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Some news regarding The Bush Mod V0.4.0's release, as well as a personal message.

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There comes a time when you feel you're obligated to do something. For better or worse, you don't know, but know you should do it. In fact, something like this has recently come up, as I'm sure you are aware of.

You must vote The Bush Mod for Mod of The Year!

Literally nothing bad can happen if you vote for The Bush Mod, though. If you vote, then BM becomes one step closer to dominating all of the CoH mods, and eventually all of ModDB! If you don't, then we become heartbroken, sad, and maybe depressed... Maybe.

Thank you for your votes, each vote is one step closer to being Mod of The Year, and more inspiration to continue and improve this mod!

Anyways, news regarding V0.4.0:

V0.4.0 is still in the works unfortunately, but I have decided that I will release a public playtest. To hype up the imminent release, I have decided to share with you our current(as of posting this) change-log(Which is still subject to change!):

V0.4.0 "Panzerwaffe" Changes
- Starting resources have been tweaked for all factions
- Penetration against rear/side Panther armor increased, make sure its facing the enemy!
- Team weapons such as MGs and mortars can now be crushed by tanks, and AT guns can be crushed by any tank with a "heavy crush" ability(Such as a Panther or a Sherman with a bulldozer activated) Yes. You read that right. You're welcome. It even works with weapons that are being used! Be careful though, it works on friendly and enemy weapons alike!
- Flame-thrower ranges increased: Infantry flame-throwers(20 --> 40), tank flame-throwers(20-25 --> 50) and the Sdkfz. 251 Half-Track flame-throwers(25-45)
- M3 Grease Gun Package now requires the squad to be in friendly territory
- More text tweaking
- Infantry costs and production times tweaked
- "Annoyed Time"(The amount of seconds a unit will switch to using "annoyed" quotes) increased: 3.0 --> 6.0
- Some small arms tweaking
- King Tiger reduced to one at a time, cost increased: 1500 MP, 300 Fuel, 150 Munitions
- Unit ratings have been improved(Those numbers next to the kills of a unit)
- Tank guns, anti-tank guns and infantry anti-tank weapons have been buffed considerably(I.E: No more 5 shots to kill a Sherman from a King Tiger)
- Minimum burst duration of the M1 Thompson increased: 0.5 -> 0.6
- Axis tank upgrade costs changed to 50 Munitions, time reduced to 25 seconds(With the exception of the Hetzer's spotting scope)
- Required exp for veterancy for most units has been tweaked(Mostly units that did not get a change previously)
- King Tiger Speed increased: 3 -> 3.5
- Tier 1 recon vehicle speed has been significantly boosted
- StuG HP increased: 400 HP --> 636 HP, matches the standard Sherman
- Direct Fire ability given to most vehicles and some weapon crews
- Shermans receive Flank Speed ability, the Jumbo receives a special Flank Speed variant that stalls the engine afterwards
- Machine Gun damage changed: 7 --> 10, damage multiplier changed: .75 --> 1(It will do full base damage against infantry like a rifle)
- MP40 damage multiplier changed: .75 --> 0.85, damage increased: 7 --> 8
- M3 Grease Gun and Thompson damage multiplier increased: .75 --> 1, damage increased: 8 --> 9
- Infantry and weapon crews will keep their weapons aimed for 2-5 seconds(Depending on the weapon) after combat before they lower them
