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1.71 for the Grand Release has been released! Changelog has been posted, please read the requirements and installation guide! Please own the Grand Release version 1.7 and Daemons mod version 0.96!

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Ultimate Apocalypse Version 1.71 Released!

The Grand Release, patch, version 1.71 is now downloadable today on MOD DB! Mirrors will be posted eventually today after the UA mod team wakes up from their sleep. We introduce today huge bug fixes for all races and everything in general version 1.7 didn't contain. We are very sorry for that, but in version 1.71, you get stuff like this...

Hell Drake Ingame!Stormsword Ingame!
Version 1.71 Screenshot

and more, of course. Please get this version!!! Version 1.71 is much better than version 1.7. Also, when you are done, please report feedback ASAP, here on our forum.

For any questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions, and remember to report feedback for improvement. Have fun, kick butt, and enjoy version 1.71.

Note: The below "Download Now" button is for version 1.7, please get version 1.71, here. Mirrors will come.

Ultimate Apocalypse Grand Release (1.7)

Grand Release Trailer (re-upload) - Mod DB

Changelog for version 1.71

!!- = Must be done! (Most wanted)
* = Fixes.
- = Ideas not taken to effect yet.

ART: |
* Tyranid Hive Fleet cloud fixed.
* 3 Daemons brown LP FX has been replaced with a new FX.
* Chaos Sorceror Lord model has been replaced (for temporary use).
* Daemons mod version 0.96 is now compatible with Ultimate Apocalypse.
* Ukraine ucs data has been added to the mod.
* All AI is now slightly easier to defeat.
* All hero level researches cost was decreased by half.
* Exterminatus Global superweapon damages and other effects redone, so the animation lasts longer. Kills everything immediately in a 120m radius.
* All Honor Guards with bad and long descriptions were fixed.
* Relic research three for all races no longer requires two relics.
* Honor Guards requires no requirement.
* All wargear ONLY requires level 3 except for greater improved weapons and the final wargear piece.
* All wargear tooltips were fixed to read the correct hero research requirement.
* Bumper mode, less accurate weapons instead, maximum speed increases upon use.
* Many color bleeds especially for Chaos Daemons were fixed.
* Some typos in ucs descriptions have been fixed.

* LP range decreased.
* Sorceror Lord pink box has been fixed with a temporary model (Aspiring Sorceror). We require a new Sorceror Lord model!!!
* Citadel attack range heavily decreased from global range to 70m, 3rd attack remains the same distance, 100m.
* Second weapon wargear now requires level 5 research instead of level 4. All tooltips of wargear are now correct.
* All enemy units that enters the ring aura of the Keeper of Secrets will lose control and attack allies, being manipulated into defending their beauty queen.
* The Ritual of Sacrifice now deals more damage.
* Chaos Sorceror screaming jets radius increased and now has an applied FX upon jumping.
* Tier 4 description changed to read only the produceable titans and super structure.
* Hell Drake was added ingame (cheers to the maker, boychaos!)
* Chaos titans no longer requires a relic.

Dark Eldar:
* Tormentor Soul Shield "morale" decreased from 2000 to 1000.
* Tormentor Titan melee damage decreased from 547-1083 to 447-893.
* Cataclysm damage versus infantry and commanders heavily increased.
* "Shaodow Super heavy" was renamed to "Shadow Super Heavy."
* Soulstorms (ability) has been buffed.
* Cost of Soulstorms (Citadel) has been decreased.
* Army Painter units order of appearance has been changed.
* Soul Annihilator superweapon now disables all production capabilities of structures on impact along with a huge health decrease for a limited time.
* Tier 4 description is now fixed to read it can unlock titans and the Dais.
* Soulstorm ability hotkey is now changed to hotkey "o" so units do not stop upon use.

* LP range decreased.
* Rune Aura wargear now requires Hero: Level 5 and all other wargear.
* Rune of Khaine wargear now requires Hero: Level 5 and all other wargear.
* Corsairs can now only upgrade with Brightlances to avoid reports of absent weapons.
* Corsairs jump ability was removed.
* Storm Serpent left gun should fire now, at least invisible Starcannons.
* Wraithguard weaponry now has an "inbetween" visual projectile, temporary.
* Wraithguard now moves slower, but their health and damage increased.
* Cobra Super-heavy health decreased, while its cost decreased.
* Avatar no longer requires the "Heart of Khaine" research.
* Avatar of Khaine now moves slower, but is slightly bigger in scale, deals more damage, and his health is increased after the research.
* Avatar of Khaine is now free to produce after the "Khaine's Ultimate Champion" research.
* Avatar's aura of burning victims is fixed.
* Vibro Cannon's damage increased.
* Dire Avenger Exarch name changed to Dire Avenger Exarch from "add void shield toggleable ability".
* Tier 4 description has been fixed.
* HQ description has been fixed.

