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Development Series #5 covers the feedback we got from GDC and how we addressed it. We discuss how we updated background art and game logo.

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Welcome to our 5th devlog article about our upcoming casual arcade based mobile game Solbot:Energy Rush. Through series of articles we would like to share our experience of how this game evolved, the development progress/phases, working remotely from different locations as a team and much more.

In the previous post we covered new power ups that were being worked on and implemented. This week we will be discussing how we showed off Solbot: Energy Rush at GDC, some feedback we got, and how we addressed it.

We got feedback requesting there to be a stronger story, more levels, and comments about the art. We plan to address the first to issues with an update after releasing the game and prioritized the comments about the art. We received feedback that the orbs, character, and menu art were not in the same style as the game background art. The game’s background art was more hyper realistic compared to the cartoon-like art style of everything else.

Solbot_BG_Old Solbot_BG_New

(Old Background) (New Background)

We updated the background art to be less hyper realistic and rebranded the game logo, which you can see below.

Solbot_Logo_Old Solbot_Logo_New

(Old Game Logo) (New Game Logo)

We feel updating these elements of the game have made a more unified look art wise.

In the next post we will share more about our development progress, so stay tuned!

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