What is The Bush Mod?

The Bush Mod, in a nutshell, is a mod that enhances and adjusts game-play so sh*t makes more sense in CoH with slight realism in mind.

To break down the mod:

1. The ultimate goal for this mod is to make players think, even if just for a second, on what to do, and to want to use every unit in your arsenal given to you for maximum effectiveness. Spam does not equal win. Every unit has their most appropriate application. There is NO "useless" unit! YES! Even the Staghound or Jeep isn't all that useless!

2. Game-play mechanics have been enhanced and improved(Such as longer fighting ranges, new squad AIs, a higher population cap, etc.) to provide a "full" game for players, while trying not to drastically change the original formula, allowing for those who like the vanilla game-play to be able to jump into The Bush Mod without much of a hassle.

As for what's actually included in The Bush Mod, some changes are included below:

  • Generally sh*t that didn't make sense in regular Company of Heroes or used to but was changed makes sense now, such as: Riflemen will be able to stand toe-to-toe with and/or overcome most German inf in close quarters due to their semi-automatic Garands, Sherman Calliopes can fire their main guns(Again) and trenches and tank traps are given to EVERY faction.
  • Squad sizes average at around 8 men, and now you can buy upgrades to mix their kit instead of following a "meta" for extra diversity.
  • Enhanced gunplay: ALL weapon ranges and characteristics have been changed and improved. Firefights will take place at longer ranges than before and even the machine guns on tanks, jeeps and motorcycles, as well as cannons on light tanks and armored cars can deal some ACTUAL damage.
  • ALL infantry weapons(Such as the Panzershreck, Thompson or BAR) occupy only 1 weapon slot and all infantry have weapon slots equal to number of troops, which means that the 8-man Grenadier squad could theoretically have 8 LMG42s or 8 Panzershrecks at one time for extra hijinks!
  • Elite infantry means elite infantry. While they are rather costly, they will surely dominate their average counterparts.
  • Weapon crews will not automatically die when they dip below the minimum required crew size. Ever had that one-man mortar squad suddenly commit game over? Not anymore he won't. He has the opportunity to live to fight another day.
  • Faction arsenals are versified with new, restored, and enhanced units, unit and company commander abilities, upgrades and functions. Did you know the Panzer Elite had a scrapped Panzer IV Ausf. H(Think of the Wehrmacht Panzer IV) that was supposed to work as a tank/Munitions Halftrack mix? It would drop mines and work as a supply point. That Panzer IV has now been restored and given to PE, excluding the mine drops. A new unit example: The US Army receives a PROPER M4A3(76)W Sherman and the Panzer Elite receives a StuG III, as well as a veteran early production Tiger I that fires shells with INCENDIARY SHRAPNEL. How cool does THAT sound? A new unit ability: If Royal Canadian Artillery is chosen and you get the "Overwatch Barrage"(Now known as "Variable Time Artillery Rounds")The British Priest and 25 Pounder receive an "air burst" barrage. A restored ability example: In the original CoH, Wehrmacht Blitzkrieg off-map call-ins had Stormtroopers for each one, but this was later changed. In The Bush Mod, it's been changed back.
  • Picking a Company Commander(Also known as a doctrine) will now try to more actively influence your playstyle for the faction of that session. Commander trees will be gradually expanded and will offer different units and upgrades that customize your army true to the Commander of the Tree. For example, the Royal Canadian Artillery tree replaces your Tommy squads with "Canadian Infantry Sections".
  • Population costs are changed to reflect the amount of members of the unit or squad. For example: Snipers are 1 pop, Shermans are 5, howitzers and artillery are 3 pop. Larger-scale battles are a yes!
  • New game modes will include extra starting resources, automatic territory capture(ATC), infinite pop(9999), or even all three! Infantry only and Early War modes in development!
  • All armies are selectable from either side; You wanted to fight the Allies as the Allies, or play Axis and have the US or Brits as a teammate? Now you can!
  • As you can tell by the above, the Panzer Elite now has ACTUAL panzers! Rejoice!
  • Updated skins, models, and visuals! Just look at the screenshots!
  • Campaign support! As of Version 0.3.0, The Bush Mod supports nearly 100% of ALL campaigns. There will be a few inconsistencies(At the moment) at a few small spots, but campaigns are playable and campaign support will improve through future versions. Tales of Valor "Operations" game mode support is planned.