* LP range decreased.
* Ibram's Vestment now requires Hero: Level 5 and all other wargear.
* Medusa cap = 4.
* Basilisks cap = 2.
* Mars Pattern infinite superweapon glitch has been fixed.
* Vulture Gunship missile damages decreased.
* Stormsword is now ingame.
* Reaver Titan Power Fist weapon removed for the sake of it containing lots of glitches.
* Reaver Titan Megamelta damage decreased.
* Doctrines descriptions are fixed.
* Mars Pattern Command description is fixed.
* Communication tower icons of underground tunnels no longer turns pink.
* Vox Operator within the Kasrkin Veterans squad infiltration event is fixed.
* Chemical Cannon on the Hellhound has now improved damage.
* Leman Russ Conqueror was added to the Apocalypse wincondition.
* Leman Russ Eradicator cannon has been buffed.

* Starting resources were increased to 350 power.
* Attack Scarabs are now free to produce but are time consuming to recruit.
* Builder Scarabs cost time was decreased.
* AI is now more of a challenge.
* Necron HQ has been given the homeworld portal ability.
* Homeworld Portal now requires only the tier 4 research.
* Necron Heavy Destroyer's weapon sound decreased in volume and was remade.
* Sterilization Beacons now only requires tier 4. Every structure build increases its cost by 100 power.
* Void Dragon global ability no longer effects relic unit vehicles.
* All tooltips mentioning the Triolith are cured.
* Monoliths can now be built outside of control radiuses.
* The control radius of the Necron HQ increased.
* Annihilator radiation cloud aftermath effect has now reduced damage against builder units.

* LP range decreased.
* Great Stompa Zzzap guns damage output increased with more damage to morale.
* Great Stompas are a lot more effective against titans.
* Great Stompa power and requisition cost increased slightly.
* Warboss's wargear now displays hero requirements.
* Warboss is now immune to knockdown after researching the Boosters wargear.
* Armored Nobs hp increased from 700 to 1200 and morale increased from 700 to 1000.
* Deff Dread upgrades are redone. It now uses scorchas as default, and Rocket Launchas/Shoota as its upgrades.
* Squiggoth's special attacks are now a lot more deadly.

* LP range decreased and damage was heavily nerfed.
* Health of Living Saints decreased by 4000 health.
* Canoness noe produces more faith over time.
* Nunciate Superior time cost and cost in general increased, health increased, but her armor decreased.
* Arch Angel now has a new voice.
* Arch Angel second research now doubles the melee damage of the Arch Angel's blade.
* Arch Angel Miraculous Intervention time increased from 30 seconds to 75 seconds.
* Seraphims can now upgrade with ten flamers.
* Dolan Phail visual effect was added.
* Living Saints now decreases the rate of gathering faith, until eventually they become limited.

* LP range decreased.
* Hellfire Dreadnought Plasma Cannon was removed to cease issues with a missing arm.
* Mastermind spell for the Librarian now states what it does (which decreases ability recharge time).
* Damocles sight radius ability has been improved.
* Land Speeder Tempest cost to produce decreased.
* Vindicator weapons now deal more damage to structures.
* Reaver Titan Power Fist weapon removed for the sake of it containing lots of glitches.
* Reaver Titan Megamelta damage decreased.
* Army Painter units order of appearance has been changed.
* Whirlwind Hyperios cap now = 5.

* LP range decreased.
* Honor Guard general cost to produce and health has been increased.
* Crisis Battlesuits and Honor Guard flamer damage decreased.
* Malo Gunships move at the same speed as Swordfish Gunships.
* XV202 Mako Titan damages decreased.
* Army Painter units order of appearance has been changed.
* Teachings of Kauyon and Montka descriptions were fixed.
* Listening Post and Turret railguns deal more damage.
* The Ethereal can now recruit elite bodyguards.
* Ion Nuke radiation cloud aftermath effect has now reduced damage against builder units.