- 6 Pounder/57mm AT gun production speed increased by 20 seconds
- M8 Greyhounds and the StuG IV/StuH 42 receive a toggle top MG ability in replacement of an MG upgrade, activating will increase the reload time of the main gun by 35% due to the gunner having to split his attention up, turning it off will change the reload time back to normal
- Panzer IV Ausf. H acceleration speed decreased: 1.2 -> 0.8, rotation speed reduced: 50 -> 35
- The Panzer IV Ausf. F1 now has better turret rotation speed; stubby gun reload speed increased: 4.5-5.5 seconds --> 3.5-4.5 seconds
- Panzer IVs receive smokescreens and Flank Speed
- Panthers receive smokescreens and Flank Speed
- Deflected shells will no longer damage a vehicle, with few exceptions
- ALL armies have modified starting resources and population cap
- The M3 Half-Track and all of it's variants and the M5 Half-Track is now immune to small arms fire from the front, rear and sides are still vulnerable
- The Sdkfz. 250 Half-Track, the 251 and all of their variants are now completely immune to all bullet weapons with the exception of the M2HB .50 cal and the Boy's AT rifle
- The Sdkfz. 222 Armored Car is now immune to all bullet weapons with the exception of the .50 cal, the 221 and 223 are immune only in the front
- New tracer effects!
- General AA effectiveness has been improved
- All plane health has been doubled(P-47, Typhoon and Spitfire: 75 --> 150 HP, Henschel: 100 --> 200 HP)
- A new tank critical has been added: Hit Ammo Storage!(Which can be achieved if you flank a tank, it will set off the ammo and blow the tank up)
- Tank criticals modified: The chance for an enemy vehicle to get "Tracked" is increased, and the chance of disabling the main gun on a vehicle is increased
- The Panther, Jumbo, and King Tiger will now randomly break down
- HMGs will now fire at planes if it is within their range and vision
- Panthers have been re-done: Wehrmacht gets the Panther Ausf. G and Panzer Elite gets the Ausf. A, both which come with new skins and proper detail
- Trenches now visibly display up to 10 soldiers at once
- Mortars can be fired from inside trenches(This change was done in one of the earliest versions, but dunno if it worked until now)
- AT guns for the Allies should no longer paradrop when reinforcing
- Special forces can detect camoflaged units and mines
- Squad leaders that have MP44s are replaced with MP40s
- StuGs get an ambush ability
- Hatches on a tank will now always open when the MG upgrade is bought
- ALL infantry slot items(MP40, M1 Thompson, etc.) have a .2 chance of dropping from a killed squad member; MP44s and Grease Guns have a possibility of dropping
- Guns should no longer glitch outside of their emplacements
- Staghound/T17 .50 cal rate of fire decreased 8 --> 6(Same as every other .50 cal)
- 75mm Shermans will be 35% more accurate than normal when on the move due to vertical gun stabilizers; rate of fire is the same as when stationary
- Other tanks will be 25 to 30% less accurate when on the move depending on the tank, Fireflies and Panthers will be 40% less accurate; Rate of Fire is 50% slower when on the move(Same as vanilla)
- Standard M1 Garand(Riflemen, Engineers, Seabees) damage increased to 10.79(Originally 10.5)
- Tiger I HP increased: 1064 HP --> 1400 HP
- AT gun(The gun themselves) time cost reduced: 37 seconds --> 30 seconds

