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A quick heads-up before the upcoming release of the mod.

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First of all, let's adress the release date.
I don't have a particular day in mind, but I can assure you it's coming in september, if there is no last-minute show-stopper.

Beta test is almost over, all bugs and issues have been fixed, but we'll do a final round once the release candidate build is ready.
I am currently compiling the final version of the levels, still a few days needed.
Then I'll pack up the mod RC, and it will take a few more days of testing.

So, what should you expect ?
Let's have a look at the FAQ as a way to quickly answer most gameplay questions.

Q - Where is the minimap ?
R - There is no minimap, all info is on the main map.

Q - How can I locate NPC without minimap ?
R - There is symbols on the main map showing human locations.

Q - There is no minimap so there is no task spot, how do I know where to go ?
R - All needed info is in dialogs. Pay attention to what NPCs say. Important info is colored in red, read carefuly.
NPC will never send you to another location without telling you exactly where to go. Most of tasks are located in the same map as active NPC task giver.

Q - How do I know if a mission is successful ?
R - It will show in dialogs. NPC will tell you.

Q - Can I progress if I fail or miss some tasks ?
R - Yes. You can finish the main quest without interacting with NPC. But you will miss a lot of useful information, items and backstory.

As you can see it will be different from the standard COP experience.
If you like to rush map objectives, use to barely read dialogs, focus on the minimap icons to get missions done quickly, this mod is not for you.
You have to pay attention to what people say to you, just as in a regular conversation.
Will you have to read hundred of lines and endless ramblings ? No. NPC are not weirdos that like to waste your time, and I didn't use the game to vent my writer frustrations.
In fact, as most people, I don't really like to read dialogs. So I made them kinda realistic, with the minimum needed to setup a mood and transmit informations.

Also don't expect a variety of weapons, custom parts and upgrades. The Journey is not about that, there is plenty of other COP mods doing this very well.

So don't be in a hurry, take your time to settle in the story.
Don't expect to rush objectives, pay attention to the world around you, and you'll be fine.

The first version will come with two languages, english and optional french. More translations will come soon, I plan to have future updates for that.

Screen Shot 09 13 21 at 10 14 PM

Screen Shot 09 13 21 at 10 24 PM

Screen Shot 09 13 21 at 10 25 PM

PsyWarVeteran - - 1,982 comments

Nice to see you adress the lack of release. I hope it will be enough to satisfy the "not-so-patient" part of the community.

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Mudhut - - 382 comments


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AyeBlin - - 365 comments


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MelanieReyesLove - - 10 comments


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J00B - - 1,118 comments

Thanks for the update. Love the imagery as always

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Dando[SVK] - - 681 comments

Awesome news, although I am not a type of person that reads every dialogs and texts in games but I am really looking forward to try this mod!

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dracul841 - - 428 comments

Cant wait to play it

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iced_earth77 - - 32 comments

Ok :)

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ProfMajkowski - - 30 comments

This is very exciting!

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RobThom - - 128 comments

Sounds awesome.

Stalker is perfect for every kind of open world gameplay you can add to it.

Give me survival and something to shoot at.

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