(Do note: The Bush Mod is NOT limited to the examples provided above, there's much more things available in-game. Why not download and play to find out? ;) A full features and changes list with included gameplay "guide" is being created.)

Be sure to leave feedback and/or submit bug reports if you encounter them! Also, be sure to join the Discord server!

A special list of credits:
Woozle - #2
Carlos - #3
KönigsElite/KE4Dy, Tanya/ZweiWings, Nozofehr/Soniã, Kyriel/Kiel, J.C./jc980 - #4
LTSarcasm - Technical Expert
Halftrack - Major source of inspiration and units

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Long See, No Time

News 3 comments

Greetings and salutations.

Last post was in 2016 for a version of the mod that never saw the light of day. Oopsie. We should fix that.

First and foremost, I am creating this post to give a proper update to this community: The mod is NOT dead and still being worked on. It is taking longer than expected, but it is not dead. Quite the contrary.

Secondly, although this mod page is rather slow/dead in terms of interaction, the Discord server is not. Usually. Sometimes. Basically, you should join. I actually post teasers and WIPs for the new version. Check it out. Go. Join. You might find something exclusive only to the server???

That's some nice words, Bushman, but where is the new mod version??

Good question, and I'll answer that right here and now: V0.4.0 is not going to be released, because the whole entire mod is getting reworked for better stability, balance, and overall performance. I am a lot wiser with modding than I was before, and now that I know what I'm doing better, I can take more time for ultimately better changes.

Oh okay, that sounds good. But what am I actually waiting for now?

That's another good idea. You're waiting for the absolute best version of the mod that I can release to you, so that you do not need to download 50 patches, you do not have to install the mod feeling hyped and then drop it because of 10 million different issues that make it unplayable, and so you can HAVE FUN.

As for a proper changelog, the new version is being constantly changed/added to, so nothing is permanent, but use this as a guideline on what to expect:

Bush Mod New changes:

-Improved stability and performance
-Improved balancing, this means health and durability of units have been tweaked to reflect their real-life counterparts
-Improved campaign support(Should have no more text or missing .rgm errors)
-More crunchy damage
-larger squad sizes
-Tweaked unit costs
-Goliaths come camouflaged
-Ranges and sightlines are more similar to vanilla, plus 15 meters(Standard combat is at 50-60 meters)

Note: Anything not listed under each faction is probably counted under this section. If one faction looks like it has less changes, it's probably not true, or I forgot to write it down.

1. U.S. Army:

20230711194110 1

----Supply Yard----
-Repair engineer upgrade for Tank Depots
-Upkeep upgrades have better performance

----Motor Pool----
-Staghound replaces the Greyhound when Armor Company is chosen
-Greyhound now has the Stun Shot ability from the Staghound

----Tank Depot----
-Sherman 105 replaces the Crocodile

20230716051134 1
-M36 Jackson is now part of the Tank Depot

----Infantry Company----
-Rangers get BARs
-Rangers can build stuff, the same as Riflemen
-Rangers squads without bazookas is added to the Barracks
-Sherman Jumbo replaces the Off-Map Combat Group
-Hull Down is added

----Airborne Company----
-Airborne recoiless rifles now give a toggle ability to switch between AP and HE ammo
-Airborne Assault Squad folded into a Thompson upgrade for regular Airborne
-Strafes improved/tweaked