XP2: |
* The Hive Fleet's armor has been set to zero, and if ever attacked it will be dealt heavy damage.
* The first Hive Fleet is free to produce. The second Hive Fleet however costs 1000 requistion.
* The Hive Fleet's time to produce has increased.
* Spore Chimneys when destroyed deals more damage to the Hive Fleet, as Spore Chimneys are the primary source of Hive Fleet feeding.
* Spore Clusters are now heavily nerfed.
* Hive Tyrant Devourer ranged weapon damage increased.
* Reclamation Pools no longer decrease the cost of structures but is much cheaper to produce at first.
* Hive Tyrant's bio shields when near structures with synapse auras no longer make them invulnerable to damage.
* Carnifexes upon spawning no longer beep sounds.
* Tiering researches cost time decreased.

* LP range decreased.
* Naval Mega melta range increased to a global range.
* Tier 4 upgrade description was reworked.
* Grenades are available for IDH Grey Knights.
* Recruitment time of the Knight of Flame decreased.
* The cost of Psycannons increased.
* Reaver Titan Power Fist weapon removed for the sake of it containing lots of glitches.
* Reaver Titan Megamelta damage decreased.

* Turrets now cost 120 requisition.
* Turret Doombolt damage increased, secondary flame weapon damage decreased.
* Hellspawn was removed from army painter because it has a green box.
* Doomed Ones were removed from the game.
* Mutilators icon has been added.
* Mutilators and Obliterators now only requires tier II.
* HQ blueprint radius increased.
* All Daemons no longer require Marks. Marks were removed completely.
* Warp Signatures Flame FX upon researching Warp Fires Daemonic Gift has been removed.
* Daemon Harald now glides over terrain after the Daemonic Flight research.
* The Hellspawn is now a lot more powerful, and has been given a lot more dakka.

XP3 Campaign: |
* UA Campaign mission 1 should now be working.
* Mission 2 is now available for play.
* Kaurava campaign after mission scar errors have been fixed, campaign is now playable.
* XP3 generic difficulty for insane is made much easier. All wave spawning times and few tweaks were remade.

Survival: |
* Chaos Stronghold fatal scar error after killing the Daemon Prince has been fixed.
* Lorn V - Titan Fall with Doomsday Monolith jumping in, scar error is fixed.
* Insanity map, scar errors cured.
Arena: |
* Wave 50 is now playable.
* Space Marines "Campaign Man" was removed from game, and Force Commander Killeus is now the head commander within the Arena.
* Apocalypse Rules description reworked to notify players to not manually turn it off, and adds what it really does.
* wincondition - Apocalypse is now applied to structures building instantly.
* Extermination wincondition has been updated so you can destroy the Tyranids.
* Annihilation wincondition updated so you can destroy the Tyranids.
* Restrict Relic units wincondition now works.
* Restrict tier 1 and 2 wincondition now works.
* Restrict Game Enders no longer effects Necrons or Daemons from producing their titans.
* Destroy HQ wincondition now works when playing with/against Necrons.
* Tarsis Ultra was removed from the mod.
* Apocalypse Into the Breach map no longer contains a pink texture.
* Test map has been removed from the mod that caused scar errors.
* New map - Fires of Obalon.
* The Ultimate Apocalypse 2p map is now fixed. Upon capturing the center location, you will spawn two titans, and one greater titan at your disposil.
* New Arch Angel voice added.
* Heavy Destroyers blast sound volume decreased and was tweaked with different sound.


Why provide donations? To sum it all up, you get lots of stuff from us, including a continued campaign that is yet unfinished and loads of support and mod fixes.

Those who provide donations will keep the UA team alive, active to continue developement of this mod, and by donating, the creators of this mod will provide further
updates to the crowd along with new requests from donators and audiences. On top of this, there is an unfinished campaign; so if donations become
available to the UA team, the campaign can one day be finished! If no donations are provided, the mod will no longer be worked on as it is time to move on from it
almost completely. If no donations... things that should be completed will never be completed because it is not the passion anymore that keeps us going. We have
explored it all, we love this mod, but not enough anymore to work for free. If donations are applied, it keeps us going, and it gives reason to work on this mod again,
and again, depending on the types of donations and count.

This is no requirement, you are not paying for this mod, it is all optional, but very appreciated.

So if you want us to keep going, donate, or we have no choice but to move on.

