The Nature Game

Drunk On Nectar is a Nature Sandbox game about animals, plants and ecology. Multiple game-modes allow you to play as a creatures, simulate ecosystems or challenge yourself on quests maps with leaderboards.

Multiplayer support is planned for 2018.

DoN aims to provide the most comprehensive nature experience gaming has ever seen. To this end, the game has been built at invertebrate-scale (a 0.1 mm accurate micro world) for an unprecedented level of detail. Plants in DoN are not flat props but living, growing entities that flower, pollinate and propagate across seasons like real plants. Finally, each species has unique gameplay depending on its morphology.

The current release features eight invertebrate species:

  • The Monarch Butterfly (will full lifecycle from Caterpillar to adult!)
  • Jumping Spider (Phidippus Regius, with Lifecycle upto Third Instar)
  • The Ladybug Beetle
  • Dragonfly (Common Hawker)
  • Ants & Mealybugs (mutualism)
  • Butterfly (Viceroy)
  • Bee (Solitary).

Plants are first-class citizens in DoN and expected to play an increasingly important role over time.

Additional species of animals, plants and ecological phenomena are planned for addition once the game's EA goals (read above) have been met. You are welcome to vote for a creature or plant you're excited about for addition in the community forums!

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Parasitic Wasp Released!


Meet the "Blue Mud Dauber", A Parasitic Wasp that provides for its young by capturing spiders and sealing them shut inside a mud nest. Yikes!

By popular demand, this species (which was originally planned as A.I. only) has now been released as a fully playable creature along with new Survival Quests and unique gameplay.

Let's take a look in this release video!

Oviposition occurs next to the spider

The "Blue Mud Dauber" Wasp features new Survival Quests, Egg laying and Nest provisioning gameplay. This update offers perhaps DoN's strongest gameplay yet, so please be sure to check out this new species (and the Jumping Spider survival where you now have a new adversary!)

This is also DoN's biggest bugfix release yet, with several fixes and improvements added to the game.

Mud Wasp Gameplay Overview

Nectaring on flowers

Grapple Montage. Watch out for that stinger!

Inside a Mud Nest

Carrying a spider back to the nest

So Is she a sweet nectar drinker or a fabled persecutor of spiders?

Both actually, as the adult wasp only feeds on nectar. It is your larvae that have a penchant for spiders, so each egg of yours is carefully laid in a secure mud nest and provisioned with at least three spiders.

This hybrid gameplay is what makes the wasp standout in the roster because it is simultaneously a benign pollinator of flowers, whilst also being a serious threat to the resident spider population.

Mud Nesting

Currently the A.I. uses a densely packed cluster of mud nests (co-located) while the player is provided with smaller chambers scattered throughout the map for you to explore and find.

Mud Nest building is not a part of this update but, it will be added eventually.

An A.I. nest cluster. Best experienced in Jumping Spider "Survival" mode

DoN's biggest bugfix patchIncluding, but not limited to:

  • A.I. snatching issues fixed for tiny prey; they no longer enter a futile snatch loop while snatching tiny prey such as first-instar grasshoppers, Mealybugs, etc
  • Milkweed leaves now support building silken nests on them (various bugfixes were needed to support this)
  • Lifecycles - Moulting now covers health, stamina and other attributes as well (this was previously ommitted due to a bug)
  • Lifecycles - Moulting now applies difficulty levels correctly (previously this was getting overwritten every moult)
  • Plant Simulation - Sandbox planted plants now correctly set their lifestage up. This has implications for flora intersection handling and some other subtle visuals.
  • Anatomy combat system - Damage per attack anim is now limited to one frame for normal attacks.
  • Anatomy combat system - Multi-hit attack now allowed for some special moves. Currently only the Tiger Beetle's heavy strike supports this.
  • Anatomy combat system - Larger Instars are now no longer vulnerable to smaller instars. Previously the larger body surface area of larger instars made them weaker in combat.
  • Anatomy combat system - Stamina cost is now correct for fully grown Jumping Spider (previously the 1st instar's stamina cost was being used)
  • Tiger Beetle grappling anim transitions fixed
  • Tiger Beetle species name now shortened to "Cicindela Japonica"
  • Ant grappling skill, strength reduced (it was previously nearly on par with a Jumping Spider, this was unintentional)
  • Fixed exhaustion safety logic for A.I. from resulting in a behavior loop (for flying creatures)
  • Fallen prey no longer wake up to jump/flee upon landing from a height :)
  • ...and many more.

New Prop - Hollow Logs

Greatly benefiting the game's landscape both visually and gameplay wise, this release brings with it "Hollow Logs" that players (and A.I!) can travel inside:

On the Horizon - Lifecycles Act 2

With the parasitoid wasps finally in place, all the building blocks for Act 2 are here. A nocturnal wasp will need to be added though, so that, along with gameplay design for Act 2 (and maybe another ground-based prey) are the pending tasks. Almost there now!

Thanks as always for reading, hope you enjoy playing the Blue Mud Dauber! :)

With ❤,
Venugopalan Sreedharan

Build With Silk! Create silken homes of your own!

Build With Silk! Create silken homes of your own!

News 1 comment

Why use someone else's silken tent when you can build your own? Build with Silk in Drunk On Nectar's latest Steam update! For shelter, for stashing food...

DoN's Anatomy Combat System

DoN's Anatomy Combat System

News 1 comment

It's Limb-to-Limb combat quite literally! DoN's new update features anatomy based combat with a creature's body parts driving the action! Deal critical...

World's Fastest Insect Gameplay! Japanese Tiger Beetles

World's Fastest Insect Gameplay! Japanese Tiger Beetles


One of the world's fastest animals and indeed the fastest insect of them all, the dazzling Tiger Beetle has been released in the latest Steam update for...

Grasshoppers Released, Survival Gameplay Rebooted and more!

Grasshoppers Released, Survival Gameplay Rebooted and more!

News 1 comment

The Grasshoppers are here! Survival mode enhanced with improved foodchain, longer gameplay, Saving/Loading support. All this and more in DoN's latest...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 40)

The environment is spot on. Would be cool to see a food chain implemented, like fish that can jump out of the water to eat you, or birds that can pluck you out of the sky, etc.

nice work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
drunkonnectar Creator

Thank you! That is the plan. There's a lot of territory to be covered among invertebrates/insect, but vertical excursions along the food chain are planned even during the game's early sojourn. Many players have asked for lizards/frogs/small birds so far.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Wow this looks really interesting

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
drunkonnectar Creator

Thank you!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

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como baixa isso

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
drunkonnectar Creator

Hey, is that a question about how to lower your settings in-game? If so, you should be able to go Settings->Video and fine-tune various settings in there. There are also performance friendly world presets (maps) that do away with all the fancy props, etc to provide maximum performance.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

New animals! ;) Vinegaroon, Amblyigid and Trap jaw ants please.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
drunkonnectar Creator

So lots of wide jaws and long limbs? :)

Mother Amblyigids appear to carry their babies on their backs much like some other species do. Apparently they need to successfully carry their babies all the way up to their first moult for them to survive. I'm seeing some interesting gameplay mechanics here :)

Btw. Did you get a chance to try out the latest patch yet? Major camera improvements have gone in so let me know if you're still having camera issues; Adding new species will be easier if the existing camera/controls are satisfactorily to players as that will provide a solid foundation for some of the trickier long-bodied invertebrates (eg: caterpillars which are releasing soon).

Reply Good karma+1 vote

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