----Armor Company----
Replaces the Greyhound with the Staghound if chosen

2. Commonwealth

-Sniper added, requires LT
-Vickers HMG Team added, requires LT
-Tommy recon upgrade adds a proper DMR
-If Canadian Artillery or Royal Engineers is chosen, the Tommy squad will be replaced with a different but identical-functioning squad

----Field Support----
-6 Pounder added
-Captain has upkeep upgrades
-Kangaroo can reinforce
-Mortar Team added

20220812160135 1

----Armor HQ----
-Sherman V added: A cheaper, less durable side-grade to the Cromwell; Can be upgraded with "Tulip" rockets

----Royal Artillery----
-Replaces Tommies with Canadian Infantry Sections

----Royal Commandos----
-Has strafe abilities
-Commandos come in 2 flavors, glider-borne rifle Commandos, and paratrooper Commando Saboteurs

----Royal Engineers----
Churchill Mk IV and Crocodile are now the Mk VII, which means they are A LOT slower and A LOT more durable; AVRE is unchanged

3. Wehrmacht:
----Defensive Doctrine----
-Defensive Artillery now works like Sector Artillery

----Sturm Armory----
-Panzer IV moved here from the Panzer Kommand

----Kampfcraft Center----
-Gives upkeep upgrades

----Blitzkrieg Doctrine----
-Stormtroopers have an MG42 upgrade

----Terror Doctrine----
-Volkssturm is unlocked at HQ with Zeal

20230718192222 1

4. Panzer Elite:
-Defensive Operations now upgrades the recon cycles and Munitions Panzer IV

----Logistik Company----
-MG34 team added

----Kampfgruppe Company----
-Mortar team added

20230705151630 1

----Panzerjager Kommand----
-PaK 38 added
-Panzerjager 4 added, requires the Marder upgrade and Panzer-Support Kommand

20220802061413 1

----Panzer-Support Kommand----
-Panzer IV Ausf. G is added, requires upgrade

----Kampfcraft Center----
-Gives upkeep upgrades

----Scorched Earth/Defense in Depth----
-Tiger 101 returns
-Flammhetzer added

20220802051025 1
-Sector Artillery tweaked

----Luftwaffe Tactics----
-StuH Hetzer added

20220802050507 1
-Henschel strafing run attacks all targets, not only vehicles now

If the changelog seems, well, small, it's because things like weapon damage and HP buffs/changes are lumped under the general changes and not listed individually. SO MUCH tweaking has been done, that listing numbers would be pointless. Rest assured, there has been literally hundreds of changes, and many more to be done to make the best experience possible.

Looks good Bushman, when can we expect this to release?

The usual answer. If all goes well and life plays along, soon. A few weeks. I would also rather take my time to make sure you can jump right into the mod without having tons of issues.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, for your patience, knowledge, cooperation, and have a lovely day. I love you.

There Comes A Time...

There Comes A Time...

News 1 comment

Some news regarding The Bush Mod V0.4.0's release, as well as a personal message.

(wip) Bush mod 0.4.0 "Panzerwaffe"

(wip) Bush mod 0.4.0 "Panzerwaffe"

News 6 comments

This update of the bush mod will alter how tank game play works and add many new models to replace the vanilla ones.



News 2 comments

For several months, under conditions of strict secrecy we have been working on our secret weapon, the United States Marine Corps, a new faction available...

The Bush Mod V0.3.2 Hotfix Released

The Bush Mod V0.3.2 Hotfix Released

News 2 comments

Apparently patch 0.3.1 made a single, bigger problem than everything else put together. This fixes that, by introducing V0.3.2. Can't believe this even...

RSS Files
The Bush Mod V0.3.2 Full Version

The Bush Mod V0.3.2 Full Version

Full Version 35 comments

The full version of the V0.3.2, which means you DO NOT NEED to download anything other than this. This version includes: V0.3.0, the 0.3.1 patch and the...