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Donators of this mod are (As of January 2013):

Kane Phipps
Mike Wheeler
Graham Robinson
Edward Silver (again)
Erik Davis
Sal Occhiogrosso
Bryen Wenzel
Olivier Ducharme
Manny Sandoval (again) (and again)
Daniel Brancalion
Peter Schmucker
Nick Haselum
Caleb Hoyt
Corvin Biebach
Tamás Domokos
David Prude
Percy Smith (again)(and again)(and again)
Thomas Maloyd
John Devaux (again)
Andrea Smith
Nans Vanesch
Cody Hageman
Christian Voigt (again)
Jeremy Asherbranner
Paul Despe
Leonardo Riva
Roswald North
Curtis Bend (made largest donation)
Can be you!

Ultimate Apocalypse Terms of Use


I'm getting a giant pink square telling me "bad model" instead of the doomed ones model in the army painter (race: Chaos Daemons). Not tested in-game but they'll most probably not appear either. Looked in the mod directories and the model itself is nowhere to be found. Maybe it's just an installation problem on my side after updating the mod to 1.71 and daemons to 0.96, anyone else having the same problem?

Spectacular mod, by the way, it's so big I won't probably need any other strategy game for years to come. ^^

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Deuce_Savage bug reports here

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Thanks for the info, I'll post it there.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Dolan Phail visual effect was added
gooby pls

Seriously now: AWESOME update, my only complain is reducing the LP weapon ranges, it was already kind of short imo (with the exception of the sisters one ofc). That and: Space Marines "Campaign Man" was removed from game. You mean... the ultimate game breaker WAS in-game?!
ohhhh, that would have been lots of CHEESE

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Lord_Cylarne Author

Tell that to the other six people who wanted the LP ranges decreased and fixed. ^^ At least the Sisters everybody mentioned. But yep, version 1.7 contained a super duper ultimate unstoppable character that lays waste to even Primarches. ^^

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Just a tad bit reduced, not overly. Still have to deal with those Titans that could knock posts out from afar - so if the listening post cant handle it then what measures to defend the base from IG jumbo size tanks, Monoliths, nut bar players requests ect.?

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I installed the update, and noticed that Campaign Man is still there in the Arena levels even though he was supposedly removed. Also, the game just closes if I try to select the Kaurava Campaign...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i think the Necron are now abit too much of a challange in AI, i played a match of 6 easy ai and they crushed everything, that was not easy ai at all xD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

campaign m1 works, m2 is pretty much black... still working on that bit??
i dont know about the above mentioned closing when loading the kaurava game, i had it once but worked second time round, only problem with that is there seem to be no win conditions... i just slapped some orks around and cleaned out the map. no victory =[
oh ye Lord_Doofus, the tau piranhas still make a dreadful constant noise u can hear all over the map... fix please?? =]

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

how do i install this just copy it in the main folder (after extracting first) and allow any replacement? thnx in advance :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

ye just copy the lot over and replace it all (should say something like move and replace files) load game, if it says blah blah blah UA 1.71 at the top left, your good =]

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

After playing for a few days and experimenting with both 1.7 and 1.71 the AI difficulty certainly is ridiculously challenging due to 2 factors

1. I took 7 squads of 10 Chaos space marines per squad to assault an imperial guard base within the first 5 mins of the game starting, after destroying half their base, including buildings required for basic tier research were they able to mass vulture gunships and titans 2-3 mins later. (Fog of war is turned off so I can track AI patterns and strategies) This was on Standard difficulty

2. Lack of power resource (glitch possibly?) 1 generator = 15 power 6 generators = 60 power and with max power upgrades should bring you to around 110-120 production rate keeping up with requisition. In my recent update to 1.71 I have a hard time managing power as I only cap out at 36 power with no generator decay making it extremely difficult to progress through tiers and produce vehicles. Not sure if having allies decreases the production rate or specified race.

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hey guys, filefront server is out...where i may download dc mod tools?

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...i have resolve

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hey guys, but the patch 1.2 for play in game spy arcade, make problem with the UAmod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is it me or did you just broke the "delete" key (kill selected own unit) with this mod? If no, what could have happend that my "delete" does not work in-game (it does work normally).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

have you guys ever thought about releasing the survivor maps for skirmishes? some of those things are pretty cool.
plus i don't know if the zombie mode and grey knights are yours or another mods toys, but i have a few ideas that might make zombies more interesting and knights more enjoyable. you interested?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Quick question. Is there any way to get rid of the "fog"? I don't mean fog of war, but when I zoom out more than was allowed in normal game everything gets covered by fog and I can't see a damn thing..

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question for creator of this mode, what is your favorite race in dow ua

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