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It has been a while

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I still remember when everyone was scrambling around during the days of the MSUC for UT3 I think two years ago? Things around here have definitely changed, and many of the indie developers who have provided us with many top-notch mods are stepping their game up (no pun intended) and going retail, the biggest release being "The Haunted: Hell's Reach" which one the competition, although it was a very close call between that and "The Ball" (which has gotten a retail copy).

I guess I can't really say much. I haven't been gone really, just not signed in. I've been browsing around, wishing to rejoin the community once more, but what can I offer? I'm no coder, no programmer, no modder. All I can really do is try out mods, but from what I've seen there are plenty of hidden gold out there in the minds of indie development teams, and I say good job! The best of luck to you all!

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Do you know how to convert ut3 pc files into ps3 files? If so let me know then I can get Little Big Deathmatch uploaded for you guys to Frag away.

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