similar with Vendetta: Darkest Days, but also rearrange German troops for the new headgears and such.
- Fix the missing reloading sounds for DP-27 in the 'Ring of Steel' mission.

Download RoS1.5 here: Ring of Steel 1.5 file - Mod DB

Pacific Theater 1.8 StA (stand-alone):
- Higher accuracy on teammate AIs.
- Fix sounds problem for 30 cal and M1 carbine on every missions.

Download Pacf1.8 StA here: Pacific Theater 1.8 Stand-Alone file - Mod DB

20220415144204 1

***Now for newcomers, please read our 'instructions' in the readme files carefully before you install both of the mods. Also for those who have a multiplayer profile, please make sure you've already BACKED UP your own 'player profile' in case it causes any unpleasant thing to your PC. And most importantly, this mod was meant to be played on PC only!***

Creators: Extremely skillful "gicombat", myself - "FeReise", Veteran COD2 modder - "PanzerMan", and good ol' "warrior300".

Call of Duty 3 German Military mod: venomgj (don't forget to check his original work, guys!).

Credits for textures: War_Crimes (many wonderful textures belong to him), MasterJames aka SPLinT_CeLL, MCh2207Cz (COD2's Back2Fronts mod), MadIvan18, and Ferry.

Credits for extra help, additional info, and other stuff: Frosty1 (Youtuber), AFGuidesHD (Youtuber), HalfTrack (CoH modder), and AlexDVasilKov (L4D2 modder).

20220413185715 1


In order to play for the best immersive experience!

- CREATE AT LEAST 4 FOLDERS INSIDE THE MODS FOLDER in the APPDATA Directory/pathway: ...USER\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\mods

***In case you can't find 'AppData', Please click on the 'view' tab above and click on 'hidden items' in order to see it***

Screenshot 2023 06 18 053539

- **Name them as whatever you want, but create folders and put certain files into each folder like this:

Screenshot 2022 04 14 234447

Folder 1
'Semper Fi' (mission 1) = The latest Pacific Theater (Stand-Alone or other versions with their mod.ff files) 1.8 version with:
- 'zzz_IJN2' and 'zzz_USmakinhelmet' skin mods that already included in the "For Semper Fi mission" folder.

Folder 2
'Little Resistance ~ Vendetta' (mission 2-4) = The latest Vendetta: Darkest Days version with:
1. Pacific 1.8 file.
2. 'zzz_USMCBeachhelm' from "For Peleliu missions" folder.
3. Other minor mods from "Extra mod-iwd files" folder are optional. But highly recommend to use one of the 'zzz_LOADOUT' variants.

Folder 3
'Their Land Their Blood ~ Blood and Iron' and 'Eviction ~ Downfall' (mission 5-8, 10-15) = The latest Fall of Berlin mod version with:
1. Pacific 1.8 file.
2. ***'zzz_Nordland' from the "For majority of Soviet missions" folder, highly recommend for the missions I mentioned above.
3. 'zzz_U Bahn Sign'
4. 'zzz_USMCBeachhelm' from "For Peleliu missions" folder is optional.
5. Other minor mods from "Extra mod-iwd files" folder are optional. But highly recommend to use 'zzz_RGDa', 'zzz_KaiserI_pic2', and one of the 'zzz_LOADOUT' variants.

Folder 4
'Ring of Steel' (mission 9) = The latest Ring of Steel: Abandon all hope 1.4 version with:
1. Pacific 1.8 file.
2. Other minor mods from "Extra mod-iwd files" folder are optional. But highly recommend to use 'zzz_RGDa' and one of the 'zzz_LOADOUT' variants.


Here is how I arrange the folders, ***HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR NEWCOMERS***:

Pacific Theater with Makin assets

0 1 pac mak




Vendetta: Darkest Days mod

Screenshot 2022 05 14 133623




Fall of Berlin mod

0 3 fob




Ring of Steel: Abandon All Hope mod


*****Note: From above pics, you can create empty folders inside each main mod folders to contain the spare minor mods or anything else in them. Anything inside will not affect the mods.

Note2: You can create extra main mod folders apart from these four if you want to.

*********And please don't forget to put the "d3d9.dll" and "codlogo" files into COD WaW directory too! As mentioned in the installation instruction - 'readme' file (...\steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty World at War)

Screenshot 2022 04 14 234636

***Next steps after the installation:

1. Copy mods folder from APPDATA Directory: "...USER\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW"

Screenshot 2023 06 18 161352

2. Then go to the Call of Duty World at War's directory (...\steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty World at War, for STEAM version).

3. Paste "mods" folder inside the WaW directory.
Note: This is the same method as the Axis mod.

Screenshot 2023 06 17 192238

4. Go to OPTIONS

4.1) See GRAPHICS section -> Set Specular Map to "No".
4.2) See TEXTURE SETTINGS section -> Set Texture Quality to Manual, then Set Normal Map Resolution to "High" and Specular Map Resolution to "Low".

