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We are making a new secure website and store: (not up yet)!

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We are making a new secure website and store: (not up yet)!

Summary of this week’s devblog

  • New video devlog
  • The spoon problem
  • Website stuff

Video Devlog

Vendela is recovering from a bad case of the flu so Kim takes some time to talk about spoons and the new webpage.

The Spoon Problem

Asking people nicely to go into a monolith to buy their glittering product within a gigantic store that sells 10 000 of other goods could become problematic. So if we ask you to go to Ikea and by our super nicely designed ultra spoon of cooking deluxe, you will be presented with a myriad of other products and services that are dragging your attention. Maybe up will not end up buying the spoon at all.

As a manufacturer of spoons it makes more sense to sell you the spoons directly in our new spoon store. (there are no spoons, we’re talking about games here okay). So we’re making a store with DRM free and secure downloads. No extra hands in the pot, and we can talk to each-other (if you want).

Website Stuff

So we are moving to a domain that is supported by AWS, they will probably announce support for .nu sometime in the future. But there is a lot of hassle of moving the domain anyway; with mail, all the sub-domain and strange settings we have. We will be using a .io domain instead. A clean slate is nice and we can have the sites parallel until we switched all the gizmos and pages.

Are you into web-development and are wondering which magical frameworks the kids are using these days for the new awesome morgondag site?
The list is kinda short and sweet.

All the things AWS – They have so much stuff to offer that are great to use like lambda and serverless (FaaS), no more servers grandpa.
React – Because we need quick thin fast renderer, because doing that stuff with vanilla javascript sucks.
Webpack – Because front-end development culture is strange (also we use it to pree-compile server-side rendering) – Because we’re too lazy to deploy our serverless lambda functions any other way. Thanks TJ
Terraform – Infrastructure as code. Beats clicking around in a UI all day.
Braintree – We needed a global payment provider, we tossed a dice, this one won

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