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Description and screenshots of what I've added to the mod during Summer Break from school.

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ClassWave has now been in the making for a while, which is long enough for me to have completed the first map as a full package. Although refining some areas + the gameplay will be a big priority before shipping the campaign as a whole, I'm confident in the extensive detailing which has been added to most areas. Screenshots can be viewed below:

The first section of the campaign


Canals 2

New Venice Plaza

I've also updated the code with some slight modifications, allowing certain traits of weapons to be modified in-game via console commands. This is useful for me to allow a higher number of class characteristics to be chosen by the player. This is after all, a mod focused on gameplay replayability and parodying of the original storyline as a secondary, rather than a game where extensive dialogue is required to enjoy any of the gameplay.

The second map is still not as detailed and due to it also lacking the last bit of the map, I won't be showing any screenshots of it today.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Looks great!

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navysealguy3 - - 230 comments

Some possibly useful tips

Your maps look great, i'm just seeing some very simple fixes that might just make them look even better. A useful tip i learned is adding brushes the the faces of buildings, such as flower boxes, curbs, and roofing.

Another tip is using the decal textures to help add detail where none is present. (manholes, drains, debris) You may want to save the detailing for your last step but i personally like to add them as i go.

Lastly i figured out that the best way to emulate the clutter and scattered pipes, wires, and conduit of real life is to actually utilize what is around you. Take a look at the back and sides of apartments/ retail stores, you'll see the electronics, a/c and misc draining running down the sides of buildings. it kind of helps understand where things like gas meters and water lines would actually show up.

These tips may be irrelevant but i thought id share some ideas seeing that you basically have your map done.

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