Screenshot 2023 06 17 191237

Screenshot 2023 06 17 191308

5. If there is any technical issue, please restart the game or STEAM, might even restart your PC/Laptop if you must.


[Update] If you still have the technical issue, please contact me via my STEAM ACCOUNT: [SV]FeReise , or my Discord: FeReinsm

But please leave a comment below my STEAM account's main page or Discord's message section to let me know that you are the ones who need my help also, or I will not accept your friend request in STEAM. And if I accept your request but there isn't any reply and/or further conversation at all, you will be unfriended within a week.

Warn ya.


EXTRA info for those who want to know what kind of OLD + NEW German units were represented in the Fall of Berlin (FoB) mod:
1. Heer (Army) troops. Based on:
- 309th Infantry Division (Seelow)
- Panzerdivision Muncheberg (Seelow and Berlin)
- 18th Panzergrenadier Division (Seelow and Berlin)
- 20th PzG Div (Seelow and Berlin)
- 25th PzG Div (Seelow, but elements of them might retreat into Berlin also)
- Some other Heer and newbies units
2. Waffen SS (mainly) and other SS-related units. Based on:
- The FOREIGN VOLUNTEERED 11th SS 'Nordland' PzG Div, mostly comprised of 'Scandinavian SS' mix with Belgian/Flemish and some eastern European countries (Seelow and Berlin)
- 1st SS Anhalt Regiment and those who were filled into 'Kampfgruppe Monke' and 'Babick' (Berlin)
- A part of Panzerdivision Muncheberg ('SS. Panzergrenadier-Ersatz-und- Ausbildungs-Bataillon 1' from the 1st SS Leibstandarte Panzer Division)
- Around 600+ men from the 1st SS Leibstandarte Panzer Division (Berlin)
- Other foreign volunteer units like a company of 'Latvian SS' from 15th SS Waffen Grenadier Division and 'French SS' from the SS Sturm-Battalion Charlemagne (Berlin)
- Other SS units in Berlin
3. Volksstrum (armed civilians and newbies, aka "The Old, The Young, The Weak" by Reznov): based on so many Volksstrum units in Seelow and Berlin.
4. Fallschirmjager (paratroopers). Based on paratroopers of the '9th Fallschirmjager Division' (Seelow and Berlin).
5. Luftwaffe infantry. Based on those who were attached/filled into the Axis defender forces in both Seelow and Berlin battles. Notably, the 9th Fallschirmjager Division, a majority of them were inexperienced Luftwaffe ground forces and trainees.
6. Kriegsmarine naval infantry. Based on the 'Grossadmiral Dönitz Battalion', reached Berlin on April 25/26th).
7. Hitler Youth. Based on several Hitler Jugend units in Seelow (the last defensive lines) and Berlin.

***In addition, I want to debunk a widespread misunderstood among WW2 enthusiasts here. What left of the French SS from 'SS Sturm-Battalion Charlemagne' were defending Reich Chancellery areas at the end of April 1945. Not the Reichstag. Thanks to several sources including Tony le Tissier and Antony Beevor's books on French SS and Battle of Berlin (respectively), and Operation Room video on Battle of Reichstag.

20220401231601 1

[NEW UPDATE Jan 29th, 2024]

New USMC raider textures with regular P41 HBT and two other minor mods are RELEASED as addons!

You guys can check more from either here: New USMC raider textures with regular P41 HBT RELEASED as addons' texture mod! image - Pacific Theater (Stand-alone) mod for Call of Duty: World at War - ModDB

or New USMC raider Alt skins and updated IJN skins addon - Pacific Theater (Stand-alone) mod for Call of Duty: World at War - ModDB

Makin raiders with alt textures

BONUS (NEW UPDATE Jan 30th, 2024)
1) Walkthrough video of this mod (possibly either 3.2 or 3.3) by 'AFGuidesHD':

2) Planting the Soviet Flag moment (in Original ver + FoB, Axis, China War, and America mods) by the OG 'AFGuidesHD' once again (please look carefully in the thumbnail XD):

3) "Historical Accuracy mods for COD WAW", a short video for Pacific Theater (stand-alone) and Fall of Berlin mods by GameLife (Note that I can't comment or reply anyone in here anymore for unknown reason):

4) "We Fixed CoD World at War's Historical Inaccuracies" by The Frosty 1 (thank you man, much appreciated it!)

5) [UPDATED] "Raid on Makin Atoll - August 1942 | World at War Pt. 1 | (Realism Mod)" - An example of the ongoing walkthrough series made by JakVM999. Please check JakVM999's YT channel for more!

6) [UPDATED] "Call of Duty: World At War - Vendetta - Historical Accuracy Mod Gameplay" - An example of the ongoing walkthrough series made by Brosiff. Please check Brosiff's YT channel for more!

That's all, folks! Please contact me right away if our mod(s) caused any problem. And you can give us feedback and review for our mods if you're interested.

FeReise (article writer), gicombat, PanzerMan, and warrior300

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Hello, asking for help here. I've done the instructions for newcomers, but when I try to run the first mission, it just gives me "Exceeded 400 fx limit".

I've already put the d3d9.dll and the logo in the root folder but somehow the issue still persists.

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If you're really sure that you have read article#7 thoroughly and installed everything correctly, please contact me directly through the STEAM account: [SV]FeReise. And don't forget to leave a comment to identify yourself and your request there or I won't accept your STEAM's friend request.

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