- Improved general campaign mission support
- Most campaign missions now have a population cap of 200
- The Tiger 205's main cannon should automatically fire at targets now
- More campaign versions of weapons are tweaked to fit The Bush Mod standard
- Sgt. Craft gets a super-powered Carbine in replacement of his Springfield(Because seriously, he just whipped that thing right out of NOWHERE)
- All Missing .RGM errors(Those blue boxes) have been (hopefully)fixed
- Causeway player-controlled Airborne health increased: 70 --> 90(95 for Able and Baker leaders, 100 for Sgt. Craft as his own squad)
- Leader extension added to Able and Baker leaders as well as Sgt. Craft(This lets them use hand motions)
- Able Squad target type changed to "Rifleman Elite"(Same as Baker Squad)
- Sgt. Craft target type changed to Heroic(Same as Knight's Cross Holders, Stormtroopers, Rangers, etc.)

United States Army:
- M36 Jackson is now an Armor Company upgrade(3 CPs) instead of replacing the M10 Wolverine by default when Armor is chosen
- The M36 no longer replaces the M10, both can be bought separately
- The M36 will fire HVAP by default after the "Initiate Heavy Cannoons Research" upgrade is completed
- Riflemen now start at 6 men but can be reinforced to 12 men max; they now cost 340 MP
- Airborne Volley Fire ability name and description updated
- M1917 HMG moved to USMC, replaced by the M1919 HMG
- 37mm M3 gun moved to USMC
- Engineers now cost 285 MP
- M18 Hellcat cost changed: 45 fuel -> 60 fuel, speed increased greatly, now requires "Initiate Heavy Cannons Research"
- Receives the elusive M4A3 "Wumbo" Sherman
- M1 Garand fire rate reduced, similar to the Kar98 at range but still fater firing at closer ranges
- M4A3(76)W Sherman cost increased: 80 fuel -> 90 fuel
- M4A3 Crocodile cost reduced: 110 fuel -> 70 fuel
- Super Pershing now immediately shows up when you chose Armor Company, versus showing up after you unlock "Pershing Research" in Armor Company
- 3 inch M7(M10) base penetration reduced by .2-.3 at all ranges
- Tank Ace Depot becomes the "Heavy Tank Factory"
- .50 Cal M2HB damage increased: 10 --> 12
- The .50 cal Jeep can now capture points via Raid upgrade from Armor Company
- 3-inch gun M5 receives Facing ability
- Airborne HP reduced: 95-105 HP --> 90-95 HP
- Ranger HP increased: 80-85 HP --> 95-105 HP; item slot size has been increased to 7, allowing them to carry one more weapon(Excluding the squad leader), Ranger M1 Garand damage increased: 13 --> 13.57
- Ranger target type changed to "Heroic"(Like the Knights Cross Holders and Stormtroopers) from "Rifleman Elite"
- M26 Pershing call-in reduced to one at a time, BUT, you can now produce Pershings in the Heavy Tank Factory
- T17 .50 cal upgrade re-added, works PROPERLY this time
- M4A3E2 Sherman "Jumbo" HP increased: 800 HP --> 1245 HP; has been removed from the Tank Depot and no longer replaces the standard M4A3 if Infantry Company is chosen but can now be called in via off-map reinforcement, maximum of 2 at a time
- M4A3 Shermans can do a field upgrade which will convert the gun to the 76mm M1 if Infantry Company is chosen
- M3 SMG fire rate reduced: 6 --> 4
- The Sherman Calliope barrage now fires 60 rockets instead of 30, it costs 60 Munitions
- Ranger suppression values changed to match Knight's Cross holders/Stormtroopers
- ALL tanks now have Vehicle Cover(Infantry are 25% less accurate against other infantry near a tank)
- The M2HB HMG team weapon now sounds the same as the M2HB on the Sherman
- M2HB HMG team weapon rate of fire reduced: 8 --> 6(Same as every other .50 cal)
- Two(2) new skins have been added for the 75mm Sherman, making a total of 6 random skins available
- Army Ranger call-in re-charge time increased: 40 seconds --> 50 seconds
- 75mm Shermans now get random stowage add-ons to the tank
- M10 Tank Destroyer recieves Flank Speed ability; now receives sandbags and random stowage

- Priest can now crush infantry, crush type set to medium
- Canadian M4A3(76)W Sherman will now properly display name when hovered over
- Commandos are now 450 manpower
- The Churchill Mk IV gets replaced by the Mk VII(A22F), Churchill Mk VII cost changed: 500 MP = 800 MP

- Tommy Squad/Canadian Infantry/Scottish Highlanders receive a Boys AT rifle upgrade giving them one, requires Field Support HQ
- Recon Element upgrade no longer gives a speed boost to the squad, as British infantry does not suffer movement penalties anymore
- New models/textures/stats for Churchills: The Churchill Mk IV is now the Mk VII(A22F) "Churchill", it has A LOT more armor than the Mk IV and has a 75mm gun instead of a 57mm/6 pounder gun; Crocodile becomes a Mk VII model, Churchill tanks now have a tank commander upgrade and only the AVRE receives a mine plow; Mk VII HP increased: 700 --> 1200 HP, and Mk VII model Churchills speed reduced: 3.75 -> 3(Their authentic speed is literally 11 miles per hour)

