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Continuing our updates on SGI mod changes. This report also provides a request guide if anyone wishes to make spotlight videos for the current build on google drive.

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Stargate Invasion Progress Report July (Week 4)

Atlantis 03


Last week, the go ahead was given to anyone who wants to make spotlight videos with some conditions which I've added below. We continue moving forward with the mod and in the past few weeks there have been changes and fixes to various sections. Below is a log of these changes.

Spotlight Videos

For anyone that wishes to post spotlight videos featuring SGI:

- please mention that this is an early access build and that not everything is as we intend it to be

- since this is an incomplete mod, don't treat the spotlight video as a review. Presenting the work is fine but comments about what should have been included are obviously not since we may already have plans that we haven't stated. Once we are ready, we will let you all know that reviewing is in order.

- before making the video, download and install the mod again from google drive so that you are featuring the latest version.

- check that the file count is correct. Current numbers are: With Google Drive Sync: 7148 files, 11 folders
Without Sync: 7136 files, 11 folders.

Thanks for sticking to the above! Now for our change-log:


- updated Strings for Asuran Research, most of the less obvious research descriptions have now been written so this should improve playability. Some of these were also renamed to match their Ability names.

- missing string for Asuran Active Protective Shutdown ability added


For the Human Faction:

- BC304 (Daedalus) Heavy Cruiser beams firing rate was reduced (11 seconds) in order to balance it

- Heroes (Daedalus and similar) received the full firing rate and power of the Asgard Beam Weapons. All Asgard Beam Abilities were replaced with Asgard Pulse Ability

- Human Titan Rail Gun now has a range of 12000 instead of 80000.

For the Asuran Faction

- the Lagrangian Satellite/Lagrangian Beam Ability

  • this is no longer a Superweapon and can be built freely if enough tactical slots are available, it requires 6 instead of 18 slots and costs 3000 credits instead of the previous cost of 8000

  • Orbital Lagrangian Beam Ability with 13000 range and 90000 damage with 75 second recharge

  • Lagrangian Beam Ability cannot target Frigates or Cruisers, only Titans, Starbases, Capitals and Structures/Modules

- Protected Shutdown Ability Cooldown increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds

- Orbital Drone Platform:

  • damage increased

  • Orbital Drone Frenzy and AntiFighter Drone Swarm abilities created and added

- Orbital Beam Defense weapon changed to GateSatellite Beam. It is now much more powerful but has relatively limited range

- all Asuran Cloak abilities were modified to prevent the overuse of Drone Frenzy and other abilities while cloaked. The Cloak now increases Ability Cooldown substantially while cloaked so that only a single use of any ability is possible, the ship must de-cloak to recharge the ability

- Atlantis Titan now has up to 8 squadrons of fighters or bombers

Various Fixes

- connected Asuran Lagrangian Satellite so that it must be researched before it can be built

- added Nano Weapons Jammer ability to Asuran Orbital Hyperspace Destabilizer

- added Disable Regeneration ability to Asuran Orbital Drone Platform

- Asuran Lagrangian Satellite now has an Ability point and a separate Lagrangian Beam Ability was created so that it fires a slightly different (more powerful, long range) Beam version

- added Protective Shutdown ability to Asuran Orbital Titan, Capital and Frigate factories

- corrected the particle effect for the Asuran Orbital Drone Platform, it now fires drones instead of vanilla effect

- Asuran Stargates now function as phase stabilizers and were given the Fleet Beacon ability that allows them to call in a reinforcement fleet

- scaled and modified the Human Titan Rail Gun particle effect so that it doesn't obscure the entire ship when fired

- Human Titan shield meshes were rebuilt and repositioned to fix clipping issues

UI Skin

The in game UI skins were completed and a new Race Selection screen was created by ELJefe. Here are the Race Selection setup screens:

Race Selection Human

Race Selection Asuran

Race Selection Goauld

Race Selection Wraith

Race Selection Asgard

Shieldimpact FX

The Shieldimpact FX file was modified somewhat to include Faction Shield Color. The effect is still very rough and needs a lot of work but it allows us to set colors depending on the faction and will not reflect the environment as before.

Atlantis 02


The Asuran Atlantis Titan has now been re-textured, this was done by Ace_Fighter. Here are some more images of the Titan in-game:


Atlantis 04

Atlantis 01


Ademis has also completed the Asuran Starbase Constructor, which dotNfg will create UVs for so we can start the texturing process. The ship will be called the Rhea. Below are some screenshots:

rhea wip render 1 rhea wip render 7

rhea wip render 4

Ace_Fighter has also been working on a couple high poly Asuran building models that will be placed on our Asuran hero base:

Ancient General Building 2 New

Ancient General Building


Some of you may already know who Dolynick is, but for those who don't he created the Stargate Races mod in the early days of Sins of a Solar Empire and since then he has moved on to Star Ruler 2 where he has created a bundle of Sci-Fi mods. In the recent months he has gone back and touched up some of his and our models and textures. Below are some screenshots:

tauri bc 304 by dolynick dbh6zsa

asgard gungnir by dolynick dbh6z

asgard jotunn rebuild by dolynic

asgard mjolnir by dolynick dbh6z

asgard valhalla station by dolyn

asgard o neill by dolynick dbh6y

asgard vanir class 2 by dolynick

asgard vanir class 1 by dolynick

asgard beliskner 3 by dolynick d

asgard beliskner by dolynick dbi

asgard beliskner 2 by dolynick d

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Very hyped, but I still think it would have been allot easier for you if you merged the Asgard, Tau'ri, and Travlers into one faction. Having traveler and Tau'ri ships holding frigate and cruiser slots. And then having asgard and other tauri ships as capital ships.

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I meant the opposite but ok. I would never flame someone's work.

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Hey, I haven't tried on the new version yet, but is it normal that most ships use the fighters flight pattern ? Only a few ships don't do the go back and forth as if they were fighter/bomber squadrons.

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dotNfg Author

This has now been fixed. The update should be available to everyone in a few hours. We will probably look into getting some form of movement during battles but obviously the useFighterAttack movement isn't suitable for this purpose.

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dotNfg Author

A small correction to my post above, we may set useFighterAttack to TRUE for specific ships (Daedalus for instance) but will probably not do this on most capitals and definitely not on the Asuran capitals as these are large ships that never displayed such behaviour in the show. This is if there's no other way to get combat movement inside Sins.

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