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"Lifecycles" - DoN's most ambitious update has been briskly brewing and the adorable Jumping Spider is the current subject of DoN's Lifecycles development. Read on to learn about release estimate, the road ahead and more!

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Lifecycle of a Jumping Spider

Development of "Lifecycles" - DoN's most ambitious update has been briskly brewing around the clock. Starting with the Jumping Spider whose life begins in a silken egg sac under the protective eyes of its mother, DoN's lifecycles journey has now officially begun!

Featuring a pyramid of eggs, baby spiderlings and more!

Release Estimate

"Lifecycles" is set to release in Q4-2017. This is a complete gameplay rewrite of Drunk On Nectar's "Life of Animals" game mode with such new features as Character Progression, Mating & Reproduction, Parenting, Skills, Seasons and more.

At least another 8-12 weeks are required to do justice to this massive manifesto, so appreciate your patience as DoN's most significant update yet is meticulously crafted to ensure the end result is a memorable experience for players.

There is also a renewed focus on polishing and improving all aspects of the game; controls, animations, tutorials, textures, cinematics, landscapes, UI are all being moulded into a new shape and form.

The Lifecycles Roadmap

Starting with the lifecycle of the Jumping Spider, DoN will also wrap up the iconic Monarch Butterfly's lifecycle by finally adding mating & reproduction to this species, thus fulfilling its grand monarch manifesto which was started in early 2017.

After that, we will visit the Carpenter Bee's exquisite wood tunnel nests as you learn to live (and eventually build!) a beautiful woody home with the planning and panache of a large fluffy bee. Then we'll revisit the Ladybug (Ladybird!) which exhibits a stunning full metamorphosis cycle from a curious looking warrior larva (sap-suckers beware!) into the bright-red elytra sporting adult that we are all familiar with.

The grand finale is the Dragonfly's fabled aquatic lifecycle. Perhaps no other creature does "full-metmorphosis" better than this dazzling insect that spends part of its life underwater, part of it climbing towards freedom and the final part as an undisputed champion of the skies! The significance of the Dragonfly update is that it will also mark DoN's foray into freshwater ecosystems - another new journey for Drunk On Nectar! :)


That's it for this update! For more Lifecycles news and tidbits, you can also subscribe to DoN's Youtube channel or Twitter or Steam community hub.

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cute spiders :)
looks realy good so far !
I like this drop sound :D

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drunkonnectar Author
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Thank you :) Glad you enjoyed the drop sound too :D

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