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We cover the progress we've made last week and cover what we plan on working on this week!

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Hey everyone! Hope you had a great weekend :)

Here's this week's status update:

Previous Week:

We've finally finished modelling all the pieces we needed to create the overworld landmasses! All the underlying systems are built already and now it's time to put it all together.

We also created a custom typeface for the game to replace the previous ones, which were stylistically inconsistent and difficult to read when displayed as a sized.

This new font includes glyphs that represent in-game items and objectives, allowing us to display them in the dialogue!

We updated some UI elements as well, like the level details menu and the save slots.

And finally, we did some modifications to the overworld movement to make it feel more solid. The movement is now smoother and the collisions are more accurate and no longer buggy. While doing so, we also fixed a couple controller-related bugs that we hadn't noticed before.

This Week:

We'll finally stop using the puzzle tiling system to generate the overworld and start building a proper overworld using the modelled pieces! We also plan on modelling some props and environmental objects required to decorate the overworld.

We'll probably be spending all week on the overworld but, if we don't, we hope to work a bit more on the dialogue system and more UI elements!

As always, feel free to comment with your suggestions, feedback, or questions! We also posted this on Patreon right here!

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