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An indepth look at the spells and powers of the Haradrim.

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"The drawing of the scimitars of the Southrons was like a glitter of stars.

Horns were blown and trumpets were braying,

and the mûmakil were bellowing as they were goaded to war."

HW spellbook


Horn of the Serpent Lord
Sûladan, known far and wide as the Serpent Lord, had spent a lifetime gathering the tribes and towns of Near Harad under his leadership. Many warriors had sworn fealty to him, and fought hard under his banner, while his horn rang clear across the battlefield.

Horn of the Serpent Lord increases the damage and armour of targeted allies by 25%.

Dry Spell
Those unaccustomed to the climate of Haradwaith could easily fall victim to its merciless heat. The blessing of rain came sparsely, some years not coming at all.

Dry Spell reduces the production of any resource structure within the area by 75%, for 150 seconds.

Southron Sentry
Many of the Haradrim lived nomadic lives. Though they rarely lingered in one place for long, they required some measure of safety from the many beasts and bandits that prowled the great emptiness of the desert.

Southron Sentry summons a single tower, providing strong line of sight and stealth detection, as well as a single garrisoned javelineer. The Southron Sentry spell is part of the 'nomad path' of the right side of the spellbook, which, when followed through, will allow the player to summon a small base using its various spells.


A lone Southron Sentry, surveying the desert of Lostladen


A Gondorian settler finds his farm under the effects of a dry spell


March to War
For many generations, the lands of Haradwaith have been defined by strife and struggle. The arid landscape often resulted in a challenging march to war, to which the Haradrim had expertly adapted.

March to War grants all Haradwaith units +15% damage and armour, as well as debuff immunity for 60 seconds.

Curse of the Wind Demon
Disconnected from the spiritual customs of the Eldar and Men of the West, the Haradrim developed their own pantheon of manifold spirits and demons. They believed that desert winds were governed by a wicked deity known as Pâh-zû, the Wind Demon, who would place its curse upon desert travellers, trapping them in deadly sandstorms.

Curse of the Wind Demon causes all units within the radius take damage and be scattered to the winds.

Forth, Men of Darkness
Though no love was shared between the Easterlings and the Haradrim, mercenary companies were known to travel from Rhûn through Khand and into the Southlands. It is believed that Sauron, exerting greater control over the Men of the East, sent cohorts of their warriors to the Golden King and Syâr-Rhul's court, in order to subdue any Haradrim rebellion.

Forth, Men of Darkness summons two battalions of Easterling phalanx, led by a Khân's Acolyte.

Tribes of Harad
Though traveling in small, nomadic groups, many Haradrim did consider themselves part of a tribe. Meeting in various shared spaces throughout the year, this tribal bond was strengthened. News was exchanged, goods were traded, and marriages were arranged. In addition, warriors were gathered, and if necessary, a course of war would be decided upon.

Tribes of Harad summons a Tribal Camp. The Tribal Camp may recruit various Tribal units. When the Subjugation: Near Harad upgrade is purchased from the fortress, the Tribal Camp may recruit soldiers from Harondor. The Tribes of Harad spell is part of the 'nomad path' of the right side of the spellbook, which, when followed through, will allow the player to summon a small base using its various spells.


Appearing suddenly, the Wind Demon's breath scatters a battalion of Gondorian invaders


A cohort of Easterlings meets with Syâr-Rhul, the Black Vizier


A Tribal Camp is summoned next to the Southron Sentry


Khandish Charioteers
The endless plains of Khand, bordering Haradwaith in the north, have resulted in a moving, roving culture of Men driving chariots and wagons of all sizes - some as large as a house, pulled by a dozen great oxen, some as small as to carry but two brave warriors, thundering down the hill, scattering what foes foolish enough to array themselves against them.

Khandish Charioteers summons three chariots, capable of running down great numbers of enemies.

Unrelenting Sun
Though Gondor has at times in its history attempted to seize greater control of the war-like tribes of Haradwaith, occasionally plunging their forces southwards of Umbar and further still, the success of these campaigns, though undertaken with great strength of arms and under capable command, has ever been limited. For the lands of Harad are a fearsome foe in their own right. The Sun, fierce and unrelenting, causes any supply line to dwindle, and exposes the invader to an endless needling of Haradrim warbands.

Unrelenting Sun causes enemies across the map to be slowed by 33% and take damage over time for 15 seconds. In addition, Haradwaith units gain +20% movement speed for 15 seconds.

For those that know where to look, the desert does offer occasional reprieve. Oases, great and small, can often be found within a few days' travel from one another, providing the nodes of a traveling network used year-round by a great many Haradrim, be they traders, warriors, or lone wanderers. The Oasis spell is part of the 'nomad path' of the right side of the spellbook, which, when followed through, will allow the player to summon a small base using its various spells.

Oasis summons a palm tree surrounded by clear water. Nearby units are healed and fortified by the Oasis' cleansing waters.


Khandish Charioteers scatter Imrahil's forces


The Lostladen nomad camp is expanded with a summoned Oasis


Burning Sands
Whether brought about naturally or by some fell magic of Zigûr, the deserts of the Southern Reaches were tormented by extreme weather, causing them to become utterly depeopled towards the end of the Third Age.

Burning Sands causes a fiery beam of sunlight to scorch the selected area. Enemies caught in the heat are burned alive.

The Black Matriarch
For as long as can be remembered, Mûmakil have congegrated around the mightiest female in their herd. very rarely, the ensuing rivalry can give rise to what the Haradrim call a 'black matriarch', a Mûmak of size, strength and wizened authority that has not seen its like for generations. Those that can find and tame this Black Matriarch will find themselves in possession of a distinct battlefield advantage - for what can topple the great Mûmak, if not a Mûmak that is greater still?

The Black Matriarch summons an ancient, towering Mûmak, black of skin and with fiery eyes - a heavily armored, nigh unstoppable beast of destruction.


The Sun and Soil of Haradwaith know no mercy


The Black Matriarch is a force to be reckoned with in her own right, but also provides benefits to nearby Mûmakil

That's all for now! We're still hard at work on the next version. Haradwaith is largely finished, and Lothlórien 2.0 will soon begin its first testing phase. In addition, many other things are still in development. Release will not be soon.

The AotR Team



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Awesome work!!!

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The Black Matriarch is awesome.
Haradrim it will be one of my favorite factions.
Excellent work.

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Good work.

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hi, where/how can I download latest version? I'm trying thru "files" but it comes w/ version from 2017 but even so not able to start downloading it.

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hi, where/how can I download latest version? I'm trying thru "files" but it comes w/ version from 2017 but even so not able to start downloading it.

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MathijsRevora Author

The latest version is 7.3.1. It's from March 22nd, 2022, and it's literally at the top of the Files page...

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