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This post outlines the ongoing work at SGI, specifically Modelling and UVs.

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Stargate Invasion Progress Report

Hello everyone, dotNfg here with a progress report.

First and foremost, thank you all for the support and patience. For the moment, the release date of the new faction is TBD but we'll definitely post an update here if this changes.

Models and UVs

As many of you know, SGI has been around for almost a decade and some models have unfortunately gone missing entirely, others are in game but aren't properly setup or are missing texture coordinates.

I have rebuilt a few of the designs from scratch using the images posted here at the time, making them available to us for texturing. You have already seen one of these remade models (Asuran Repair Station) but there are a few more that haven't been mentioned in our posts.

Currently my main goal is to rework/UV map/build the Asuran faction models in order to prepare all of them for texturing. Many were missing UVs. For those that don't know, UVs are coordinates for texturing. Without proper UVs we cannot texture the models well, in the worst cases it wouldn't even be possible.

This and next week I'll be looking to prepare the following Asuran ships for texturing. That inludes an in game mesh with UVs, proper hard edges for shape definition and an unique 2nd UV maps for the lighting/shadows:

Antaeus (Siege Capital)

Origin (Support Capital)

Civics Research Station

There have been more than 20 Asuran ships that have received reworking/UVs or been entirely rebuilt over the last 3-4 months. We have also been looking into ways to improve shadow quality, which tends to be quite problematic in Sins. The unique UV map for the lighting/shadows is one of these improvements but there is one other that will need to be tested. That may solve the issue at the cost of some performance.


Good Luck and can't wait to see more from this mod.

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