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Art style determined, first draft of npcs and building facades, easy way to make bandits using assets I have, amount of work estimated for npcs

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Here I come once again with my monthly blog. Maybe I should give it a name? As a development blog, it's a bit of a prologue for the game. How bout we call it "Prog"? Welcome to Prog.

After a good bit of sketching, I've come across a style I like and can easily reproduce for other characters. I start with simple spheres to block out the body, arms, elbows, hands, knees, feet, head, etc. Then literally connect the dots and add details. To cut down on the amount of work needed, generic npcs will double as bandits by just slapping an ominous hat or bandana on them. If anyone asks, it's an inside job.

MouseyEvil THE Mousey!?!?!

For buildings, I've made some western wooden siding, beams, roofing, windows and doors so I can mix and match them together in the editor for easy construction.

TownFacade03 04 2022

My next art development goals are to work on finishing character animations; finalizing most designs; and color variants of npcs, buildings, etc.


For basic character animations, I currently need 1 standing still frame, 4 running frames (only facing forward to one direction. Will mirror for the opposite direction), 1-2 stunned/knock backed frame, and 2 chatting frames, enemy bandanas, hats, and color variants. I expect to just have the bandana and hat as seperate gameobjects that I can enable and disable when needed.

To finish the basic npcs/enemies let's assume I'll have around 12 (at a maximum) different basic animal npcs. Other enemies or story related npcs might have more or less frames to animate so let's ignore them for now. Let's also assume we will only have one bandana color and no special hats for clarity for the player.

So in total I have to make around:

(12 characters)*((8 necessary frames)*(3 color variants)+(8 bandana frames to line up with normal necessary frames))

=384 frames

Thankfully the color variations should be easy to automate with color replace tools and the bandana should be easy to animate around the basic frames. When I give progress updates on character animations, I'll give it in terms of this estimated frame "budget".

Character frames: (0/384)

Buildings and environments aren't too big of an issue right now. I mostly need create a list of western props that can be used in most areas, basic walls, floors, and colors.

If any environment needs a set piece or gameplay related objects are needed, those will be grouped into a separate category.

Otherwise, I'll keep it a simple number of how many I've completed and how many I need. Number will be updated as needed.

Generic props: (0/???)

Set piece props: (0/???)

As always the most recent build is available here. And the most recent large demo is available in the files section. Right now they are the same.

Nice of you to drop by and I hope you enjoy the game!

I'll be back next month.

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