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A 35 part walkthrough of Unreal using UnrealHD has been completed and finalized by Athrun Talan. Enjoy!

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New Unreal Playthrough using Unreal HD!

High-Resolution Unreal Skins

A new 35 part video playthrough or "Let's Play" Unreal has been recorded by Athrun Talan using UnrealHD in all its glory! For anyone that is skeptical of the quality of these skins or hasn't heard of this mod yet, check out the playthrough to see what you are missing! Don't forget to leave feedback for Athrus Talan on his Youtube page.


For anyone unfamiliar with UnrealHD, here is a quick overview of features:

  • All Unreal/RTNP low-res skins replaced with high-res counterparts
  • Faithful look of original skins maintained with a sharper appearance (no more blurry/pixelated skins)
  • Easy to use Mutator for Unreal227 and UT99
  • No need to replace system files; online compatibility is maintained
  • Fully compatible with custom maps and content
  • Should work together with any other Mutator or mod
  • Minor bug fixes with the Unreal meshes

View part 1 of the Video playthrough below. To see the whole playlist, click here.

Download UnrealHD Here:

UnrealHD V1

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