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Summary of what has been going on with the mod since the beta release.

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Well it has been years since the last update on what is going. There has indeed been some activity on this ip over the years… just not as much as one would hope. Most of the time has been spent revamping the core ideas of the game and building various prototypes for it. The core aspect of Ruiner has gone through a complete overhaul. This includes it’s name, story, weapons, powers, and type of game.

One of the largest parts of the revamp was completed last year. The new story, powers, design of the main character and the enemies she will face. However all of this remains under lock and key until the day there is something worth showing. With the back story upgraded, this has caused me to figure out what is the best way to build this game. The setting and cast offers unique opportunities game play wise which did not exist before. Nor is there anything really out there to look for examples on how to best implant them. This is usually the case whenever your trail blazing a path no one else has walked.

Here is a rundown on some various bits of info on what has been going on and plans for the future.

-Various prototypes have been built for the game. This includes third person, first, and side view. Art styles have been looked at ranging from 8-bit, 2.5d and also early fps styles (think doom or quake).

-Depending on what form of game ends up showing the most promise which path I will take.

-It is something I work on in my spare time here and there. I will not guarantee it ever gets finished or resurfaces again. There will be no promises of coming soon or soonish… When something finally bears fruit it will be shown.

-The team has been disbanded for a very long time. Some members have disappeared from the web entirely. No work has been done to the mod since the beta release. A wide screen patch was released for it. Unless something big happens, the mod will not be continued.

-If you wish to expand or modify the Ruiner, feel free to do so… This is part of why we released the source code.

-I am very aware there was a commercial game titled Ruiner released. Before they even released it, the ip was was re-branded internally. I hold no ill will towards them using the same title our mod did. Game development is tough work and I applaud them for creating the game. If and when this Ruiner returns, it will not be titled the same.

-It has been 8 years since the mod was released. I still enjoy reading comments, reviews and watching streamers still enjoy it after all this time.

If and when something finally happens and feel concrete... It will be announced here.

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