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Hello, in this article i will showcase new models, some map progress and a trailer for the first time.

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Staring the new year of with a new media update. There hasn't been too much going on with the maps ,but the focus has mainly been on the models. In this article i will showcase new models, maps, a new trailer and what the future of this mod will be, so here we go:


I have made a new zombie model from scratch, it will replace the zombies completely. The model hasn't been fully animated, but some animations are made for it.



There are also new models that were made with the generous help of Sgt.McHale who made new hgrunt models and a few others that i will showcase.


And also the terrorist/mercenary models


There are also new models for the healthpack and batteries also made by Sgt.McHale



The maps haven't been worked on too much, but there is some progress with the second trial and the boss fight at the end is almost completed.


The new barnacle models have been made by Sgt.McHale also.


This is the area that you are supposed to fight the boss



I made a teaser trailer showcasing some new gameplay, some small cutscenes and features that will be included

The future of the mod:

Recently, for those who don't know, i have started working as an animator for the mod Half-Life: Extended, and with their new SDK released i have come to the conclusion to switch the engine to the extended SDK.

147371912 75b883d6 1045 4ffe 944The features that they bring are things that i will need in the future that i can't do in SoHL so that's why i am making such a drastic change. The SDK is still young and there are still thing that have to be done for it to be fully switched over, but nothing too major. I also wish to announce that i will put the mod on a small hiatus for the time being so that i can get some focus and organize things better for the mod. I still need to write the story and the game setpieces and being in a constant state of having to update the mod page constantly has put some strain on me. In the meantime i will work as an animator for extended until i am ready to come back.

While i'm at it, i guess you can follow me on Twitter too. Yes i made a Twitter account, mostly for updates and other stuff i do:

That's it for now

Thank you for reading this article


Maps, models, animations and of course cutscenes are getting better and better with each update, you guys are great keep it up (◠‿・)—☆

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It's great, take your time and make the mod the best possible :)

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