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After three years of off and on work (thanks pandemic) C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux v1.5 will be releasing this spring! Here is a demo video featuring one of the Nod campaign missions with the new and improved terrain while showcasing the new guard, heal, & repair abilities which will introduce new strategies and offer the player an option for less micromanaging and base turtleing compared to the original game and previous versions of the mod.

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Attention Commanders & Generals

I am pleased to announce the release of Tiberian Dawn Redux

Mod Version 1.5 will be coming this spring!

C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux: New Guard, Heal & Repair Abilities Demo - Mod DB

To start off, here is a demo video featuring one of the Nod campaign missions showcasing the overhauled models and textures and the new guard, heal, & repair abilities that will be available in v1.5. As previously mentioned in the December Article Engineers and APC's now have special radius decals to designate their new Heal/Repair abilities. Engineers repair vehicles within their radius and APC's can heal infantry close by within theirs. You can also load an Engineer into an APC and the APC will inherit the repair ability as inspired by the Allied IFV in C&C Red Alert 2. This can have great tactical advantages without sending forces back to the base or when a Repair Bay is unavailable. And finally, the long awaited return of the classic C&C "Guard & Follow Object" command is here! This new feature is particularly useful for guarding mission critical or expensive units or for following slow and defenseless Tiberium Harvesters that have to travel far from the base. This includes a new mouse cursor to go with the old Guard Decal. When the radius decal disappears leaving only the cursor, that's when you switch to the Guard/Follow mode. The regular "Guard Area" mode is still a usable option so nothing is lost with this new ability. Infantry, vehicles, aircraft, & naval units can all make use of this ability with each other creating limitless tactical possibilities. This greatly reduces the need to micromanage your forces and the Tiberium Harvesters.

GunBoat Anti-Ship Mines

Also an update on the Naval assets being included in this release, as of this writing the AI is still getting sorted out for the Naval assets which is why the release hasn't been made despite giving a "finished" impression. That should be resolved soon hopefully. While this is being worked on, Anti-Ship Mines were implemented and can now be deployed by the GDI GunBoat to counter Nod's stealthy Missile Subs. They operate like the GLA Demo Trap in C&C Generals. Once deployed, they are stealthed and are hard to detect, a perfect countermeasure to use against these hidden submarines that could cross their path and these can also be a great deterrent against amphibious assaults with the new buildable Hovercraft. This was also done as a compromise as I could not find a proper way to do Depth Charges that looked believable or balanced which will be necessary for the upcoming C&C Red Alert Redux Mod

New Conyards for the Sub-Factions

Another little detail was also added to the ConYard's of the Black Hand and Talon Subfactions which helps with easier identification of who you are up against. Their respective logo will be displayed on top of the roof. (Homage to the C&C pre-release imagery)

Tiberian Dawn Redux v1.5 In-Game Screenshots

Tiberian Dawn Redux v1.5 In-Game Screenshots

Tiberian Dawn Redux v1.5 In-Game Screenshots

Also note the updated terrain, along with new models, textures, and visual effects.

This also includes new particle effects, new cloud shadows, and updated sky reflections in the water.

Until then, stay tuned for the next release!




Also feel free to follow the development of

C&C Red Alert Redux

Also for those interested, here is a brand new Discord Server I launched exclusively for the Mod. There is a sub-category for RA Redux. Feel free to share the link as it is non-expiring.

©2022 sgtmyers88 & the C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Development Team

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great mod!
Good luck to you!

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Nice to see!

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Wow, I can't wait!

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