- Glider Commandos/Commando Saboteur HP increased: 90 HP --> 95 HP
- Cromwell Command Tank changed to Cromwell Control Tank, given a 6 pounder gun; cost increased: 400 Manpower --> 450 Manpower; will not disappear if the Staghound is selected
- M5 Half-Track acceleration reduced: 3 acceleration --> 2.5
- Cromwell Tank production time increased: 60 seconds --> 75
- The Vickers on the Universal(Bren) Carrier' Rate of Fire has been reduced: 8 -> 4(Same as the Vickers MMG), ALL Vickers guns burst duration has been increased: 10-11 seconds(From 3-4)
- M4A4 Sherman texture changed, production time reduced to 55 seconds(Same as Panzer IV H and M4A3), Tulip upgrade added
- Sherman Firefly speed reduced: 5 --> 4.90
- The commando Sniper is *finally* produceable from the Glider HQ
- Commando demolitions charges damage increased: 200 --> 300(Same damage as the Engineer demolitions charges)
- Recon Element upgrade has been folded into an individual sniper unit; The starting Tommy squad recieves a Boys AT rifle in replacement of the sniper
- Sherman Firefly population cost reduced: 5 --> 4(The radio operator position was removed to make room for ammo)
- ALL tanks except the Stuart and Tetrarch now have Vehicle Cover(Infantry are 25% less accurate against other infantry near a tank)
- Comets now require the Control Tank upgrade(Just like the Firefly)
- Achilles gets stowage and sandbag add-ons

United States Marine Corps!!!!:
- Receives the M1917 HMG; burst duration has been increased: 10-11 seconds(From 3-4)

- Off-map Stormtrooper squads now come with a panzerschreck
- Severloh's MG42 range increased: 65 --> 75
- Defense receives Gebirgsjäger light infantry
- StuG IV fuel price reduced: 50 --> 40
- Grenadiers now cost 375 MP
- Pioneers now cost 285 MP
- Volksgrenadiers now cost 450 MP
- Knight's Cross Holders production time reduced: 90 --> 75; now cost 640 MP
- Blitzkrieg receives the Panzerbefehlswagen V Command Tank
- Geschutzwagen does not replace the StuG IV anymore, I thought I changed that earlier on
- ALL units now have earned veterancy, it cannot be "bought"; Any tank that received an MG42 and/or armored skirts now can get it via upgrade
- Tank veterancy slightly re-worked
- Grenadiers and Volksgrenadiers both have "Throw Grenade" and "Fire Panzerfaust" abilities
- V1 gives bigger explosion and bigger crater
- Receives a PROPER Panzer IV Ausf. H, comes with armored skirts by default
- Stormtroopers come with MP40s
- Off-map Stormtrooper squads come with a Panzershreck
- Sdkfz. 251 Half-Track upgrades fixed;
- Schwimmwagen now has identical cost and production time to Motorcycle
- Stormtrooper call-in ability re-charge time increased: 30 seconds --> 50 seconds

Panzer Elite:
- Fallschirmjager para-drop ability fixed
- MG34 Rate of Fire reduced: 16(Same as the MG42) -> 10, burst time increased: min = 3, max = 3.5(From 2-2.5)
- Schultz' MP44 upgrade cost reduced: 100 Munitions --> 90
- Panzergrenadiers get scope-less G43s
- Scope-less G43 fire rate increased, similar to the Garand
- Receives a proper Panzer IV Ausf. F1
- Luftwaffe receives a Munitions Panzer IV Ausf. F2 in replacement of the standard Ausf. H(It is faster and has faster turret rotation speed but less armored and cannot get armored skirts)
- Panzer IV Ausf. D command tank added
- New Panzer Grenadier textures

- Panther Ausf. A gets an Ambush ability
- Panzer Elite Kar98ks none have the same tracer effects and speed as the Wehrmacht Kar98ks(They were using the Garand tracer effects)
- The Henschel has been given the same target type as the P-47/Typhoon, making it easier to shoot down
- Stug III gets a pintle gunner in replacement of the remoted-controlled MG42; wreck works properly now

More info on the USMC and the playtest later. Thank you for reading, and enjoy The Bush Mod!


Nice,keep up good work

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