The Bush Mod V0.3.2 Patch

The Bush Mod V0.3.2 Patch


This is the PATCH version of version 0.3.2, REQUIRES 0.3.1!

The Bush Mod V0.3.1 Full Version

The Bush Mod V0.3.1 Full Version

Full Version

This is the the full V0.3.1 update that also includes V0.3.0. Be sure to read the news post regarding the change-log.

The Bush Mod V0.3.0

The Bush Mod V0.3.0

Full Version


The Bush Mod V0.2.0 Japanese Translation

The Bush Mod V0.2.0 Japanese Translation


Provided by kagerou01gata, there is now a Japanese translation file available for download for The Bush Mod.

The Bush Mod V0.2.0(OUTDATED!)

The Bush Mod V0.2.0(OUTDATED!)

Full Version 4 comments

The OUTDATED version 0.2.0 of The Bush Mod. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

Comments  (0 - 10 of 155)

Is there any plan for making also a pacific mod from the moment your work is so great in this one ? Would be so cool to cover the Pacific Battlefield as well with US marines and Army against Imperial Japanese Navy and Army.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
RepulsiveBushman Creator

Currently just the USMC is in works. Thank you for your words!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

That sounds very good and promising. Thank you very much for your WORK!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

anyone know how to fix the missing rgm bug?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This mod is absolutely amazing. Combat between infantry actually feels impactful. My only criticism is that Anti vehicle weapons seem to be weaker than in vanilla.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
RepulsiveBushman Creator

Thank you for the feedback. I can say that with the upcoming version, anti-vehicle weapons have been better tweaked to reflect their real-life properties.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Awesome I can't wait to see it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello! is the mod still being worked on? I'm enjoying the mod so far and I can say, it's the perfect coh mod for me. Everything is balanced as it should be. on the original, you can barely counter the germans even against tank on tank combat. this one levels the playing field. not to mention being able to control the artillery certainly helps against spam. Tho, for the current update, i don't see any churchill MkVII's nor any USMC. have they been removed?

the overall weapon damage is very balanced, especially among the tank destroyers. their range as well. The jumbo is also balanced while very tanky but still struggles to pen the hetzer, but also allows the player to rethink and use mechanized tactics instead. However while the super pershing at the moment is a really great game changer, it still lacks firepower in a way. The range increase is certainly realistic like the tiger 2's, but the damage is still quite the same as well as having longer reloads. the long reload is fine, but are there any plans to increase the damage a bit in the future? Also the 50 cal is one of the greatest additions to have made it to the game. it certainly keeps enemies out easier compared to the 30 cal. and really gives the "Defense" doctrine a name on which it can really stand for. And I'm glad you guys managed to somehow get the original 2 pershings back and made them better, not to mention allowing the calliope to regain their 75mm. CoH devs were really dumb to nerf the calliope that hard removing the 75 and nerfing it to one pershing, while making the pershing literally 85% penetration chance from a hetz while it would be dealing a small amount of damage against a hetzer. One of my favorite additions are the trucks that can transport, drop weapons and boost resources. It really helps the infantry become more flexible. The mod you guys have worked for is my favorite and I think this is the mod I will settle with from now on. Thank you for the hard work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
RepulsiveBushman Creator

First of all, thank you for your comment, it is a very big morale booster!

Second, yes, the mod is currently being worked on. I've restarted the mod a few times to have fresh files to improve stability/crashes, and I should have it wrapped up in the upcoming weeks.

The stuff posted here including the "latest" article is not a complete indication of the full overhaul being done. It can all be considered outdated. A post will be made when the mod will update.

We are always open to feedback and suggestions. You can join the Discord that is linked at the top where I post anything WIP that I'm working on, and is semi-active(like any new server with low population, slow to react).

Thank you.

Reply Good karma+5 votes

when will the 0.4 version is released? i cant wait to play ^^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
RepulsiveBushman Creator

No ETA but it is being worked on

Reply Good karma+4 votes
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